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Nia With Sophie Marsh - June 2012
trust. risk. play ~ creating a life worth living
Have you ever wanted to go beyond what feels safe and shape your life into a magnificent tale of adventure and triumph?
In childhood the ‘good girl’ in me gained worth by helping and pleasing others, taking roles of responsibility (read bossy big sister!), academic achievement and doing what I believed was expected of me. Her strengths gave me self-discipline, the power of intention, and motivation to do my best aligned with social justice and compassion.
Another me was like a wildness inside that longed to be unleashed. As a child she found her expression in dancing, playing in the rain, camping in the great outdoors, bodysurfing the big waves, and travelling with my family. She helped develop my beliefs that God lives in everything ~and clouds are proof of that~, all life is sacred, the extraordinary is possible, and feeling scared out of my wits is more often then not a sign that I need to just DO it!
Her fearless passion for life inspired me to abseil down Balinese cliffs, be dangled by my ankles to kiss the Blarney Stone, hug East-Berliners as they crossed the wall to the West, ride a motorbike around Santorini, drive a taxi in Narobi (don't ask!), bungee in NZ, climb 14000 foot peaks in Colorado and commune with Spirit at Uluru, Notre Dame, Aya Sophia and Wat Phra Kaew. Her voice gave me courage to abandon my law degree, have 3 children, leave a 14-year marriage, and embrace the relatively unknown practice of Nia as my sacred livelihood. 

Taking risks has brought many peak experiences, but it's often in 
the unexpected, the 'mistakes' and 'failures' that I've received great lessons. I've been held against my will in Morocco, had everything but the clothes on my back stolen in Madrid, been trapped alone in a London nightclub basement, suffered dehydration and exhaustion after getting lost cycling through Kenya’s Hells Gate National Park and nearly drowned in deep water off the Great Barrier Reef holding my bikini bottoms instead of the boom net! I've traversed gut-wrenching grief and ecstacy, scrape-me-off-the-floor heart break and cracked wide open love. I've beheld breathtaking beauty and devastation ~natural and man-made~ and witnessed humanity at its best and most challenging.
Since 1999 Nia has guided me to accept and celebrate all the different versions of myself no matter what life presents. It gives me 'response-ability', principles and practices to sense the truth in my body, to consciously explore my edges and push beyond them.
I believe life is a sacred adventure of love, growth, movement, transformation, expansion, soul connection, creativity, healing and intuition, grounded in the wisdom of the body. I cherish experiences of deep play, embodying my feminine, envisioning astonishing dreams and manifesting heart desires. Everyday with Nia I cross my own boundaries, only to find more of myself on the other side.
To engage in life fully while honouring all aspects of myself is a choice that begins by knowing and trusting mySelf, and getting out of my own flippin' way! I am here to serve, to share and to shine. Balancing trust and risk, I open to joy, love, magic, possibility, abundance and deep fulfillment that I am creating a life worth living and inspiring others to do that too.
love Sophie

Brisbane Nia classes with Sophie
Saturdays - 800-900 am
Rio Rhythmics Studio 165 Boundary St (in the arcade) WEST END
Mondays - 900-955 am no class 11 June
Pure Health Clubs, 264 Old Cleveland Rd COORPAROO
Mondays - 630-730 pm class IS on 11 June
St David's Parish Hall, 62 Chelmer St East CHELMER
Tuesdays - 930-1030 am
Yoga on Parker. 23    Parker St NEWMARKET
Wednesdays - 900-1000 am
St David's Parish Hall, 62 Chelmer St East CHELMER
Wednesdays - 130-230 pm GOLD only 18 July-22 Aug
Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre SHERWOOD
Thursdays - 520-620 pm
Pure Health Clubs, 264 Old Cleveland Rd COORPAROO 
Fridays - 930-1030 am
St David's Parish Hall, 62 Chelmer St East CHELMER

Nia FUNdamentals - play with the 52 moves of Nia
Would you like to become fluent in the language of Nia, to feel more relaxed and embodied in Nia class? Whether you're new to the practice or a seasoned student join me to playfully learn and explore Nia's 52 moves, the building blocks of all Nia routines. You'll sense a new level of whole body integration and pleasure! 
Date-Time: Sunday 15 July 1-3:30 pm
Location:Rio Rhythmics. 126 Boundary St WEST END
Cost: Earlybird by 14 July $40. Conc/Nia Australia Members $30. Repeaters half price!

divine breath - a poem of trust
no longer breathing
I am being breathed
effortless receiving, unravelling, releasing
dissolving hard edges like lovers’ flesh entwined
merging with the vast ocean of life, ebbing and flowing
moving through me and moving me through
a collective embrace
seamlessly connected 
to all
sophie marsh 17.5.2012

Sophie's events, playshops and trainings
Check the links or contact Sophie for details of these upcoming events
10 June R1 Routine Immersion for all Nia grads
29 June-1 July Nia onstage at Brisbane MBS festival
30 June Nia class at Brisbane Yogafest
15 July Nia FUNdamentals: 52 moves playshop, West End
18 July-22 Aug weekly BCC Nia GOLD for over 50s Sherwood
4 August Brisbane Community Dance Jam New Farm
12 August Universal Mind Routine Immersion for all Nia grads
25 Aug-1 Sep Nia Retreat, Fiji
27 Sep - 3 Oct Nia White Belt Intensive, Thirroul NSW
20 Oct Brisbane Community Dance Jam
26-28 Oct Nia at Women's WellBeing Gathering

Sophie's bio, classes, events and trainings online
register for Fiji Nia retreat with Sophie 2012
info and registration for NSW Nia White Belt training
article: sensing ankles and tips for a healthy life at any age
article: hotter, better, more... sex, body & confidence... with these moves
Nia Australia Winter newsletter - June 2012
a brilliant TED talk: the wisdom of play
article: 6 reasons to increase your fitness
youtube music from class: "Braided Hair"~ 1 Giant Leap
"Hey Sister, you ok?" ~ a moving, inspiring blog
sophie arm cross
Sophie Marsh
Nia Black Belt Teacher
and Nia White Belt Trainer 
0431 484 054 
JoyFuL LiVinG
inSpirEd mOveMeNt
CoNscIOuS cHaNgE
Take Nia home
Nia DVDs: $30 
Global Unity 
Nia CDs: $15
Prices from 1 April 2012
New to Nia? 3 classes $20 
Unlimited Monthly $80
10 classes $120 (winter warmer)
5 classes $70/55
Casual $15 Concession $13
Pure Health Club casual $17 
Pay for classes and products online
CBA BSB 064-178
Acct 10372619
Name Sophie Marsh
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“When you step out on the way, the way appears.” ~ Rumi
“The spirit of deep play is spontaneity, discovery and being open to new challenges. As a result, it allows one to happily develop new skills, test one's limits, stretch them and then maybe refine the skills and redefine the limits... It carries one across fear and uncertainty toward the slippery edges of possiblity, where one must use oneself fully and stretch human limits to achieve the remarkable." ~ Diane Ackerman
I went everywhere with longing in my eyes, until here in my own house, I felt Truth filling my sight. ~ Lalla
And the day came where the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom~ Anais Nin
"To be present to the magic of your body responding to life is to feel life flooding in and out of you every second of the day."~ Debbie Rosas
Nia at Brisbane YogaFest
30 June 12-12:45 pm
Nia at Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival
29 June 12:30-1 pm
30 June 3-3:30 pm
1 July 3:30-4 pm
Moving Spirit Nia • 61 Plumer St • Sherwood Brisbane, Q 4075
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