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Little Pearls

Clear Skies, Father-Love & a Celebration!

Finally, after eight long months with the looming dark cloud of my husband's brain tumor diagnosis, I see blue skies!  Jim's MRIs are stable and he can begin to drive again, giving us both some needed freedom. 


Great news in its own right, this also means it's possible to focus more on Little Pearls, and that feels good, too.


"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright, bright Sun-Shiny day." ~ Johnny Nash

Spotlight Pearl for Father's Day: The Best and Most Beautiful Things...

The tender relationship between Shane Peters and his then-young son Elias is captured beautifully in a beloved Helen Keller quote.  From more than an hour's worth of documentary footage, we found the Pearl in a delightful painting sequence. 


You can see this 30 second Pearl here: The Best and Most Beautiful Things... and learn more about it on its webpage.  Can you guess what word Shane is spelling into Elias' ear?


Shane Peters edited this Pearl, Chris Rosser contributed the voice-over and Jim Beckwith donated the music.  Happy Father's Day!

Finally, a Celebration!

We had a truly GREAT lineup for our May 3rd party that had to be postponed because of Jim's medical status.  We are hoping to re-create that lineup (and more!) for an August event at White Horse Black Mountain


Here are some of our original group:

  • Kat Williams (pictured here)
  • Chris Rosser
  • Richard Shulman
  • Daniel Barber
  • Tim Arem
  • and cameos by other beloved performers connected with Little Pearls

We'll know more details by the end of next week.  In the meantime, let me know if you would like to help with:

  • finding Sponsors or becoming a Sponsor
  • finding or donating yummy food, which will be included in the ticket price
  • finding or donating raffle items or door prizes
  • PR & outreach
  • the event itself, which will likely be on a Wednesday or Thursday

Pearl Dreams: Horse Pearls

Speaking of White Horse, I would LOVE to do some Horse Pearls! 


I've spent time with Shannon Knapp at Horse Sense of the Carolinas (image on left) and Barbara Alexander at Epona Ridge (image of Zorro, below).  These magical places have two different styles of working with horses and humans, yet each program helps us humans to discover rich insights about ourselves. 


Shannon and I have been brainstorming how we might shoot footage in the beautiful hilly pastures at Horse Sense and see what new Pearls emerge from the footage.  We will need funding to make it happen.


Horse Pearls are among many Pearl Dreams on varied topics, waiting to become real.  The web page has been updated, with dreams for new Dog Pearls at the bottom. 


Do any of these Pearl dreams resonate with you?  If so, help make them come true!




Special thanks to:

  • All of Our 2012 Sponsors ~ many are repeat sponsors, via financial or in-kind support.  We SO appreciate their generosity and loyalty.  We would love to add more sponsors, who will be featured for at least a year on our website, in newsletters and in event promotions.  Share the love and join us!
  • Our Music Sponsors ~ several of these talented folks will be in our DVD celebration event ~ cool, eh?
  • The caring businesses who are making our new DVD available locally.
  • Sponsor Spotlight: One of our great local sponsors is Blue Mountain Pizza.  Matt Danford and his team have featured us two years in a row in their Third Thursday fundraising program and were donors before that.  Thanks, Matt!

Bright, Sun-Shiny Days....

Living in the moment feels easier now, even with ongoing challenges and the many medical appointments that fill our days.  Such a relief!


Here is Jim's Caring Bridge site, with his humor-filled update.  Since I started posting these in our newsletter, he's gotten more "clicks" than any links I post ~ hmmm...


You could click here, too:)



Warmly, with gratitude,

Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


GreatLittlePearls on YouTube


(photo by John Fletcher, Asheville Citizen-Times, 2011)

Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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