June Garden Knits  2012

Spring Inspired Summer Dress

Our Roof Garden is beautiful in June. It still has this fresh delight of spring, and summer colors are flourishing. One of the best places to knit too.


This spring-inspired summer crochet dress is made of cotton. I started it on March Break in Florida Palm Beach Gardens and finished in Toronto.




My first "knitting" newsletter was published 2 years ago.    

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The combination of purple and green is so classy spring and northerly summer-like to me.


I injected some sort of Florida orange into the arm-hole and low neck finishing. The edging is pretty simple, but the decollete looks pretty charmante :-) Back neckline is V-shaped as well.


 Click on the image to see more pictures of the dress


The dress is made with the simple double crochet stitch.


I improvised with the purple stripe pattern. I wanted  something lace-like, airy and light. The pattern for the lower part was borrowed from one of the knitting magazines.


Browsing the Internet looking for knit and crochet ideas,  you can come accross lots of "Knit news" - like what "other" people knit ... See the link below.


Click on the image to read about Julia Robert's knits


Blooming June

My daughters have modelled this dress for me, but the dress itself is not to their taste. Too retro maybe ... But I guess I am one of those "contemporary crochet enthusiasts exploring new avenues for creative expressions and ( :-)) creating their own special kind of couture with their hooks." (Sensual Crochet, Amy Swenson)


I've enjoyed the process as usual. I've read (listented to, actually) several (audio) books while making it. This project is over. Now I can smell the flowers :-) .... start a new book and knit something else.




Click on the image to see more hand-knitted and crocheted flowers

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