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What's New in June?

Injury Prevention, Events, and Savings!

Food For Thought...

Homebaked Bagels???

I know last month we said skip the bagel and try a green smoothie, but if you still have a hankering for a warm, gooey, NYC-style bagel, you've gotta try these!  If you stop by my house on a Sunday, smells of fresh baked goods will likely have you staying for breakfast.  In 10-12 short minutes, I have freshly baked bagels coming out of the oven. 


Who do we thank?  The Bageladies!








These local ladies are crafting a treat fully cooked in water and then frozen to create a chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, miracle.  They have a low glycemic index and complex carbs for a slow burn that makes them perfect for runners!  You can find them at Whole Foods in the freezer section in 6 different flavors.  Know anyone that likes a breakfast sammy on a bagel?  These are killer!


Check out there website for more information.

Summer Sale!!!

That's right!  We've got SHOES on sale!  If you're looking to pick up a second pair of your favorites or try something new at just the right price, we've got a great selection.  And with every sale, that means more room for NEW shoes, too!  Updates such as the Saucony Ride 5, Asics Nimbus 15, and the new Nike Free series are here!

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Group Runs (Rain or Shine!):


Every Monday, 7pm at the Store

High School (and recent alumni!) Group Run, 3-6 miles for all paces


Every Tuesday, 7pm at the Store

3-6 mile fun run for all paces!


Every Thursday, FREE track workout at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School

Please do some light jogging before and be ready to go at 7:30


Father's Day 8k

Sunday, June 17th at 6:30pm

C&O Canal in Georgetown


Pain and Injury Clinic

Chevy Chase Running Company

Tuesday, June 24th at 6:30pm

Free Alignment Assessments

Dr. John Dandelski

Tuesday, July 10th at 6:30pm




A new series of races has come to town.  Seven different 5k's will take place beginning on June 7th and will circle around each quadrant of the city with a championship race on September 6th.  Most of the races are on soft, natural, surfaces, and there's prize money!  Check it out here!


Coach's Corner:

What if I feel pain?  When should I stop running?

Thirty years ago, my high school coach told me that to be a runner, I had to run through pain, no matter how severe it seemed. Fortunately, that way of thinking has gone out of style, along with the baggy cotton sweat suits we wore back then. 

From a strictly coaching perspective (and I am not a Doctor, much to the disappointment of my Jewish mother), I believe that it’s critical for athletes to listen to their bodies.  Pain is a message from your body that something is awry, and you ignore that message at your peril.  Thus, if something feels wrong, the smart move is to stop running.  But the answer is complicated by the fact that distance running causes pain that is not injury-related, and there’s a fine line between normal soreness and fatigue, which will go away with an easy recovery run or two, and injury.  Every runner struggles to define this boundary, and with experience comes knowledge in this regard. 

My advice is to always err on the side of caution.  Taking a day or two off as an overreaction to normal soreness is far preferable to running through an injury, and needing to take a month or two off as a result of ignoring the early warning signs.


Jerry Alexander is the coach of the Georgetown Racing Team and can be seen leading some of the area's most talented athletes.  For more information about the Racing Team, visit

In pain?  Injured?  We can help.

On Tuesday, June 26th at 6:30pm, ED&A physical therapy clinic will be in the store conducting complimentary analysis and feedback for all of your needs.  Whether it's a recent running injury or chronic pain because life happened, we will have a specialist here to take a look.  And it's FREE!  We will leave from the store after the clinic for a fun run, too.


The clinic also offers a full comprehensive running analysis at their Chevy Chase office located right here in Friendship Heights.  For individual appointments, call (301) 986-9101.

My injury is driving me crazy!

A 2007 study reported that over 25 million people are injured each year in the United States in sport, exercise, and recreational settings. Unfortunately, injury is an all-too-common aspect of sports, and running is certainly no exception. Among other psychological symptoms, injured athletes can feel isolated, angry, lost, depressed, worried, and anxious. For many, injury is such a significant life event that its experience has been compared to grief, like after the death of a loved one, involving Kubler-Ross’ well-known stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It is not unusual for athletes to lose confidence after an injury, associated with, for example, questioning the functionality of the injured body part, worrying about re-injury, or feeling rusty after a time away from training and competing.      


With all of these challenges, the good news is that numerous techniques are available to help injured athletes speed toward successful recovery. Often, when an athlete gets hurt, treatment centers on rehabilitating the body, which, of course, makes perfect sense. However, many athletes forget about rehabbing their minds as well, something that is crucial for full recovery. Sport psychology can be used to aid in healing, with research showing that strategies like setting good goals, using healthy self-talk, and practicing vivid imagery may help athletes recover more quickly and smoothly. Getting support from others, like coaches, teammates, family, and friends, can also be extremely important during this difficult time. Resisting all the pressures to return too soon can be another major hurdle, so injured athletes must learn to be their own advocates, listening to the messages that their bodies give them.


Keith A. Kaufman, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with offices in Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA. For more information about his work, please visit

The perfect way to celebrate dad? Race him!

Celebrate Dads at the 3rd Annual Father’s Day 8k! The speedy race takes place on a flat and fast out-and-back course along the C&O Canal Towpath in Georgetown. The race will be held on June 17, 2012 at 6:30pm and is organized by our very own Georgetown Running Club Racing Team.


There will also be a Kid's Kilometer Fun Run!  All kids will receive a prize from our sponsor, Thomas Sweet Ice Cream. After the race, all may enjoy refreshments from our featured sponsors.


The first 300 participants will be provided a technical race shirt. Awards will be given to the top three male and female racers overall and the top male and female racers in each ten-year age group. The top Father-Son and Father-Daughter teams also receive awards.  For more information, visit

Attention High School Athletes!

It's back!  Our summer high school runs are here once again.  Every Monday beginning June 11th at 7pm, we'll be meeting at the Chevy Chase Running Company for a group fun run for high school and recent alumni athletes. 

Whether it's a training program from the cross country coach or a student that's new to running, this is the place.  We'll have free food, raffles, and more!  See you there!

Chevy Chase Running Company • 4461 Willard Ave • Chevy Chase • MD • 20815
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