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Dervish Monthly Newsletter


Greetings everyone!

Welcome to the new monthly edition of the Dervish newsletter!

Being 2012, lots of changes are happening here-within the shop as without! Two faces which we'll miss at the shop...Liam has left us to resume his studies, we wish him well and thank him for all his great and gracious work. Trish is now concentrating on her Soul work, one-to-ones, Reiki workhops and Friday classes here at Dervish.

The newsletter too, is changing from being sent every two weeks, to once a month and from being advertisement-led, to more of an online magazine.

We are happy to announce the return of Moya from Monday August 13th to Thursday 16th, and from Monday 20th to Friday 24th August. She is also giving a talk here on the Saturday night. Readings cost €75 and need to paid in full by August 1st. Do book soon as places are filling up quite fast!

Hope you enjoy our articles & info below--wishing you a wonderful month of July!


[Please note: Because of the length of the newsletter, it may get clipped in your email.

Scroll down to the very end of the message and click "View entire message" before you start reading].

Summer Offer

Our large Ganesh in the window (not actual image left) is reduced,


was €600 now €409


also our Tara statue...


was €1,700 now €1,100


Come have a look!


Therapy Room

Our large therapy room

has some free slots available for classes


on Sundays/Mondays




Call for details

021 427 8243


Products of the Month:


Essential Oil of the Month: Coriander oil

Coriander oil, also known as Coriandrum sativum is of the Umbelliferae Apiacea family. This essential oil arises from an ancient herb that has long had its place in aromatherapy.

When utilised it helps to:

  • Ease the mind,
  • Fight fatigue,
  • Warm and calms the digestive system,
  • Relieves rheumatism,
  • Eases arthritic pain,
  • Muscular spasms, Detoxifies the body.

Coriander oil is very often used to refresh and to uplift the spirit, as it clears the thoughts and allows those that wear it to focus deep and gather greater insights. It can help for migraines, tension and nervous weakness. It has a warming effect on the stomach and relieves wind and cramps, while revitalizing the glandular system.


It has long held its ground as a potent tool against colds and flu’s as it acts as a general cleanser of the body, riding it of toxins and fluid wastes, while also traditionally worn as a charm against heartbreak and the lingering aches of grief.


In Roman times expecting mothers were often washed in waters that contained the oil, as a blessing for both the mother and child to come, as it was said that those that had known it’s true scent would never hunger or know the sharp sting of betrayal. As a vapour it is also said to cleanse a space and invite the loving spirit of nature herself into the home. Just: €7.50


Crystal of the Month: Moldavite

Moldavite crystals are an extremely rare and exclusive type of tektite/meteorite. They showered to earth over 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic close to the majestic Moldau River and have been prized highly by humanity ever since, for their beauty, quality of enchantment and deep green allure.By their power and presence they have worked, through all of antiquity, their way into human imagination and philosophy, inspiring much in the way of folklore, legend and healing therapies. Including many Arthurian/ Grail tales and biblical references.

Nicknamed “The stone of Transformation” Moldavite  brings forth change and spiritual healing, stimulates the higher senses and amongst most people quickens the path towards revelation, alignment and reawakening of the inner light. This beautiful green stone is said to have a potent affection all of the chakras but it major effect is on that of the heart chakra, which resonates the vibration of love. When in doubt it brings conviction, when in shade of our days it glimmers hope and when lost, it lights the path home. Just €6.50 per gram – while stocks last!

CD of the Month:

Tibetan Incantations

Deep spirituality and compassion is at the very heart of Tibetan Buddhism, a heart that beats with sublimely intricate and gentle tones, whispering of the unsearched depths in us all.


Music and chanting have always being, for Buddhists, an important aspect of the path to personal and spiritual enlightenment. Rooted in the Tibetan mountains, the music in this collection is both powerful and meditative, reflecting, regardless of culture and spiritual alliances, an ancient wisdom for modern times. Just: €15




Deck of the Month:



The “Shamanic Soul Connection” Box Set of cards, cd and book just launched and is available from Dervish in Cork and Dublin. €27.00

''The purpose of this work is to help speed up the blossoming of the possibilities waiting to manifest in your life and to offer support as you encounter obstacles along your path on your way to realising your dreams and full potential.''

(from “Ancient Connections and Modern Insights” by Martin Robbins)


Wolf – territorial – spirited – determined


always be aware of the signs to guide you back to your path should you go astray.


 To travel as far as you can go in your life, always searching for your truth and on finding it, honour the path that has brought you understanding.


With outstretched arms and no fear, embrace the unknown path in front of you as you carry your truth in your heart.


Nurturance of loved ones as they follow their own path provides the stability you need to manifest your own goals.


Click here to



Sale Items

Beautiful Prayer Wheels


turquoise and coral



50% off!

Sale Items

50% Off

Select Leather Journals

& Moti Ari Jounrals

Buddha Notebooks

July's Articles - Safe Suncream, Aura-Soma Pomanders, Personal Power

Each month will feature interesting articles, so stay tuned...


July is for Personal Power...


Recent events in my life made me aware of how disconnected I am from my own power.


The usual inner and outer roller-coaster of low energy, partnerships that should have worked, bizarre accidents over a period of 6-12 months eventually spewed me out with that deep visceral insight - I am hollow, my core is nowhere to be seen, I am disconnected from my earthly and human roots.


And the worst part is that I did not know it. Well, I did. Don't we all teach what we need to learn. (Which is why it is better to go to a wounded-healer than whatever the other options are). Yet, this time I knew this was as deep as it gets. Thank you, dear 2012!


Click here to



A Little Light on Aura-Soma Pomanders...


 The name Pomander was given during the Dark Ages of European history to formally name the method of emitting Sacred Vapours.


Pomander is the name given to a fragrant bouquet, sometimes presented in a small box made of braided straw or sewn into fabric, but also in the form of a bouquet of flowers, or fruit pierced with spices. In times past they were used for protection, for disinfection, for cleaning of the atmosphere - similarly to the burning of frankincense, sage and other herbs.

The Aura-Soma Pomanders have a unique history. Many years before Aura-Soma was ever in existence and Vicky Wall (the creator of Aura-Soma) could still see, she collected herbs on her walks and preserved the herbs in alcohol. She did not really know why she did so, but she followed her own inner voice...

Click here to

Safe Sunscreen by Dr. Peter Darashah...


We all love to have fun in the sun without the pain of sunburn. It's incredibly important to do things that make one feel good, not to mention the amazing health benefits of the immune boosting vitamin D that we can get from being in the sun. But here’s what to do to ease the pain and inflammation and assist with healing if one does have a little too much.


Arnica 200C is the 1st choice for shock and sunburn. 2 doses 15 mins apart. Follow with Urticaria Urens every 15 minutes until pain subsides. Liberally apply cream of Urticaria urens, Calendula & Hypericum.


Do not buy Sunscreens containing

Zinc: Ultraviolet light from the sun starts a chemical reaction with zinc oxide that releases free radicals making skin vulnerable to cancer and other diseases. Researchers from Missouri University of Science and Technology estimate that the zinc oxide begins to react within an hour of being exposed to the sun.

Nanoparticles: These are very tiny molecules typically of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide used to potentiate Sunscreens. Critics say the size of the particles may allow them to permeate protective barriers in the body, such as those surrounding the brain or a developing baby in the womb.

Conclusion: Avoid creams containing titanium or zinc.


Dr. Peter Darashah

Ph.D.,M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract), FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician, Homeopathy 4 Health  

Tel: 087 2621943  

Consultations at Dervish Cork by appointmen

Message For July - The Pleiadians Channelled by Lou Martin


Dear friends take a deep breath

Dear friends opening your heart gets easier to do when you trust

It is wonderful that you make these changes and choices

That stand up for the things you believe in and care about

When you do this without needing to make anyone wrong

Because of course nobody wants to be wrong everyone wants to be right including you

It is one of the most liberating phrases the channel has learned

“you might be right”

So you might be right dear friends about what you believe

We trust that you are for you

And we trust absolutely that you share with yourself your family and your world those things that you care about your values your believes your experiences

As we say here dear friends the most powerful teaching is always going to be through experience... 

For the full channelling click here to go to Lou's Blog >>

 Channelled by Lou Martin Transcript by Sinead Gill

 Click here for Lou's Classes >>



Regular Therapists Dervish Cork

Click on the links to read more about each therapist & their work

Cork-based Therapists

Andrew Moynihan - The Alexander Technique- 087-9387302

Caroline Flavin - Aura-Soma Colour Therapy

Ciara McArdle- ‘Embodying Essence’ Counselling & Healing Services

Lou Martin - Life Readings/Channel/Intuitive/Counsellor

Mary Sky - Tsa Lung & Shamanic Healing

Rajinder Padam - Shamanic Healing

Steven O'Riordan - Life Coach

Trish Lane - Soul Work/ Reiki/ Energy Work/ Card Readings

Vesco Bondov - Tantric Therapies & Massage


Visiting Therapists

Bernadette Phillips - Clairvoyancy, Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Carlos Jalon - Awakening Bodily Consciousness

Dermot O' Hara - Shamanic Healing, Psychic Mediumship, Past Lives


Weekly Classes at Dervish

Click on the underlined links to read more on each therapist and their class

Mondays- Empowerment Weekly Open Healing Circle, Lou Martin, 7:30-10pm

Tuesdays- Meditation with The Grandmothers,

First Tues of every month with Barbara Kissane, 7- 8:30pm

Reminaing Tuesdays in the month: Tsa Lung with Mary Sky, 8-9:30pm

Wednesdays- Meditation & Shamanic Journeying, Raj Padam, 6:30-8:00pm

Essential Tantra, Drop in Class, Vesco Bondov, 8:30pm – 10:30pm

Thursdays - African Drumming with Patrick, Beginners- 6:45- 8:00pm

Intermediate- 8:15-9:50pm

Fridays- Meditation Class with Tricia Lane - 6-7pm

Card Readings - 7:00-7:30pm

Reiki Share - 7:30-9:00pm

Sundays- Conversations with God Indepth Discussion Group with Lou Martin, 7:30-10:00pm


Click here to see the weekly calendar of classes here at Dervish Cork



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