Celebrate Santa Barbara’s 13th Annual Creek Week!

 Scheduled for September 15th – 23rd, Creek Week will kick-off again this year with Coastal Cleanup Day!


 Creek Week is an annual celebration of our local watersheds, and an opportunity for community members to learn more about local creeks and the ocean through hands-on activities and volunteer events.


 Creek Week is coordinated by the Creeks Division, County of Santa Barbara Project Clean Water, the City of Goleta, the City of Carpinteria, and UCSB, with fun and educational events hosted by many community groups and environmental organizations.


Visit www.sbcreekweek.com to view the schedule of events!


Calling all artists, help design a logo for Creek Week!


Community members are invited to submit designs for a Creek Week Logo. The Logo will be used in conjunction with future Creek Week Events. All are encouraged to submit designs by Wednesday, September 19th and the winning entry will be announced at the Creek Week Closing Celebration Sunday, September 23rd at the watershed Resource Center. Full rules, guidelines, and submission locations for the Logo Contest can be found on the Creek Week website or by clicking here

Gathering Data to Design a Low Impact Development Storm Water Infiltration Project.


The Creeks Division has begun site analysis and design for a potential Low Impact Development (LID) Storm Water Infiltration Project at Stevens Park, Oak Park, and the Westside Neighborhood Center. The project will retrofit six City parking lots and paved areas, removing over 100,000 square feet of existing asphalt and replacing it with permeable pavers and vegetation. This will allow storm water and urban runoff to infiltrate into the soil, providing water treatment, groundwater recharge, and reduced flooding and erosion in the lower watersheds.


The sites have been surveyed to determine contour elevations and site suitability. Soil analysis and infiltration tests have been conducted to determine the underlying soil’s ability to soak up water, and utilities have been marked. Before construction, it is important to know what utilities lay beneath the surface so they can be drawn in the designs. The project will involve digging up the asphalt and soil, so marking the exact location of all underground pipes and wires is crucial to avoiding breaking these utilities during construction.


How exactly do we locate these underground utilities? Some are drawn in existing City infrastructure maps, but they are not always accurate, and other utilities are absent in these maps. So the Creeks Division hired a contractor that specializes in locating underground utilities and structures. The contractor uses electromagnetic locating equipment and ground penetrating radar to find the exact location and depth of all underground pipes, wires, and other structures. They then use a GPS to plot this information on a map which can be incorporated in the design of the project. The Creeks Division employed this method in the design of the MacKenzie Park Parking Lot Storm Water Infiltration Project and discovered several pipes that were inaccurately marked on the existing maps. This discovery saved money and time by preventing accidental breakages during excavation which would have required expensive repairs.


The Creeks Division has applied for a grant to fund this LID Storm Water Infiltration Project through the Proposition 84 Storm Water Grant Program.

Newly Certified Clean Creeks Businesses


Join the Creeks Division in congratulating the following local businesses taking important steps to protect creek and ocean water quality by becoming Certified Clean Water Businesses!




Pace Food + Drink  

413 State Street


Backyard Bowls

3849 State Street

(La Cumbre Plaza)


Handlebar Coffee Roasters

128 E. Canon Perdido #A


 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

 811 State Street


Cielito Taqueria

 1114 State Street



 742 State Street


Mobile Washers


JC’s Auto Detailing

(805) 452-8361


Mobile Car Wash Guy

(805) 708-4179


Car Wash Coming Mobile Detail

 (805) 636-2776


 My Service Guys

 (805) 563-4427



View the complete list of Certified Businesses online at www.sbcreeks.com.

City of Santa Barbara • PO Box 1990 • Santa Barbara, CA 93102
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