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the ASI Burgee - Tuesday July 10, 2012

ASI Office summer re-opening - - Lisa Drumm, ASI Sail Secretary


The ASI office will re-open at 8am on July 16. If you need assistance during my absence, please contact:


Local Timeshares, Jon Buyle: (313) 881-6393 or


Evening Sails, Peggy Clark: (248) 921-6494


Maintenance Class, Don Sharpe: (248) 210-1156 or


Reimbursements, Lori Pew (Lozen): (734) 787-7903 or


Burgee, Don Caley:

Sunday Drive Anyone? - - Dave Amsdill

Sunday Drive? I know what you’re thinking. Boring! Take heart, this is not your Daddy’s Sunday drive. That is, not unless your Daddy is Capt. Jack Sparrow or Long John Tiley. This is Sunday driving pirate style. Wind in your face, sails filled with a warm summer breeze, spray coming over the bow and no seat belts or other restraining devices.


Please join us on Sunday afternoons on Kent Lake from 1PM till 3PM for practice or open sailing with all your favorite ASI buddies. Please email Dave Amsdill ( and get on our Sunday Drive participant list. We’ll send out a reminder a few days before and do our best to match up students and guests with rated sailors. It’s fine to also just show up, but emailing ahead will make the whole event work out better. . And remember, giving practice sails is a great way to earn work hours.


I would like to introduce the Sunday Drive gang, those dedicated members who will be leading and coordinating Sunday Drive’s this year for your sailing pleasure. We will be alternating Sundays depending on who is available. And the leaders are: Dana Sims, Paula Merideth, Stephen Kang, Deb Broomham and myself Dave Amsdill. Thanks to all for their generous giving of their time and talents.

Keel Boat Invitation! - - Dave Pardy

Interested in sailing the ASI keel boats on Lake St. Clair?  I'm trying to match up rated and unrated members and their guests who want to go out.  


The concentration is on Thursday and Friday mornings and Thursday evenings but David might expand that depending on the interest.  


Email David ( and he can send you more details and add you to his email list.

Tuesday Day Sails - - Susanne Guendelsberger

For those interested, Susanne Guendelsberger will be coordinating day sails at Kensington on Tuesdays. This is not meant to replace any other sails but meets the philosophy of 'the more sailing the better'. Here is how it works.:

  1. Send Susanne a quick note  ( saying you're interested, so she can add you to the email list.
  2. Susanne will check the weather and send out a note to those interested, probably by the Sunday before the Tuesday sail confirming the sail.
  3. Those who can make it on the Tuesday, reply back to Susanne that they will make it and whether they are rated or not. This should allow Susanne to make sure that we have enough rated sailors for the number of students/guests.
  4. We all meet at the lake at 10:30 and sail until about 1:00 or until people wear out.
  5. Those coming to these sails are welcome to do practice sails, just tool around the lake or anything that they and their shipmates want to do. The more the merrier so rated sailors, sail students and guests are always welcome and encouraged!

If you are a rated sailor and you take a student(s) out on a Practice Sail on these Tuesdays, it should be good for 2 work hours.


On a related note, Laura Miele (a level 2) is available Tuesday mornings for L1 sails but needs to be off the lake by about 12:00. If anyone is interested in getting to Kent Lake earlier, say 8:30 or 9:30, she would be available to take them out on practice sails. Let her know if interested at or 404-518-1858 (cell).


TESTING OPPORTUNITY: Susanne is taking over coordinating Tuesday sails from David Pardy ( making it possible for him to concentrate on testing new L1's and other commitments. David can administer tests at our Tuesday sails so let him know if you want to test so he can be ready. David expects to be at most Tuesday sails. LET'S SAIL!

Stony Creek Maintenance Nights - - Richard Gady and Heidi Dzendzel

Mark your calendar for the following Mondays - August 6 and September 10 starting at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.


This is a good time to get a few volunteer hours, clean up the fleet and

complete some repair items.


Remember to fill in the maintenance log located in the sign-in booklet with

any repair or improvement idea. I will send out a list of items we can work

on together. (Park your car in the main parking lot and walk to the Boat



This is a great time to learn and meet other sail club members.

(Remember for the new students, maintenance class is only held at Kent Lake)


Your help would be most appreciated! Richard Gady (

Point person(s) needed - - Don Sharpe

We're looking for a volunteer or volunteers to organize and promote an Open House at Kent Lake this year.  The organizational part of the project involves arranging a date that doesn't conflict with other scheduled ASI events and having qualified crews and dock personal at the Open House.  The promotional part of the project is to advertise the event via local news media.  Please contact Don Sharpe if you have any questions or interest at 248-210-1156.


Add August 4 (5?) to your calendar!

Don't miss the the Annual ASI Picnic and Membership Meeting August 4th (rain date August 5th).  Members should bring a dish to pass.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, veggieburgers, condiments, refreshments, plates and dinnerware will be provided by ASI.  


There will also be a scavenger hunt with prizes, following lunch. Be there or be square!

Testing Procedures for Level 1 Rating - - JoAnne McClure

If you have completed all your classes and practice and are ready for your water test, here is a list of Water Test Instructors. Contact them to set up an appointment to take your water test.


Water Test Instructors:

  • David Pardy
  • Bob Frank
  • Mike Perrin
  • Don Anderson
  • Sam Olive
  • Yasuo Fujita
  • Bill Lane
  • Andrew Leszczynski

If you have passed your water test and taken the Maintenance Class, study your book, handouts, ASI Policy Manual, and class notes and contact a Written test instructor from the list below. Bring along your completed water test form and sail pass when you take the test.


Written Test Instructors:

  • JoAnne McClure
  • Nancy Weiss
  • Sam Olive
  • Chris Lamb
  • Heidi Dzendzel
  • Dave Pardy
  • Trudy Morse

Questions? Contact JoAnne McClure. Good Luck!

Motor boat operators and deckhands wanted - - Michael Golden

Operators are needed for the Kent Lake motor boat during races. Take a training on operation of the safety boat and earn two volunteer hours during a race. Helpers learn race management and work with an operator setting marks and recording finishes and also get 2 hours credit.


Contact Michael Golden for more information

Interlake Docking procedures - - JoAnne McClure

Just a reminder that no one should be on the foredeck of an Interlake until it is at a full stop at the dock. If there is a dockmaster on duty, he/she can use the boat hook to pull the boat to the dock and then crew can hand him/her the painter. If no dockmaster is present, once the boat is at a full stop at the dock, a designated crew person should take the painter up and step off the dock to tie up.


Please remember that it is important to keep everyone in the cockpit when the boat is in motion. That includes approaching the dock. Should a "bump" occur, anyone on the foredeck could easily be thrown overboard or otherwise injured. Be safe!

Reminders from the Keelboat Scheduler - - Jon Buyle

The sailing season is in full swing:  timeshare reservations can now be made easily. I need any priority scheduling events, such as maintenance, instruction, evening sails, or special events sent to me so that I can get them in the scheduling calendar. Please provide this information as soon as possible so that your event is secured and timeshares don’t have to be cancelled.


Here are a few reminders for keelboat captains in order to make the process work best for all of us:


1-Please limit your calls to 9AM-9PM, unless it’s an emergency. Feel free to email me anytime.


2-Use the ASI website to check on availability of keelboats before calling. It is updated daily. You can also click on an entry in the calendar to obtain more details, such as the timeshare hours and the designated captain of a timeshare. That information can be useful for several reasons, such as checking with the previous captain on any problems he experienced with the boat, arranging a transition with the next captain, or notifying the next captain if you are going to be late.


3-When leaving voicemail requests, please speak slowly and clearly, especially when leaving numbers. I often have to listen to a message several times to get all the information.


4-Be sure to notify the Boat Captain and Keelboat Scheduler if a boat needs immediate attention that could affect safety & future timeshares.


5-Remember that reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not held or confirmed for you until secured with a credit card.


6-Make your reservations as far in advance as you can. I will do my best to respond to last-minute requests, but cannot guarantee a response in less than 24 hours. (I have a life too!)


7-Finally, Do NOT take a boat without clearing it with the Scheduler first, even though a boat appears to be available or your boat becomes disabled. There have been situations where a member who has reserved and paid for a timeshare arrives later and finds the boat gone. It may also be a safety risk for you and your passengers, as the boat may have been taken out of service or have special instructions that the Boat Captain has asked me to convey.


A special welcome to all the new Level 2 Captains. Have a great summer and great sailing season! Hope to see all of you out on the lake.


Jon Buyle, Keelboat Scheduler (


10 AM Weekday Sailors - -  Vic Macks

This is a list of rated sailors sailing daytime weekdays. Anyone on the list can initiate a sail at his/her rated level by email/phone call to anyone on the list. For example, you can look ahead one to three days, check the weather, decide on a day, and call/email those on the list for crew. This could be on Interlakes or keelboats, depending on your rating and interest and the interests of those on the list. It's that simple. The list may contain rated sailors interested in Kent, Stoney, or Lake St. Clair. Of course, a rated keelboat sailor initiating a sail on a keelboat is obligated to have at least one sailor aboard who is rated at level 11, level III, level IV or equivalent. The time share fee for keelboats would be split among the number aboard.


Send me an email ( with the following:

-Name and rating

-email address and phone number(s)

-likely days available

-preferences (Kent, Stony Creek, or Lake St. Clair)


I will email an updated list as often as there are changes, additions, etc. Remember, sails will be initiated by anyone on the list. All that's needed is you on the list. Questions? Send an email or call me at 586-779-1782.

Lost and Found - - Kathy Chrzanowski

I have lost a light blue Northface windbreaker.  If anyone found one, I am the owner.  I would appreciate if you would let me know who you are, so I can retrieve my jacket.  Thank you so much.  Kathy Chrzanowski 248-363-6540.

...and now for something completely different!

Confused with all this chatter about the newly discovered Higgs-Boson particle? Do you think 'supercollider' only refers to an Interlake sailor, coming in to dock? Do you think calories account for all that extra mass? That antimatter is that stuff in Twinkies?


Wrong! Here's a great video that will explain everything

Dock Masters Needed - - Anne Ostroth

Dock Masters (DMs) are needed every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday throughout the sailing season.  This is especially true on Level 1 class days (see calendar).  It is a great way to earn work hours and meet other sailors. Anyone with a sail pass (student - Level 4) is encouraged to sign-up.  There are four shifts per day:  9-11 AM, 11-1 PM, 1-3 PM, and 3-5 PM.  You can sign up for any number of shifts per day. And now we also have dock master shifts available on Tuesdays starting June 19 from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. 


DM duties are described in the notebook labeled "Dock Master" on the front and located in the DM box.   This notebook contains the DM badge ( so others will know you are the designated DM) and other helpful information.  The DM box also contains the boat hook and other supplies.  I recommend that unrated sailors choose DM shifts on Sat. mornings so that someone from the maintenance team can open the DM box for you. Please email me at to sign up and assist your fellow sailors.

A few more things...       

Behind every successful man is a woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.


Who writes the Burgee? YOU DO! I'm only the editor, chief copy-and-paster, and spiritual advisor. I depend on you members - old salts and newbies - to send in content. What kind of content? Just about anything you'd like your fellow members to know about. Of course, it should be related to sailing and boating! Got some great sailing pictures or videos? Send them too! When in doubt, send it in for consideration!


Please send your Burgee input to for inclusion in the next  Burgee. They're on a weekly schedule. Send in your stuff for publication by Sunday for inclusion the following Tuesday. Sail hearty and often, and don't let your jib luff! 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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