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                   Kitten Caboodle!

                         July 2012





Kitty of the Month:  Stubby





Stubby is an adult neutered male, medium hair orange tabby mix.  Why was he named Stubby?   Most likely because of his shorter than normal, stubby tail!

Stubby likes to follow you around the room, curiously watching whatever it is you are doing. He is in our adult cat room, however it seems he would prefer a home where he could be the only pet. Stop by and meet this handsome guy... he is sure to steal your heart!


Pooch of the Month:  Dottie


Meet Dottie, an adult female Cocker Spaniel mix, who was brought to the Shelter as a stray in June.

The staff laughs because every time someone approaches her with a camera, she gives them a goofy look! She is a sweet and playful pooch!

Now I ask you... how can anyone resist that face?



Rebounding from Heartbreak


Animal rescue work can be very rewarding, but it comes with its share of heartbreak. In mid-June, we received a call from a couple living near the shelter. They had seen a cat pulling himself up a hill and thought he might have a broken leg. When we arrived, the couple had retrieved the cat and given him some food and water. His lower end was covered in maggots, his legs were limp, and he was unable to stand.


At the shelter we cleaned him up and named him Rebound. Although full-grown, Rebound weighed only 4.5 pounds. At the vet, X-rays showed that his pelvis was fractured. Rebound might have recovered from the break, but he also had nerve damage that left him unable to urinate on his own or control his bowels. The animal hospital provided supportive care in the hopes that his nerve function might return. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.


After discussion with two different veterinarians, we decided that the best course of action was to humanely say goodbye to Rebound. His quality of life was severely compromised and very unlikely to improve. Part of our mission is to ensure that every animal is treated with compassion and respect, even when that means making difficult decisions about a sweet, courageous cat like Rebound. Not every story can have a happy ending, but Rebound’s legacy is reminder that it’s always worthwhile to try.








Alumni Photo Gallery


We're always interested in hearing from folks who have adopted our pooches and kitties, providing them with  "fur-ever" homes!  We'd like to make this a regular feature of the e-newsletter, posting a few photos each month, so keep those updates coming!  (If you'd like us to post the story of your adopted furry family member, please email us at  diane@moorehumane.org . Let us know how your best friend is doing and attach your photos as jpeg files. )


Sinatra found his "fur-ever" family by crooning!  No kidding!  His mom said she walked by his cage at the Shelter and he started singing to her... how could she resist ole blue eyes???




And just like his namesake, he is not at all camera shy!  Here he is, enjoying the limelight!


"On Nov 7, 2011 I adopted Taffy- who is now known as Lola (she gets so excited when someone says her name).  I have been trying to take a video of her running at the dog park for you to see - it's a blast to watch her!  Her timid nature and difficulty with trust is nowhere to be seen when she is running wild with the other dogs or spending time at home with me and her new house mate, Mister Man!  (He's a VERY timid cat whom Lola has recently decided is not be feared!)


She has brought so much joy into my daily life; the only thing that makes it worth leaving her for work is coming home to her excited face and tail! She brings joy to everyone who meets her and I am so appreciative of you all for putting us together. I had no idea I needed her so much :)  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!"


SirPurrsALot is another aptly named feline!  When he arrived at the Shelter, staff took note of his nonstop purring...hence his name! And why not purr when you have the luxury of a comfortable bed for an afternoon snooze!  Life is good!


"We adopted Bailey (formerly known as Ziggy) on May 31, 2003!  Our 98 pound pooch LOVES people/kids, especially when Grandma & Grandpa come for a visit. All the kids in the neighborhood call him Mr. Wiggles because he just wiggles from end-to-end when he sees them. He loves to go for car rides, even enjoys seeing the vet (!) and LOVES to chase/wrassle his brother Beau. He gets a monthly makeover (wash, cut, dry, pawdicure) by our mobile groomer and she tells me he sits there in a zen-like trance while she works on him--he just chills out!!  And he is VERY SMART (must be the border collie in him!), loves to play catch with tennis balls & frisbees. He's had a wonderful, full, comfortable, fun life with us. Nothing but the best for our Bailey boy!!





A Puppy Update...With Thanks to Our Fostering Families


Last month, staff arrived at the Shelter to find a bait and tackle box holding seven puppies (about four weeks old) on the front stoop.  Given the high temperatures and a lack of food and water, one pup had already succumbed; the remaining six were in a weakened state, covered in fleas and ticks, bellies full of worms.


Pups this young and fragile cannot be left alone overnight in the Shelter.  We sent out an emergency request for foster families, and within 48 hours, all of the pups had been placed. 


Come on in and meet Tilly and Divot (below right), Tasha, Yogi (below left), Sadie, and Boo Boo!  They are all adorable!







School's Out For Summer...


If you're looking for an enjoyable and rewarding summer activity to share with your kids... how about joining our Volunteers?  The first step is to attend the Volunteer Orientation (July 14 and August 18) .  Please visit our website at www.moorehumane.org and click on the Volunteer tab.  Register to attend and we'll be in touch!

If you would like to help out as a Volunteer Kennel Attendant, please contact Diane Lisevick, our Volunteer Coordinator, at diane@moorehumane.org .

A Cat's Wish List for Those Dog Days of Summer


"There's no sense in complaining about the heat," purrs Goldie, our Manx mix kitty. "My advice to all of the felines is to take frequent catnaps, interspersed with some graceful yoga stretches... the only time I pick up the pace is when I hear the Purina Pro Plan bag being opened!  Now there's a reason to hurry!"    

    -  Topical Tick and Flea Treatment: Advantix for dogs

        (and Advantage for cats)

    -  Pet Food: Purina Pro Plan dry food for dogs/puppies

    -  Purina Pro Plan dry food for cats/kittens

    -  Stainless steel puppy bowls

    -  Canned puppy food (ground, not chunky; non-gravy, please)

    -  Canned dog food (non-gravy, please)

    -  Friskies canned cat food (Turkey and Giblets)

    -  Shampoo for puppies

    -  Harnesses for dogs, all sizes

    -  ThunderShirts, all sizes

    -  Rubber teething toys for puppies

    -  Non clumping clay kitty litter



Have You Seen the Cinco de Mayo Pooch Parade Slide Show?


Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjePVvPWv0g&feature=youtu.be to hear some great music, courtesy of graphic artist Nancy Schutt, and to see some of the cutest pooches around!


Are You Friends With Us on Facebook?


If you use Facebook, don't forget to LIKE the Moore Humane Society page!  We now have over 1000 folks who like us, and we'd love to make it to 1,100!




Mark Your Calendars!


Moe's Southwest Grill Fundraising Dinner, Aberdeen; Saturday,  July 28th, 5:00 - 9:00 PM

Enjoy a great meal while helping Moore Humane Society animals at the same time!  After paying for your meal, leave the receipt in the donation box by the cash register.  Moe's donates 15% of the tickets left in the box to Moore Humane Society.

Moore Humane Society Felines are in the PetSmart Cat Room for the entire month of July! 

That's right!  We'll have adult cats and kittens on display, and volunteers will be available on most days if you'd like to spend some time cuddling these beautiful animals!


PetSmart Adoption Weekend, Saturday, July 21st and Sunday, July 22nd

This event showcases Moore Humane Society pooches and felines!  Come down and see our beautiful animals!



Coming in August:  Bark in the Park



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