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Dervish Monthly Newsletter


Greetings everyone!

Welcome to second new monthly edition of the Dervish newsletter!

All busy bees here! Just to let you know that Moya is giving a talk and demonstration of mediumship here on the Saturday August 18th from 7:30 to 9pm.  Tickets are 10 euros, do call in soon as places are filling up quite fast! Our Summer Sale continues with 50% off selected items: clothing, bedspreads, candles and candle holders, prayer wheels, alabaster and soapstone boxes and other discounts on hand painted boxes from India and various beautiful statues.

Lots of workshops coming up- Psychic, Mediumship & Healing with Angels Workshop with Catherine Lowry on August 12th, Introduction to Aura-Soma Colour Day, Rebirthing with Linda O'Flaherty, Awakening with Lou and Munay Ki with Raj. And some of our visitng therapists are back -Carlos Jalon and Bernadette Phillips. Enjoy our articles & info below--wishing you a wonderful month of August!


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In This Issue

Tarot Reader

Therapy Room

Moya O' Dwyer Evening of Clairvoyance

Carlos Jalon Bodywork

Products of the Month: Essential Oil, Sweetgrass, Rhythm of the Chakras & more

August's Articles - Awakening, Heat-induced Headaches, Topaz- Vision of the Future, Colour Breathing with Flowers, Poem from Raj, Making A Friend of Fear, Tibetan Bowls, Blessing the Rain

Events in the Community -Kriya Yoga Retreat, Sacred Plants with Nikki Darrell, The Template Ceremonies

Tarot Reader

We get alot of enquiries about tarot, angel card and mediumship readings, but don't have regular readers working from Dervish. If you are gifted in this work and would like to work from Dervish, please call the shop on 021 4278243 or

pop into us at 50 Cornmarket Street, Cork.


Therapy Room

Our large therapy room has some free slots available for evening classes

on Suns/Mons

Tues/Wed eves from 8:30pm/Thurs/

Sat/Sundays Call for details: 021 427 8243


Moya O' Dwyer

Evening of Clairvoyance

Messages and guidance from

the next world with Moya O'Dwyer.

When: Saturday August 18th. Doors open at 7:00pm, starts from 7:30-9:00pm.

Tickets: €10 are on sale in Dervish shop. Selling fast!

One of the most respected Psychic Mediums in Ireland and the UK.

Carlos Jalon Bodywork

Carlos Jalon has been visiting Dervish every month for a year, and he will be doing bodywork sessions in August for a reduced 2012 price of €80 for 90mins session, or €60 for an hour session.


To book, email Carlos at:


For more details and to see videos of his basic techniques Click here >>

Linda O' Flaherty now working from Dervish

Introductory offer for month of August:

40% off all Breath Therapy & ReConnection Therapy sessions

Healing Therapies, Deep Tissue Massage, Transformational Breathwork (Rebirthing), Energy Healing, Reiki/Seichim Master, ReConnection Therapy

Tel: 087 4107757  Email:


Sunday Sept 2nd: Rebirthing (Breathing for Bliss)10am-2pm, €25

Click here for more info >>

Products of the Month: Essential Oil, Sweetgrass, Rhythm of the Chakras & more

Each month we will feature an essential oil, book, deck, and CD from the shop...

Products of the Month:


Essential Oil of the Month: Grapefruit oil - Citrus paradise

Grapefruit also known as Citrus paradisi has a wonderfully fresh, citrus aroma that is energizing and uplifting. Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, it is nourishing to the skin and carries with it a distinct sense of cleanliness and purity.


Grapefruit has many potent and beneficial qualities, such as being a powerful anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic detoxifier. It has also being used traditionally as a soul warming anti-depressant that not only enhances the immune system and tones the skin, but can aid in the process of mentally rejuvenation.

It is also used to treat acne, oily skin, cellulite, muscle stiffness, water retention, obesity, colds, flu, depression, headaches, jet-lag, stress and nervous exhaustion.


Traditionally it is an oil used in marriage and commitment ceremonies as well as by those seeking an enriching relationship, symbolising the stripping away of barriers and purifying the path ahead, ensuring that the journey of two can intertwine in both the beauty and blessing of one. Just: €7.00


Herb Feature - Sweetgrass:


Hierochloe Odorata

Many Native American tribes use sweetgrass in prayer and purifying ceremonies and it is considered among one of their most sacred plants. It is usually braided, dried and burned. While burning sweetgrass does not produce an open flame, instead it smoulders and releases a sweet, attractive scent that is said not only to be pleasing to people but that of the good spirits.


Sweetgrass is also used to “smudge”, in which its smoke is fanned on people, objects or about an area to be imbued with its protective insights and divine grace. Traditionally individuals smudge themselves with its smoke, washing the eyes, ears, heart and body.


Sweetgrass is a wonderful companion for sage, giving it a greater depth while promoting both its higher spiritual functions and earthly scent. Sweetgrass Braids: €9.00



Book of the Month: The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcox


The Source Field Investigations is stunning synthesis of hidden science and lost prophecies, modern insight and age old wisdoms. The Source Field Investigations exposes many great secrets such as that of DNA transformation, consciousness science, the physics of wormholes, sacred geometry, multidimensional time, the Maya calendar, and a truly stunning new model of galactic energy fields triggering mental, biological, and spiritual evolution.


Unlike the apocalyptic viewpoints depicted in big-budget disaster films, Wilcock refreshingly believes and gives food for thought that 2012 will be a renewed genesis of a widespread acceptance of a greater reality — and in his book, he lays out many of the blueprints for such a Golden Age.

Most certainly worth a read. Price: €30

Deck of the Month: Mother Peace tarot


Although somewhat well known the Motherpeace Tarot Deck is rarely championed, a mystery which presents itself to anyone who has had the joy of reading and sharing with such a deck.


Created by Viki Noble this deck was designed as a spring board for those who wish to engage and explore the feminine divine, both within the living world and the psyche of the self. The cards are round, a deliberate measure to both express the cycle of creation as well as the role of co-creation in which we partake of in life, seen and unknown. We are, we are told a living, breathing, moving aspect of the great plan and the Motherpeace deck strives to remind us all, that despite our struggles, want of direction and conflicts – we can be not only at peace with each other, but ourselves.


 Most certainly a deck for those wishing to stir the feminist fires and grant fresh light to the forgotten shadows of our own pasts and future, a deck for weaving insight and action into life and putting renewed motion behind old plan. Rustic, enchanting and most of all… beautiful. Just: €35

Animal Insight of the Month:


Orca Whale – Gentle – determined – Instinctive – guiding – playful


but serious in responsibility of role in their group

My keen senses can locate food sources from miles away. Some require different strategies to save me energy and time. Sometimes you can go alone and be exhausted in the chase and so can’t enjoy the feast. Other times working with those of a like mind enables larger catches and though necessary to share the spoils, more energy and time is available for other important pursuits.


Journeying through life is about moving steadily along, getting through the next challenge and reaping the rewards before the next challenge arises. By accumulating wisdom from the lessons learned, the challenges become like a puzzle to work through and knowing them for what they are. Recognising and Being in the challenge brings clarity and an opportunity for the reward to manifest.

Travel the oceans of the world with me and encounter the beauty of form all around. Know that this beauty is also within everyone and is an essential part of the Whole. So, let it shine and touch others as their light reflects back. As the next challenge arrives, know it is a part of the game and smile in anticipation of the prize.


Taken from the Martin Robbins Shamanic Soul Conection Cards, Book & CD Set

Available in Dervish Cork & Dublin



Click here to


CD of the Month: Rhythm of the Chakras – Glen Velez


When first released this work was considered a somewhat odd conceptual piece, crafted by the master hand drummer Glen Velez and featuring no less than seven percussion-heavy songs designed to stimulate and activate the body's seven chakras. However it is a collection that has stood the test of time and opened up the world beyond the mundane for many blessed enough to enjoy and explore though its rhythm and enchanting vibrations.


Many Eastern spiritual traditions teach that each Chakra, or wheels of energy has its very own unique colour and musical tone which can be stimulated by utilising the associations, we can enhancing the body, clearing the mind and promoting a deeper, more authentic harmony.


Regardless of one’s belief in such philosophies this work is a truly sublime, transcendental album capable of stirring a trance like state that facilitates a deeper, contemplative mood while relaxing the body and lulling away daily tensions. While designed for healing and enriching meditation, it works just as well for those interested in more earthy pleasures. Just €17

August's Articles - Awakening, Heat-induced Headaches, Topaz- Vision of the Future, Colour Breathing with Flowers, Poem from Raj, Making A Friend of Fear, Tibetan Bowls, Blessing the Rain

Each month will feature interesting articles, so do stay tuned...


 ''Awakening'' by Bernadette Phillips M.A., B.SocSc

Both personally and professionally I have become more and more consciously aware of the’ everyday miracles’ happening all round about me. As the magic and wonder reveals the more of itself to my heart and Soul self I am deeply touched by the profundity and beauty that is found in simple everyday things. Such as a cuppa and chat with a good friend, the magic and awesome beauty of a butterfly upon a flower, the wellspring of eternity in a baby’s eyes.  


Making this connection has assisted me so much to find inner peace and capacity, embrace life, cherish that which is truly important in life and see ‘the sacred’ in all things.  Also the practice of meditation for five/ten minutes each day, morning and evening, supports my day both at its start and end. For me the experiences that I encounter in between my daily meditations are greatly enriched by this simple yet utterly profound practice into the depth of my core being...

Click here to


Bernadette returns to Dervish on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th of August.

''Heat-induced Headaches'' by Dr. Peter Darashah...


We all enjoy a day at the picnic, ballpark, or beach--but when we get home we realise we've got a sun-induced headache that just won't go away. Heat from the sun can cause blood vessels in the brain to dilate and raise your skin temperature causing pain. Additionally the sun's glare can also irritate the eyes resulting in head pain. Hot weather is a frequent cause of headache, and may also bring on a migraine in those who are prone. Stress, exhaustion, not eating and drinking regularly – which frequently occur when it is hot - can increase the chance of getting a headache.


Homeopathic Treatments:

Water: Dehydration is one of the main reasons for heat induced headaches. Make sure you are consuming at least 6 glasses of still water/day (excluding beverages/ alcohol).

Belladonna 200C: The #1 remedy for sudden throbbing headache, hot red cheeks and face, dilated pupils, dizziness, confusion, weakness, nausea and quickened pulse. This remedy can stream line your body's efforts to stabilise itself, minimise trauma and speed up recovery.

Ferrum phos 30C: This anti-inflammatory cell salt relieves heat related headaches with throbbing temples and vertex accompanied by weakness and fatigue of an over-taxed body.

Glonone 200C:  sun induced throbbing headache, facial neuralgia & cerebral congestion

Adrenilinum 30C: Works on arterioles to balance blood pressure and reduce constriction


For further information in order to make a fully informed choice contact:

Dr. Peter Darashah

Ph.D., M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract), FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician, Homeopathy 4 Health  

Tel: 087 2621943  

Consultations at Dervish 6 days a week by appointment

"Colour Breathing with Flowers" by Caroline Flavin


"The soul of the flower is supreme in its giving and spiritual in what it seeks to obtain" - Vicky Wall, founder of the Aura-Soma Colour system.


Encorporate the beautiful energy of Summer flowers into this simple breathing technique to fill you with good vibrations.


Sit comfortably in front of a colourfull vase of flowers. Allow your mind to quieten and focus solely on the scent and beauty of the flowers, noticing their shape, texture and contours. Soften your eyes and gaze at the colour, and as you breathe, pull the colour into your body, feel that you are drawing in this colour on the in-breath, breathing it in fully, infusing every single one of your cells with its light, beauty and vitality. Orchids and Aura-Soma Balance Bottles                            Breathe out any staleness or anything you wish to

let go of.
Continue to breathe the colour in deeply and keep the good feeling with you for the day. Put a vase of colourfull flowers near your bed or in a visible area when you wake up. Buy some flowers of the colour that you think you need most: Red- energy, drive, passion; Orange –sensuality, creativity, emotional stability; Yellow – strength, will power, centredness; Green- balance, harmony; Blue – peace, communication; Indigo – transformation, transmuting negativity; White – cleansing, purity.


Caroline loves to share the beauty, colour and light of Aura-Soma at Dervish.

Introductory Day to Aura-Soma on Saturday September 8th

Click here to



''Topaz – Vision for the future'' by Sinéad De hÓra


Aligned with the Sun and long associated with the warmth and fire of life, Topaz holds within it a view to our future and our pathway into the 5th Dimension. Perhaps it is time to part the clouds here in Ireland and find alternative sources of light to bask in and inspire us forward in our evolution.


The name Topaz has several possible roots. The most metaphorical being ‘Topazos’ – meaning ‘to

Blue Topaz echoing the hexagonal shape of the                seek’, derived from the fog-bound Topazion

DNA molecule - Crystalline Times                                       island of the Red Sea, where Topaz was first

mined (now named St. Johns Island). The word ‘Tapaz’ meaning ‘fire’ in Sanskrit, sets us sail on the transformative powers of Golden Topaz (Imperial Topaz)– beaming through with the radiance of the Sun, stimulating power and passion, impelling us to be as victorious warriors of positive action and direction. As our minds and spirits are quickened upward and forward, we trail-blaze the way ahead within personal and collective consciousness.


Click here to




"Today" by Raj Padam


One day i will be the sun & breathe warmth into all life

One day i will be the moon & grace the darkness into light

One day i will be the stars & spread the infinite love that lives within me

One day i will be the grain of sand that makes all the difference

That day can be today

One day i will shed like the serpent & leave my past behind

One day i will drink like the humming bird & lead an epic life

One day i will be the jaguar & walk the path without fear

One day i will be the condor & rise above it all

One day i will be an eagle & dream a world into being

One day I will walk my true path one day i will be me

That day can be today

One day i will be a flower & inspire beauty in all

One day i will be the tree & empower strength in all

One day i will be the cow & become sacred to all

One day i will be the whale & show grace to all

That day can be today

One day i will be the buddha & show peace to all

One day i will be the christ & become a miracle to all

One day i will be the motherearth that nurtures & cares for us all

One day i will show that we are gods learning our truth in our own funny ways

That day can be today

We alone can make the difference in our lives & in doing so make difference in the lives of others.

Blessings, Raj

These words were inspired & written by Rajinder during a Munay Ki workshop

Click here for Raj's Classes and upcoming Workshops including Munay Ki >>






Message For August - ''Calling Into The Unknown: Making A Friend of Fear'' by Lou Martin


"do not fear the darkness in yourself, in others, or in the world, it is simply the contrast that invites you to shine your light and to express your love!


Welcome. Take a nice deep breath. All right dear friends sit up nice and straight

Breathe from your crown down to your feet

You all have spirit guides that are working with you and through you right now

You need not be afraid of what you do not know. We invite you to trust what you feel.


For the full channelling click here to go to Lou's Blog >>

 Click here for Lou's Classes and Upcvming August Workshops at Dervish >>





''Tibetan Bowls'' - Workshops with Connecting Within


Some of you may be acquainted with the Tibetan bowls, which are ancient handmade brass instruments from the Himalaya region. These bowls are known to produce some of the most amazing results in sound healing as they use harmonic tones, that seem to talk to our body in a more efficient and deeper way than any other musical instrument, attaining our physical , etheric and auric bodies.


What we know from many years of working with them and from available research is that these instruments used with mastery, can go deep inside our bodies and interact in an efficient manner with our energy centers, freeing up blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual spheres. The Tibetan bowl is a very specific instrument crafted more than a hundred years ago, and is very different in its use from any other existing type of bowl. Each bowl is a unique piece, with unique properties, and requires training and mastery to be used to its full potential. At connecting within, we have gathered experience and knowledge in using the bowl as a relaxation, deep release and deep healing tool for many years.


We organise regular workshops to teach this knowledge in Galway, Dublin and Cork.

For more information, please see our website or tel: 087 998 2303.

''Blessing the rain'' from Diana Cooper's own Newsletter


''We’ve seen plenty of it this year in the UK as it is cleansing the energy here.  The trees, that have been looking quite dejected and despondent, are really perking up as the rain washes them and clears old energy that they have been absorbing. 


The undines are the water elementals who work with the rain under the elemental master Neptune.  They are overseen by Poseidon.  The rain will transmute and cleanse anyway but if we bless the water, it will rise to the fifth dimension and raise the frequency of everything it touches. 

This means your plants will radiate fifth dimensional energy, the lawn and trees and the ground itself where the rain has soaked in.  It makes a difference.  In addition if we connect with the elementals and elemental masters the rain will purify gently and easily, gracing us rather than battering us!  This is yet another way you can help and serve others.


see Diana Cooper's Newsletter Archive for more info

Events in the Community -Kriya Yoga Retreat, Sacred Plants with Nikki Darrell, The Template Ceremonies

In this section of the newsletter we'll be featuring some of the events going on and around Cork..stay tuned..

Kriya Yoga Program Cork

Silent Retreat in Cuskinny Court: 31st July - 3rd August

City Initiations: 3rd - 5th August 2012


Kriya Yoga is an ancient method of living and meditation that cultivates body, mind, intellect, and awareness of the soul using powerful meditative and yogic disciplines. It helps us to experience the three divine qualities of light, vibration, and sound by using techniques of concentration, posture, and breathing. This develops a one-pointed mind, which enables us to penetrate the deepest levels of consciousness and to change our lives. Kriya Yoga teaches that any action, kri, is done by ya, the indwelling soul. It is a universal spiritual discipline that crosses all divisions and boundaries. Suggested reading: ‘An Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahamsa Yogananda  for further details.

Information & Registration: Kriya Yoga Group - Cork -Ireland

Contact: Susan Hinnell

Tel: 085-8824000




Sacred Plant Medicine and Earth Wisdom with Nikki Darrell

15th and 16th September 2012


This two day workshop will explore:

·      The development of sensory acuity

·      The heart as an organ of perception

·      The use of direct perception in gathering information from the heart of the world

·      Modes of cognition used by indigenous people to nderstand the therapeutic uses of plants

·      It lays the foundation fort developing the skills needed to tune into Earth wisdom


Time : 10am-5.30pm each day

Cost: €200.00 inc. Refreshments & vegetarian lunch.

Course Tutor:  Nikki Darrell-herbalist, botanist, aromatherapist.

Place: Magourney, a restored church in the village of Coachford, Co. Cork

Further info: Contact Nikki on (021)7334762 or at



With love from Jennifer of the Template Team

Our thanks to all who came to the Template introductory talks in Ireland in June, our hosts and to those who passed on our information. We are delighted to say that we are set to go ahead with Template ceremonies 1-4 in a lovely venue in Dublin on September 29th, 30th, 2012. See links below.


Our gift to you: the Foundation ceremony, Original innocence, which reconnects 12 bio- circuits- with profound attuning and healing effects. Allow time for the Video to buffer, prepare sacred space in the way you usually do, make sure you will be undisturbed for 37 minutes and give yourself time afterwards to integrate.


The Foundation ceremony, Original innocence, DVD is for sale in Dervish, €40.

The Template and The Sound of Time DVD & Booklet, €32

Worldbridger written by Janet & Jiva Carter, €40.



Regular Therapists Dervish Cork

Click on the links to read more about each therapist & their work

Cork-based Therapists

Andrew Moynihan - The Alexander Technique- 087-9387302

Caroline Flavin - Aura-Soma Colour Therapy

Ciara McArdle- ‘Embodying Essence’ Counselling & Healing Services

Linda O'Flaherty - Deep Tissue Massage, Rebirthing, ReConnection

Lou Martin - Life Readings/Channel/Intuitive/Counsellor

Mary Sky - Tsa Lung & Shamanic Healing

Rajinder Padam - Shamanic Healing

Trish Lane - Soul Work/ Reiki/ Energy Work/ Card Readings


Visiting Therapists

Bernadette Phillips - Clairvoyancy, Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Carlos Jalon - Awakening Bodily Consciousness

Dermot O' Hara - Shamanic Healing, Psychic Mediumship, Past Lives


Weekly Classes at Dervish

Click on the underlined links to read about each therapist and their class

Mondays- Empowerment Open Healing Circle, Lou Martin, 7:30-10pm

Tuesdays- Meditation with The Grandmothers,

First Tues of every month with Barbara Kissane, 7- 8:30pm

Reminaing Tuesdays in the month: Tsa Lung with Mary Sky, 8-9:30pm

Wednesdays- Meditation & Shamanic Journeying, Raj Padam, 6:30-8:00pm

Thursdays - African Drumming with Patrick, Beginners- 6:45- 8:00pm

Intermediate- 8:15-9:50pm... back September

Fridays- Meditation Class with Tricia Lane - 6-7pm

Card Readings - 7:00-7:30pm

Reiki Share - 7:30-9:00pm

Sundays- Conversations with God Indepth Discussion Group with Lou Martin, 7:30-10:00pm


Click here to see the weekly calendar of classes here at Dervish Cork



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