Educator Newsletter #108

July 19, 2012

Welcome! This is a free educator newsletter offered to you by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and uplift the spirits of educators so they can in turn inspire, encourage, and uplift the spirits of their students.

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1. Quote
2. Spirit Whisperer Contemplation
3. Bumper Sticker
4. Article: Summer: A Time of Reflection?
5. Teacher Talk Tip: How to Communicate, "I see you."

1. Quote

"You can't put children first if you put teachers last."

2. Spirit Whisperer Contemplation

Today, are you who you wanted to be when you grew up? If not, what could you do today to move in that direction?
Get a full year of SW Contemplations free when you order the Spirit Whisperers book.


3. Bumper Sticker

Spotted on a blue Chevy Nova in South Haven, MI:
English Teachers
Are Novel Readers

4. Article: Summer: A Time of Reflection?

By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
Perhaps you left the classroom feeling a little beat up this past year. That would be understandable considering the current war on teachers that is prevalent in today's world. Your pay got cut. So did your insurance benefits. Test score pressure is mounting. You are being asked to put students through high-pressure situations that you don't totally support. Your administrator wants you to give more homework in spite of the research that says most if it is a waste of time. Class size is increasing. Funding for education is going down. Politicians and parents seem to be holding you and your colleagues responsible for all the failures of our society. Respect of the profession of teaching seems to be at an all-time low. Bye. Have a happy summer. See you again soon.
Are you really going back for another year? Do you really want to? Would you become a teacher if you had to do it all over again? Would you counsel your own child to become a teacher today?
Maybe you are not as excited to return to the classroom as in previous years. Perhaps there is a big gap between how you felt going into your first year of teaching and heading into this next one. It could be you have lost some internal enthusiasm. That would be understandable considering the world of education we work in today.
Want to get some of it back? Invest some of your summer in contemplating the following.
  1. Recall the excitement you saw on a student's face the first time he or she figured it out. Maybe it was her first time solving an equation or reading an entire paragraph, knowing every word. Perhaps he learned how to print his name or gained a clear view of how to do long division. Whatever the concept, the look was the same. Satisfaction, pride, self-appreciation flowed from the inside out. You saw it on their face. Guess what? You helped make that possible.
  2. Remember your students' skill level when they entered your classroom? Wasn't it fun to compare that at the end of the year with the progress charts you kept up-to-date in your files? Did you see the growth? Savor that this summer.
  3. How about that note that Gustavo wrote and shared with you the day you came back from a sick day? The one that said he missed you and he hoped you were feeling better. You put it in your Success File with all the other "feel good" evidence that demonstrates the important people DO care and you do make a difference. Maybe today is a worthwhile day to get that file out and look through it. You deserve it.
  4. Remember the student who didn't get scheduled into your class so he went to the counselor and requested a schedule change? You might not know it, but he fought hard to get back in your class. You are his favorite teacher. Did you know that? He will back at school again this year. If you aren't there, he will have a tough hole to fill. He wants you.
  5. Think about this: When you close that door behind you there is no one present except you and your students. No politicians, no newspaper headlines, no angry parents, no troubles, no problems, and no other outside forces join you. Close the door. Look around. It is just you and your students. This is when magic happens. This is when you get to do what you want to do. This is where you get to be who you want to be. Showtime!
  6. Remember the kid everyone talked about in the teachers' lounge? He's the one they warned you about six months in advance. He walked out of your room at the end of last year feeling good about himself. He had begun to see himself as a learner. He was taking responsibility for his actions. He was making mostly helpful choices. You contributed to that. Take some credit.
  7. Your school has had an antibullying program going for three years. That hadn't stopped Stephanie from picking on little kids, using her strong voice to intimidate, and telling paraprofessionals precisely and angrily where they could go. She calmed down in your classroom. Yes, you made many evening calls to her parents. Yes, she spent some of her days in the responsibility room. Yes, she failed to fully implement the plans that she created there. And she has three friends now. Many of your students were able to work comfortably with her in small groups. Do you think that happened by accident? Do you think she just matured? We don't.
  8. Are you aware that the number one reason why kids behave in school and work to achieve is because they are in relationship with an adult they look up to and respect and do not want to disappoint? Do you think that person is likely to be Linda's alcoholic mother? Is it going to be Christian's father, who uses a belt for discipline? Is it going to be one of the series of "uncles" who have joined Edward's mother in her bed over the past two years? Probably not. You know who that person is most likely going to be. Thank you for that.
  9. Most adults teach children what to think. You teach them how to think. Yes, we know that isn't measured on the tests. We don't care and neither do you. Thank you for that, too.
  10. What are your students thinking this summer about the past school year? Are they remembering the day they learned ten new compound words? Hardly. They're recalling Red Day, when everyone got to wear red, you gave them red spelling words, had them write about red in their journals, and solve red math problems. Are they going to remember the day you gave the quiz on the Civil War? Not likely. They have etched in their memory the day it got a little chaotic so you stopped everything, took out your guitar, and taught them folk songs from the Civil War period. Those were your ideas. Take a bow.
  11. Remember Yessica? You got her started on Marguerite Henry's Horseshoe Library of horse books. She's been on a rapid-read program this summer and has only one book to go to complete all nine. She’ll be receptive to another suggestion this fall. She'll be looking for you.
  12. Contemplate this in the weeks you have left before school starts again: No one took a year of fifth grade from you this past year. No one took a year of history from you. Your students took a year of YOU for fifth grade, a year of YOU for history. Of course, you used that new textbook last year and used it well. The core curriculum committee held enough staff development days to get you and the other teachers in a position to be successful with their recommendations. Content was covered. And when your students left last year, they weren't thinking about content. They were thinking about the best thing you have to offer them. They were thinking about you.
Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller are the coauthors of The Teacher Talk Advantage: Five Voices of Effective Teaching. They are two of the world's foremost authorities on raising responsible, caring, confident children. They publish a free monthly e-zine for educators and another for parents. To sign up for the newsletters or learn more about the seminars they offer teachers and parents, visit their websites today: and

The Teacher Talk Advantage: Five Voices of Effective Teaching


5. Teacher Talk Tip: How to Communicate, "I see you."

Use their names.
"Sandra, I noticed you like to wear red."
"I see you got that finished, Colin."
"Rafael, what do you think was the turning point in the basketball game last night?"
"That's a different kind of book than the ones you normally choose, Hillary. Right?"
"Roberto, you appear a bit frustrated."
"What's that big smile for, Holly?"
"Happy birthday, Jason."
"You seem to be a man on a mission today, Michael. What's that about?"
"I'm glad you're back, Susan."

Chick Moorman


Thomas Haller



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