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Dervish Monthly Newsletter


Greetings everyone!


Welcome to our September monthly edition of the Dervish newsletter!

As the season begins to turn there is a new crispness to the light, and what a welcome to see lovely sun! Here in Dervish we have lots to offer for the soul--workshops with all our regular therapists, aswell as a return visit by Carlos, Bernadette Phillips, and next month, Tantra Maat from the US.


Enjoy our articles & info below--wishing you a wonderful month of September!


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In This Issue

Linda O' Flaherty Rebirthing

Tricia Lane Reiki

Shamanism with Raj Padam

Lou Martin Workshops

New Tarot Reader Maria

Therapy Room Slots

Tantra Maat Returns to Dervish Cork October 8-10, 2012 at Dervish

Bernadette Phillips Clairvoyant

Carlos Jalon Reduced Price

Products of the Month: Orange Essential Oil, The Fragrant Pharmacy, Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards, Snatam Kaur  Celebrate Peace

August's Articles - Hahnemann: Father of Homeopathy, Autumnal Colours and our True Colours, Emerald Renewal & Redirection, , Transference Healing and Our Divine Ascension Process, Essential Emotions

Events in the Community - Nataraja Nites, Non Violent Communication Parenting Course, Sufi Music & Meditation, Sacred Plants with Nikki Darrell

Linda O' Flaherty Rebirthing

Introductory Offer 40% off:

Breath Therapy & ReConnection Therapy sessions, Healing Therapies, Deep Tissue Massage, Transformational Breathwork (Rebirthing), Energy Healing, Reiki/Seichim Master, ReConnection Therapy

T: 087 4107757 


W:    Sunday Sept 2nd: Rebirthing Breathing for Bliss Workshop

10am-2pm, €25

Click here for more info >>

Tricia Lane Reiki

Upcoming Workshops with Tricia Lane for September:

·  Usui Reiki 1 Sept 8th

·  Usui Reiki 2 Sept 30th

·  Keepers of the Directions

A Sacred opening to the embodiment of the energies of the directions. An infusion of light through movement , meditation and vocal creation

·  Chakra Workshop

·  Angel Daniel Workshop


Bookings with Tricia 087-6557206

Click here for more info >>

Shamanism with Raj Padam

Raj's Wed. evenings have been extended to a second session of Meditations and Journeying, tapping into deeper realms of healing in the Shamanic tradition.


Healing Past Lives Workshop Sunday Sept 23rd 9am -6pm

95euros. For more details contact Raj on 087 9894200


Click here to

Lou Martin Workshops

One Day Workshop

Awakening 2012 & Beyond

Sept 9th Sunday 10 am - 5pm

€50 Full Day, €25 1/2 day

Dervish Cork. Awakening Spiritual Energies in 2012 are unprecedented! Learn to... Listen to, Trust & Follow Your Own… Inner Guidance & Be Free! You have a higher power that opens through compassion & forgiveness & changes your life and your world for the better.

Click here for more info >>

New Tarot Reader Maria

Maria Minguella has been reading Tarot cards for several years. Working holistically and driven by intuition, Maria's senses come alight differently for every person. She is honest and direct, gentle with her approach but robust with the information she is entrusted with. Maria

will be starting here in Dervish on Saturday the 15th September. From Saturday Sept 29th she will have a regular 1-6pm slot.


Therapy Room Slots

Our large therapy room has some free slots available for evening classes

on Suns/Mons

Tues/Wed eves from 8:30pm/Thurs/

Sat/Sundays Call for details: 021 427 8243


Tantra Maat Returns to Dervish Cork October 8-10, 2012 at Dervish

Tantra, as a catalyst, a mystic, and a seer, provides you an opportunity to shift into a powerful alignment with what you came to be, do, and have. Each consult anchors your expansion into the freedom of your own design and opens you up into your awareness of your unique place in the wondrous web of life. The initial consult awakens your cellular memory of your true relationship with life and activates the stamina to be with what is before you. In follow up consults, your cellular memory continues to rise and gain more stamina to be what you came here to be.


In these individual sessions, you gain access to both your personal and energetic capability to stay awake and lively during the massive shifts that are happening.


Consults are 40 minutes during my Ireland visit.

Initial consult: €120 Euro

Existing client: €80 Euro

You will receive a CD of your session.


In-Person Activations with Tantra

In-Person Activations work with your physical plane, shifting the cellular remembrance so you are no longer trauma-armored. Trauma-based armoring prevents you from being fully related to the truth and richness of your life.


The thirty minute Activations restore and rejuvenate your natural shielding that has been damaged or destroyed by trauma. This restored and innate natural energy field rises and filters out what is 'life defeating' and lets in what is 'life enhancing'. You awaken the you that came to create. The Activations are done in silence and on a massage table.

The activation sessions are 30 minutes for €72 Euro.


For Cork consults, please schedule with Sapphire before September 24th, 2012, by emailing or calling 001-614-940-1667. Sapphire is available by phone after 6pm Irish time, Monday through Friday.  


Bernadette Phillips Clairvoyant

Clairvoyancy, Angel Guidance Readings, Palmistry, Numerology& Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

When: Sunday 9th September 12noon to 5pm  & Monday 10th September 11am to 6pm


To book an appointment with Bernadette please contact us Dervish 021-4278243 or Bernadette on 087-2756282. A €10 deposit is required when booking an appointment.

Click here to

Carlos Jalon Reduced Price

Carlos will be doing bodywork sessions from Sept 4th-6th for a reduced 2012 price of €80 for 90mins session, or €60 for an hour session. He will also be offering taster 45mins session for €40. Please note: If you are a client of Carlos' can you please contact him at

to confirm your contact details with him, and also to book a session.

Click here for more info>

Products of the Month: Orange Essential Oil, The Fragrant Pharmacy, Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards, Snatam Kaur  Celebrate Peace

Each month we will feature an essential oil, book, deck, and CD from the shop...

Products of the Month:


Essential Oil of the Month: Sweet Orange Oil


Sweet Orange, also known as Citrus sinensis is a highly versatile, affordable and wonderfully uplifting fragrance that is well known for its ability to pierce through the smoggy effects of lesser loved scents while offering up a cheerful, vibrant aroma that enchants with a sense of cleanliness and purity.


Sweet Orange has potent anticoagulant, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties as well as many well researched antispasmodic, bactericidal, carminative, cholagogue and efficient digestive promoting effects.   It is also a powerful aid to those who suffer with asthma or are in need of a diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal stimulant that has also being used over the centuries as a reliable tonic.


Traditionally Orange oil is said to be an attractive oil, which when applied with intention and focus is said to draw the carrier closer to the true heart’s desire. Throughout folklore it has being used to bless, mind and protect as well as promote a higher sense of harmony between the individual self and the wider community. Along with its many orthodox properties the burning of this oil, either on its own or in a blend is said to clear a space of negativity, be it emotional or spiritual in origin or manifestation. Most certainly an oil worth having! Just: €3.50




Book of the Month: The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Wormwood


The Fragrant Pharmacy is a truly beautiful book that opens the way to a whole world of fresh possibilities. It harbours within it a vast array of methods and techniques to utilise one of nature’s most potent forms, that of essential oils. Gathered and gained, drawn and procured from flowers and grasses, trees, shrubs, roots and fruits this book provides both a map and compass through the world of aromatherapy.

The Fragrant Pharmacy shows how each individual essential oil can offer many potent and diverse benefits as well as instruction and recipes of mixing and brewing. Valerie Ann Wormwood’s work reminds us that oils can alleviate symptoms, prevent many illnesses and disorders and also help in their healing process. But more than that, they can provide all of us, our loved ones, our pets even our homes with protections and care, guidance and many practical approaches to health and healing. An aspect most will agree that is certainly needed in these current times of harsh chemicals and hazardous environments.

The Fragrant Pharmacy provides a comprehensive encyclopaedia of essential oils, which promise to revitalise and rejuvenate, enhance our emotions and help our work as well as play. A valuable and resilient ally in the journey of health, healing and personal renewal.


Currently on sale in Dervish for just: €13.50




Deck of the Month: Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine


The Angel Tarot Cards is the very first tarot from the very popular creator of oracle decks, Doreen Virtue. It's a full set of 78 cards with images of angels, mermaids, unicorns and fairies, designed to be '100 percent gentle, safe, and trustworthy'. This deck is a simple and very easy to use introduction to tarot cards. All of the words in this deck, as well as the artwork by Steve A. Roberts, are positive and beautiful, while still retaining the magical effectiveness of traditional tarot. The accompanying guidebook explains the general meaning of each card and walks you through the steps of giving an accurate reading for yourself and others.

Rich with ancient symbolism and imagery, including those of angels, archangels, unicorns, fairies and mermaids the Angel Tarot cards can provide you with and inspiring gudance and effective insigt on your life and soul journey!


Currently on sale in Dervish for just: €17.50





CD of the Month: Celebrate Peace – Snatam Kaur


Snatam Kaur's heart-opening CD is a musical celebration of the spirit of peace, offering up 9 beautiful songs as well as transcendent mantras and musical invocations of peace.

Peace we are told begins with a choice, develops through practice, and is spread by example. Here at Dervish we present Celebrate Peace to spread a hopeful message and to cultivate the practice of peace in daily life.

By celebrating peace, we acknowledge that it exists, call attention to it, unite around it, and inspire others to truly embrace it.


Currently on sale in Dervish for just: €22

August's Articles - Hahnemann: Father of Homeopathy, Autumnal Colours and our True Colours, Emerald Renewal & Redirection, , Transference Healing and Our Divine Ascension Process, Essential Emotions

Each month will feature interesting articles, so do stay tuned...


''Hahnemann: Father of Homeopathy'' by Dr. Peter Darashah...


The first of three Homeopathic Journeys start around 1790 with Samuel Hahnemann an impoverished young medical doctor translating medical journals into his native German. One such journal was written in English by a Scotsman called Dr Cullen in which he records the healing power of the cinchona bark drug over malaria. Quite why it made such an impression on the young Hahnemann is not recorded but perhaps the fact that malaria was the greatest disease in the world at that time had something to do with it. (Incidentally it is still the number one disease in the world today according to the WHO. We have come a long way in 200 years!!). Anyway Hahnemann decided to experiment by taking some of the cinchona drug himself. He was amazed when he succumbed to violent symptoms of malaria. Here was a drug which was supposed to cure but instead it had caused the very disease it was reputed to cure. In trepidation Hahnemann took some more and was greatly relieved to find that the symptoms then abated. Dumbfounded but thinking the experience an aberration he repeated the experiment twice more with similar results.

Thus was born in Hahnemann’s mind the germs of the first Natural Law of Similars. Join us to discover the journey that led to the discovery of other natural laws as well as the founding of the medical practice of Homeopathy which today (200 years after the epoch making experiment with cinchona) enjoys its role as the second most popular medical modality in the world (next to conventional medicine).


Join Dr Peter on a virtual journey through the Homeopathic countryside exploring the

Three Natural Laws of Nature. All journeys start at 11am at Dervish Holistic Centre, Cork

and are FREE. Sat Sep 29th - Journey 1: The Natural Law of Similars.


For further information contact:

Dr. Peter Darashah Ph.D., M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract), FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician, Homeopathy 4 Health  

Tel: 087 2621943  

Consultations at Dervish 6 days a week by appointment




"Autumnal Colours and our True Colours" by Caroline Flavin


As we slowly enter the Autumn when the trees will don a multitude of colours in a final explosion before the colours subsequently drain from the countryside, it's a great time to infuse your life with colour and keep your own light and aura strong, intact and bright.


Light affects both the physical and etheric bodies. Colours generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or fields of energy that are prime activators of the biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body- the stimulants or sedatives necessary to balance the entire system and its organs. [Colour Medicine- Charles Klotsche]


Absorbing the colour and wavelengths of Aura-Soma Balance bottles helps us to balance our chakras and whole endocrine system. Aura-Soma also provides an opportunity to reveal the depths of our inner selves and the higher aspect of our Soul's mission and purpose. It allows us to see our ''true colours'', and then to absorb these wavelengths of true colour into the body. If you would like to learn more and experience Aura-Soma for yourself, then come to the Aura-Soma Colour Introductory Day here in Dervish on Saturday September 8th. 8 week course on colour and the chakras begins Tuesday Sept 25th



Click here to





''Emerald - Renewal and Redirection'' by Sinéad De hÓra


These last months we have seen much growth and plenty in all of the greenery around us, the Kingdom of Nature is wide awake! Now, as we reach further into the cycle of the seasons, are we feeling right and ready for Autumn? Well, if you haven’t found space during the summer months for reevaluation, then not to worry, all is well, the heartfelt energies of Emerald are here to guide you home.


Within Emerald are held many inclusions; Jewellers call these inclusions ‘jardin’ (garden) because of a likeness to a meadow growing inside the crystal.

Emerald holds space for you much like a garden. In this garden there is alignment with the Plant Kingdom and there is alignment with space, rather than form. Space that allows you to feel your inner body and your inner world, a space of unconditioned consciousness where you can access great creativity and truth ...


Emerald by Crystal Imagist 2012

Click here to


Next 10 week Introduction to Crystals course begins Thursday September 27th  8.00-9.30pm

at The Teaching Rooms, 6 Sydney Place, Wellington Road, Cork
















''Transference Healing and Our Divine Ascension Process'' - by Sinead O' Sullivan


The global spiritual community is in agreement that the Earth and human body are currently experiencing a divine ascension process. From 1999 to 2012 we have been in a vital time of transition from a 3rd to 5th dimensional frequency, consciousness and reality.  Science and spirituality are uniting and there are a great many documented changes and trends, in addition to much scientific evidence to support the fact that we have indeed been in this transition period.  Such scientifically observable energetic changes include the movement of the magnetic lines and poles of the Earth, dramatic increases in electromagnetic frequencies, increased cosmic activity including unprecedented solar flare activity and their associated magnetic tidal waves, bizarre weather changes, severe weather patterns and natural disasters.


Human beings are not just physical in nature; we are complex multi-dimensional energetic beings with a complex, geometric, etheric template or blueprint underlying and sustaining us and regulating the automatic function of the body's self-healing system.  For this reason, the energetic changes of the Earth and Cosmos are co-creating alchemical changes within matter and light, which in turn is changing the fundamental make-up of our body, consciousness, planet and reality as a whole.

Click here to


Sinead O'Sullivan is available for face to face and absentee healings on children, adults, animals and businesses. Sessions typically last 90 minutes and  cost €75. To make an appointment call 087 7734444 or email




''Essential Emotions'' by Gerry Browne


Our feelings and physical state are wake-up calls to the blocks in our energy field. Using emotions to guide us through our journey is a peaceful way of gaining freedom. We have been taught for many years that ''big boys don't cry''. Labels are placed on us like ''drama queens'' or we are told we are ''over-emotional''. Essential emotions believe that emotional ignorance and denial are two main functions in the sadness and trauma of life freeing our emotions from us and open us to the gift of every day. Judgement, criticism and other peoples' needs can block and control us. We can create our own new dawn with emotional maturity and self-belief.


Gerry& Maebh, Twin Flames

Ait an Turas

Achill Island, Co. Mayo

Gerry is available for sessions in Dervish all day Sept 27th, 28th, 22nd & 23rd October

Call 0874160056 to book



Events in the Community - Nataraja Nites, Non Violent Communication Parenting Course, Sufi Music & Meditation, Sacred Plants with Nikki Darrell

In this section of the newsletter we'll be featuring some of the events going on and around Cork..stay tuned..

 Nataraja Nites - Coming Soon - Chilled Dance Evening


Love to dance but don't want the hassle of Saturday night alcohol-hazed clubs and bars? Nataraja Nites is a new, soulful dance evening coming soon to warm and spice up the autumnal winter nights, stay tuned! Or sign up to Nataraja Nites Facebook page coming soon and spread the word. Email:


Nataraja is a depiction of the god Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his and divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for the god Brahma to start the process of creation. Quite timely for the turning of the seasons...






Non Violent Communication (NVC) Parenting Course


Non Violent Communication (NVC) Parenting course taking place in Cork, Sept 15th and 16th. Based on Compassionate Communication TM, the course content includes:

·  Experiential learning of NVC basics,

·  Body NVC,

·  An interactive overview of reserach on empathy,

·  Attachment and brain development,

·  NVC-Living Energy of needs..... and much more.....

For more info, contact Loretta on 085 2898120 or see  Places are limited and early booking is advised.




SUFI MUSIC & MEDITATION with Peter Hassan Dyck

Sat 15th Sep. Doors 7:30 pm, Mardyke House, Cork City


Come, whoever you are;

Wanderer, worshipper, lover of learning,

It doesn’t matter.

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Come, even if you have broken your vow

a hundred times.

Come – Come Again – Come.  - Rumi




 ·  Introduction to Sufism

 ·  Master and disciple

 ·  Listening to music and wisdom of the Sufis

 ·  Learning the meanings of holy words, their healing effects on the soul

 ·  Widening the heart through chanting the holy mantras together (Dhikrullah)


Cost of entry to concert: €15 Workshop: €20 Both: €30. Refreshments provided.

Some parking available at venue. Places limited for early bookings or more info please e-mail:



Sacred Plant Medicine and Earth Wisdom with Nikki Darrell

15th and 16th September 2012


This two day workshop will explore:


·      The development of sensory acuity

·      The heart as an organ of perception

·      The use of direct perception in gathering information from the heart of the world

·      Modes of cognition used by indigenous people to nderstand the therapeutic uses of plants

·      It lays the foundation fort developing the skills needed to tune into Earth wisdom


Time : 10am-5.30pm each day

Cost: €200.00 inc. Refreshments & vegetarian lunch.

Course Tutor:  Nikki Darrell-herbalist, botanist, aromatherapist.

Place: Magourney, a restored church in the village of Coachford, Co. Cork

Further info: Contact Nikki on (021)7334762 or at



Regular Therapists Dervish Cork

Click on the links to read more about each therapist & their work


Cork-based Therapists


Andrew Moynihan - The Alexander Technique- 087-9387302

Caroline Flavin - Aura-Soma Colour Therapy

Ciara McArdle- ‘Embodying Essence’ Counselling & Healing Services

Linda O'Flaherty - Deep Tissue Massage, Rebirthing, ReConnection

Lou Martin - Life Readings/Channel/Intuitive/Counsellor

Mary Sky - Tsa Lung & Shamanic Healing

Rajinder Padam - Shamanic Healing

Trish Lane - Soul Work/ Reiki/ Energy Work/ Card Readings


Visiting Therapists


Bernadette Phillips - Clairvoyancy, Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Carlos Jalon - Awakening Bodily Consciousness

Dermot O' Hara - Shamanic Healing, Psychic Mediumship, Past Lives

Gerry Browne -

Weekly Classes at Dervish


Click on the underlined links to read about each therapist and their class


Mondays- Empowerment Open Healing Circle, Lou Martin, 7:30-10pm

Tuesdays- Meditation with The Grandmothers,

First Tues of every month with Barbara Hess, 7- 8:30pm

Reminaing Tuesdays in the month: Tsa Lung with Mary Sky, 8-9:30pm

Wednesdays- Meditation & Shamanic Journeying, Raj Padam, 6:30-8:00pm

Thursdays - African Drumming with Patrick, Beginners- 6:45- 8:00pm

Intermediate- 8:15-9:50pm... back September 6th

Fridays- Meditation Class with Tricia Lane - 6-7pm

Card Readings - 7:00-7:30pm

Reiki Share - 7:30-9:00pm

Sundays- Ask & It's Given Book Discussion Group with Lou Martin, 7:30-10:00pm


Click here to see the weekly calendar of classes here at Dervish Cork



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