September Grapes

Queen of the Fruits

Grapes, also known as “Queen of the fruits”are storehouse of so many health promoting nutrients such as poly-phenolic antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and this month they are in, ripe, ready to eat, sweet, delicious and healthy, just what the doctor ordered! (Doctor in the Kitchen Blog)


Yes, grapes are great! That's why I put them on my wine bottle cozy. And since it's a summer wrap for a wine, I knitted it in cotton. 


I actually made this bottle cozy in the winter and am displayng it in September - wine time.


Click image to see where my inspiration came from

One of a Kind

Grapes harvested in September have been hanging on the vine all summer benefitting from the long days of sunshine and warmth. Red and black grapes are large and sweet and the green ones are especially favorable right now. (Doctor in the Kitchen Blog)


My knitted grapes are purple. I used the pattern from the Love of Knitting Holiday 2011 Special Issue, or you can find it on Ravelry.  Click image


Wine is a perfect gift. Just sleeve it! And you have the unique gift for the special people.


Go to Artisaknity Summer Gifts (from home page) to see more pictures of my festive wine cozy

Pink Necklace


Knitted jewelry can be really stylish.

This easy necklace is made of cotton.

It goes with anything.









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Anemone carry-all


This easy-to-knit carryall with leather straps is made of hand-spun yarn.


I like how the purse plays up the rainbow palette of this beautiful  hand dyed yarn.


Two purple needle-felted anemones  are a finishing touch. The flowers are very easy to make.

I had fun making them.




Click image to see more pictures of the purse

Balancing Balls of Yarn


Apart from yoga, meditation, reading, it has to be one of the most serene things to do

(don't lose your needles though,

it can create a severe lack of serenity).


        Carole Berman and Jeniffer Lazarus




A perfect mantra here could be " Knit one, purl two" :-)





Click image to go to School September  Newsletter (2011)


You can check out other "knit" cards on Artisaknity Online store 

Sweet September

Who says we are done with summer :-)


Happy warm September!





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