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Defining Empowerment

ALisa Starkweather on the Changing Culture of Women


As a women’s empowerment facilitator for the last 28 years, ALisa Starkweather knows something about the definition of empowerment.


Ever the tireless proponent for women's transformation and healing, she shares a bit of her wisdom with us.


The full interview can be seen on our blog.




In your words, please define empowerment?


I am so grateful to be asked this because for some reason this word got a bad rap out in the greater world. It conjures visions of women who are helpless, even hopeless, don’t feel good about themselves and need assistance.


The beauty of being empowered for me takes on these forms.

  • To respect who you are all the way to your core and to know that you have the courage to be yourself.
  • To embody without shoving parts of yourself down in any cavity in your psyche or hiding unexpressed parts of you that harbor shame or hesitation.
  • To know that you are at choice and can wield your voice, your gifts, your presence, intentionally in service to the greater good by your own aliveness.
  • To no longer look at perfection or arriving to a particular status as proof of your strength.
  • To embrace the helpless, hopeless, don’t-feel-good parts of you right into the glorious stature of your sacred self who is both powerful and vulnerable, tender and fierce, afraid and courageous, active and still.

Empowered means that we are not going to lay down in despair when humanity is at the brink, but rather we are going to wake up, and take our place in the web of life in a way that honors what is sacred.


For me, our empowered embodiment is visceral.



ALisa is founder of the women’s mystery school, Priestess Path, the Women’s Belly and Womb Conferences, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings and the co-founder of the international women’s initiation, Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the Predator Within. She has three recordings of her chants and launched the Red Tent Temple Movement which is now in over 35 states and several countries and featured now in the documentary film premiering at the SEWHC, Things We Don’t Talk About; Healing Stories from the Red Tent.



ALisa is teaching a pre-conference intensive entitled Our Soul’s Ache for Wholeness; Tools for Living an Authentic and Embodied Life. You can still register for this intensive which takes place on October 12th, 10am-1pm. (You must be registered for the conference weekend in order to attend intensives.)


Online registration is easy.

Celebrating Women & Plants

Join us in October for the 8th Annual Event


If you haven't yet registered for the 8th Annual Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, there's still time.


For many, this weekend has become an annual event, a tradition in education, inspiration, and sisterhood. Our community grows stronger and reaches further each year. Join the us in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains for a weekend you won’t forget!


Easy, online registration is open until October 7th.



8th Annual

Southeast Women's

Herbal Conference

October 12-14, 2012

at Camp Rockmont

Black Mountain, NC

More info

Red Moon Herbs and SE Wise Women • 17 Benchmark Rd • Black Mountain, NC 28711
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