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Dervish Monthly Newsletter


Warm Autumnal greetings to everyone!


Welcome to our October monthly edition of the Dervish newsletter!

We are excited to announce some new classes starting here for the new season: a new Core & Cellular Healing Circle on Mondays, a Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle on alternate Fridays and The Artist's Way Study Group on Sundays (see the Weekly Classes at Dervish link below); aswell as a new Tarot reader working from here on Saturdays from 1-6pm. We would like to welcome back our visiting therapists Carlos from the UK, Bernadette Phillips from Waterford, and Tantra Maat all the way from the US. Therapists returning to work from Dervish include Linda O'Flaherty and Ciara McArdle. And not forgetting of course the wonderful offerings of our regular therapists...


We extend a warm invite to join us Saturday October 6th for Stan Phillips' Audio Book Launch from 7-8:30pm. And the shop too is being coloured with lots of new beautiful gifts: lotus shell tealight holders, fairies, angels, Auroville candles, and a lovely range of 2013 Diaries.


Enjoy our articles & info below--wishing you a wonderful month!


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In This Issue

Stan Phillips Audio Book Launch & Introductory Reading of - Mirrors and Mirages: A Twin Agenda

New Core and Cellular Healing Circle with Ciara McArdle & Susan Ahern

October's Articles - Homeopathy Potentisation & Holism; Dev Aura: House of Light; Labradorite – A glimpse of Source;Love, Light & Liquid – Cellular Health

Visiting Therapists to Dervish Cork

Clairvoyant Readings with Bernadette Phillips

Carlos Jalon Awakening Bodily Consciousness

Products of the Month:  Vetiver Essential Oil,  Thoth Tarot Deck, Om Sanctuary CD, ''Always There for You'' by Pascale Lutz

Events in the Community - Nataraja Nites Dance Evening Saturday Nov 1st

Regular Therapists Dervish Cork

Linda O' Flaherty Rebirthing

Tricia Lane Soul Work/Reiki

Shamanism with Raj

Lou Martin Circles&Study Group

New Tarot Reader Maria

Therapy Room Slots

Weekly Classes at Dervish

Stan Phillips Audio Book Launch & Introductory Reading of -

Mirrors and Mirages: A Twin Agenda

When: Saturday October 6th: 7-8:30pm

Entrance Cost: Donation Where: Dervish Bookshop, Cork.

Mirrors and Mirages: A Twin Agenda is a memoir with a Spiritual Flavour, from Internationally renowned clairvoyant and numerologist Stan Phillips. It is a meditation on the many lives we all live and the many selves in which we dwell... it is a compilation of short reflections, interspersed with poems, on themes that will resonate with all of us: love, fate, the afterlife, the transience of celebrity... Follows in the tradition of mystics like John O’Donohue,  John Moriarty and Paulo Coelho. It is an essential manual for anyone who wants to know how to live life to the full”In Stan’s words “this audio book is a fairly succinct introduction to what I am all about as I try to compress an entire life into one short paragraph to introduce this set of 4 C/Ds which contains, if not ALL of me, certainly a lot of me as I have attempted to set out my emotions, my philosophy, my conclusions, and some of my experiences of what has been a strange sort of perambulation through my years”

Mirrors and Mirages: A Twin Agenda (Audiobook)

Price: €20



About the Author - Stan Phillips is an Englishman, a Londoner in fact, who after a fairly varied career, has lived in Waterford, Ireland now since 1995. He is a Clairvoyant, who writes a regular horoscope column for the Waterford Today newspaper. He is also a Hypnotherapist and counsellor with a busy practice that takes him all around the country. He has been heard on radio and seen on television as he plied his esoteric trade in a national and international arena. He is also the author of ‘The Man in Green’ which was published a few years ago, and will, hopefully follow this one into the world of the Audio Book.

New Core and Cellular Healing Circle with Ciara McArdle & Susan Ahern

BACK FROM BALI ! After an amazing four months of synchronisity and sunshine, Ciara Mc Ardle is now more inspired than ever, and delighted to be back in the Cork community. A beautiful set of ‘coincidences’ led her to deepen and expand her work in Family Constellations, Core & Cellular Healing, Quantum Timelines and more, with the community in Bali.


Ciara is once again available for Individual Sessions in Dervish. These sessions are deeply transformative and tailor-made for each person; the foundations of which lie in Transpersonal Counselling, Core & Cellular Healing, Quantum Timelines & Family Constellations. Watch this space for upcoming ‘Soul Constellation Workshops’, based on the work of Bert Hellinger (Family Constellations), Core & Cellular Healing and Quantum Timelines.


Join Ciara and Susan Ahern on alternate Monday nights in Dervish (7-10pm) in the Core & Cellular Healing Circle, beginning Oct 1st. 18 euros.

Experience a deeply transformational Sacred Space; to share, to release, to dive deeper and to immerse yourself in a high vibrational energy field and realise more of your True Potential! Cellular Healing rapidly speeds the process of purification of our  body, mind and  emotions, making room for more light, love and energy to enter our cells, increasing our awareness, expanding our consciousness and bringing us closer to experiencing heaven on earth.        


Contact Susan Ahern 086 3589825 / Ciara Mc Ardle 086 0360838

Click here to read more about Ciara's work and Monday's new healing circle >>

October's Articles - Homeopathy Potentisation & Holism; Dev Aura: House of Light; Labradorite – A glimpse of Source;Love, Light & Liquid – Cellular Health

Each month will feature interesting articles, so do stay tuned...


''The Homeopathic Journey Series of  Free Talks'' with Dr. Peter Darashah...


Journey 2 commences from the Dervish Holistic Centre at 11.00am on Sat 6th October and travels through the Homeopathic landscape of Potentisation traversing the tortuous valley of this natural Law’s proofs including visits to Avogadro's hypothesis, the Quantum theory, Kirlian photography, Benveniste's 1988 water memory work and on to various research investigations post 1988 finally emerging into the brightness of the present. After a steep ascent the journey ends spending some time exploring the high plateau of the Law’s meaning and application to the Homeopathic patient.


Journey 3: the following Sat 13th October at 11am. It commences by exploring the natural Law of Holism and discovering its similarity to the three components of a computer set up with hard drive (body), soft ware (mind) and screen (emotions). Each component is dependent on the other and the whole system is useless without each element working optimally. Further along the journey other philosophical distinctions are made with conventional medicine including the concepts of Symptoms, Diagnosis, Disease, Posology and Treatment. The journey concludes in the luscious vineyards of Cure where the totality of presenting symptoms have been completely removed to finally present a balanced, well ordered individual at peace with himself and the environment.


A million “Thank you’s” to the patients who took the time and trouble to vote and secure for

Homeopathy 4 Health the WhatClinic's Health Directory award of Service Provider 2012. “It is both an honourand a humbling experienceto be the recipient of your generous expressions.”

For further information contact:

Dr. Peter Darashah Ph.D., M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract), FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician, Homeopathy 4 Health  

Tel: 087 2621943  

Consultations at Dervish 6 days a week by appointment




"Dev Aura: House of Light" by Caroline Flavin


As we begin to bask in the golden glow of autumnal leaves in crisp Autumn sunshine, what a fitting time to give thanks for all that the beauty and gifts of trees have to offer humanity...

I am thrilled to be visiting Dev Aura, the home of Aura-Soma colour in Tetford, Lincolnshire, England. 'Dev Aura' means House of Light and this very high vibrational spot truly embodies all that is light- just as all Aura-Soma products embody light and work for the greatest good of mankind... Trees do the same...

Dev Aura Gardens, Tetford


In gratitude for the gifts of the Earth, Aura-Soma products, in combining the energies of plants, minerals, colour and light, are made with the intention of healing and bringing together the Plant, Mineral (Crystal) and Hue-man (Human) Kingdoms.


To this end, Aura-Soma has been committed to ecological sustainability for the last 25 years - long before “carbon-neutral”, “green” and “environmental sustainability” became buzz words - and has been actively involved in the planting of trees and the establishment of sustainable woodland. At Aura-Soma’s 500-acre biodynamic farm are grown many of the herbs used in the beautifully coloured Balance bottles; other ingredients are sourced from organic and biodynamic farms across the world. Biodynamic farming excludes the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, relying instead on the natural interdependence between all the diverse elements of the farm which are seen as part of a greater whole.

Click here to


Experience Aura-Soma Colour for yourself in Dervish on Saturday October 20th. Still one or two places on the 8 week course on colour, the Aura, chakras & Aura-Soma colour Tuesdays.








''Labradorite – A glimpse of Source'' by Sinéad De hÓra


There are some places on this planet that exhibit the same kind of dancing lights like that of Labradorite, and those are the polar regions - the Northerly points of the Northern Hemisphere where you can see the Northern Lights, the Aurea Borealis. The coming months are actually the best time of year to see them, we are also told that due to increased solar flare activity this year we will be seeing the most ever recorded activity in the skies.. It is from these same regions that Labradorite and its sibling Spectrolite hail from.  Labradorite (named after where it was first found in Labrador, Canada) hails also hails from 

Labradorite by Crystal Imagist 2012


northerly Russia and Greenland. Spectrolite’s origins are Scandanavian, its name derived from its ‘spectrum’ of colours. These stones are ethereal in nature; like the Northern Lights, when a play of green gold blue and sometimes violet colours dance we are moved to a place that lifts our hearts to the heavens. Threaded through the hours of day to day life, it can be a connection point between the ethereal realms and the Earth plane; filtering through waves of timelessness...


Click here to


Next 10 week Introduction to Crystals course began Thursday September 27th  8.00-9.30pm

at The Teaching Rooms, 6 Sydney Place, Wellington Road, Cork

















 "Love, Light & Liquid – Cellular Health" by Nick Beckman


Have you ever wondered why there are three L’s in Cellular? Perhaps they represent the three most important things in life and in our health…; Love, Light and Liquid.

The lifeforms of this planet all began in the primal oceans, through millions of years of evolution, a single cell turned into a human being with consciousness. First there was salty water- liquid - and energy from the sun – light - but could this alone have enabled life to become as it is today? Could there have been something more, perhaps an intention behind it all, could it be Love?

Just as lifeforms emerged from the salty water of the primal oceans, a foetus in the womb emerges from a salty water environment, from an embryo to a human being, here again we have the liquid, and the light, which can be seen as the life-force energy. Perhaps again it is the universal and eternal intention of love for life that fuels the whole process?

Click here to


Health and Nutrition Coaching by Nick Beckman Certified BodyMind Nutritionist, Master NLP Practitioner 22 St Patrick’s Hill, 1st floor offices, above Unity Yoga – 087-9955744

Author of the book ‘Versatile Nature’ -


Visiting Therapists to Dervish Cork

Clairvoyant Bernadette Phillips and Awakening Bodily Consciousness Bodyworker Carlos Jalon

Clairvoyant Readings with Bernadette Phillips

Clairvoyancy, Angel Guidance Readings, Palmistry, Numerology& Intuitive Spiritual Coaching.

A Reading with Bernadette will help you find answers to your important life questions and will be a very ‘insightful’ experience to support your Life Journey & Life / Soul Purpose.

Sat 6th Oct. - 11:30am- 6pm Sun 7th Oct. - 12noon to 6pm To book please contact Dervish: 021-4278243 or Bernadette on 087-2756282. Advance booking required-€10 deposit.

Click here to

Carlos Jalon Awakening Bodily Consciousness

Carlos will be doing bodywork sessions at Dervish on Wed October 10th & Thurs October 11th for a reduced 2012 price of €80 for 90mins session and concessions on request. To book a session email Carlos at

"Carlos is the massage artist with the magic hands. He has a true understanding of how to alleviate physical and mental tension - a unique and very special therapist."

Click here for more info>

Products of the Month:  Vetiver Essential Oil,  Thoth Tarot Deck, Om Sanctuary CD, ''Always There for You'' by Pascale Lutz

Each month we will feature an essential oil, book, deck, and CD from the shop...

Products of the Month:


Essential Oil of the Month: Vetiver Oil


Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) has a heavy, earthy fragrance similar to patchouli with a touch of lemon. This essential oil has a wonderful effect on the mind and body and is useful to dispel irritability, anger and hysteria, while having a balancing effect on the hormonal system and is a great boon for the skin. It is used to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks while nourishing and moisturizing the skin and helping wounds heal.


Other therapeutic properties of vetiver oil are its potent antiseptic effect, legendary aphrodisiac association, cicatrisant, nervine, sedative, tonic and has stood the test of time as a reliable sedative.


Known as the ‘oil of peace’ for its gift of bring a tranquil state of mind, it was used in many parts of the ancient world as a gifts given to the gods and in liberations of thanksgiving. To this day the oil is still worn not only to repel insects but as a protective charms against the lesser vibrations within the world.


From a strained body to tired mind this oil provides both and ally and sancturary of being, gathering close the tranquil states and releasing free the worries and concerns of everyday living.   Available at Dervish for: €8.00



Deck of the Month: Thoth


The striking, fascinating artwork in this deck was created by the famous Golden Dawn member, Aleister Crowley. The Thoth Tarot deck in itself is regarded as a classic Tarot deck and is filled with kabbalistic and astrological attributions, offering up a ripe garden of mental and spiritual fruits for the foragers and growers within the spiritual garden of the soul.


As a deck it deals mostly with the higher spheres of reality and our own ascended being, giving little focus to the daily workings or changes within the mundane world. For this it is prized among the decks that provide a swift and efficient bridge across the states of being and as a valuable tool for meditation and self review. Renowned as a reliable tool for those with mediumistic abilities it capitulates and ground the higher realisations into assessable, beautiful artworks, that flow and breathe wonderfully as a deck.


A must have for any collector or reader willing to push the boundaries of their own practice and catch a glimpse of a world rarely shared.   Available at Dervish for €25




CD of the Month: Om Sanctuary


Om Sanctuary CD features the chanting of a continuous OM, one of the most sacred entonements of universal tones, accompanied by harp and synthesizer as spiritual music for yoga, meditation and relaxation.


Used during savasana in yoga classes all over the world, Om Sanctuary is also ideal for meditation and massage.Its simplistic presence all too often conceals its profoundly touching vocal enchantments, that not only stirs the soul but offers the willing mind a glimpse at the inner beauty of the self.  


Available from Dervish at €24





Book of the Month:''Always There for You'' by Pascale Lutz


“As Pascale’s healing energy flowed and her heart opened, synchronicity brought her into contact with the realm of Angels. She not only expanded to be able to channel their healing energy in her work, but she expanded to see their loving hands guiding, directing, surrounding and protecting her in her life. You will delight in sharing the angelic miracles of healing that Pascale has facilitated. From airport Angels, to Angels for grumpy nurses, Pascale beautifully shares her stories testifying to the Angels at work in many of her life’s encounters. Once Pascale’s story has touched your heart, the Angels will always be there for you too.”

 - Stevan J.Thayer, Director, The Center of Being, Inc. Author, “Interview with an Angel”

and founder of Integrated Energy Therapy.


“This is a genuine book from a genuine person who has overcome so much to share her Angel stories with a wider audience. The beauty is in the simple trusting and letting go that Pascale demonstrates in her unique fun loving way. A must read for anyone who loves Angels.”

- Jane Donald, Author of “Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland.


Available from Dervish at €15

Events in the Community - Nataraja Nites Dance Evening Saturday Nov 1st

In this section of the newsletter we'll be featuring some of the events going on and around Cork..stay tuned..

 Nataraja Nites - Saturday November 1st - Chilled Dance Evening


Nataraja- The Lord of the Dance.

Nataraja is the God Shiva in the form of the cosmic dancer, whose dance destroys the weary universe and prepares the way for new creations.  Shiva destroys old, weary perspectives to make way for fresh new creations. 


Come and dance with us at the first Nataraja Nite, where we hope to create a sacred space for people who love to dance.  We will be weaving a tapestry of Asian style dance music, bangra, reggae, sacred chant and drum music to move your body and soul. We want to give you a dance night with a divine fragrance. 

Come, come whoever you may be, I am the lord of the dance said he....................


When: Saturday November 1st

Where: Bessborough Centre, Blackrock, Cork

Time: 8pm-midnite

Sign up to Nataraja Nites Facebook page coming soon and spread the word.


Regular Therapists Dervish Cork

Click on the links to read more about each therapist & their work


Cork-based Therapists


Andrew Moynihan - The Alexander Technique- 087-9387302

Caroline Flavin - Aura-Soma Colour Therapy

Ciara McArdle- ‘Embodying Essence’ Counselling & Healing Services

Linda O'Flaherty - Deep Tissue Massage, Rebirthing, ReConnection

Lou Martin - Life Readings/Channel/Intuitive/Counsellor

Mary Sky - Tsa Lung & Shamanic Healing

Rajinder Padam - Shamanic Healing

Sinead O'Sullivan - Transference Healing

Trish Lane - Soul Work/ Reiki/ Energy Work/ Card Readings


Visiting Therapists


Bernadette Phillips - Clairvoyancy, Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Carlos Jalon - Awakening Bodily Consciousness

Dermot O' Hara - Shamanic Healing, Psychic Mediumship, Past Lives

Gerry Browne - Spiritual Medium/Healer/Counsellor- 0874160056


Linda O' Flaherty Rebirthing

Introductory Offer 40% off:

Breath Therapy

& ReConnection Therapy sessions, Healing Therapies, Deep Tissue Massage, Transformational Breathwork (Rebirthing), Energy Healing, Reiki/Seichim Master, ReConnection Therapy

Linda has been working as a rebirther/therapist in Cork for 20 years. She works with body, breath and sound.

Her nurturing, compassionate guidance creates a safe place for transformation and healing to occur. “You are your own Healer”

T: 087 4107757 



Tricia Lane Soul Work/Reiki

Soul reconnection to whatever needs clearing or rewarding in your life at present. Includes energy work and card readings. Each energy session is different. Tricia is available for:

~ individual reiki teaching

~ card readings

~ energy work& conversation on your soul path

Bookings: Tricia 087-6557206

Friday evenings

6 - 7pm: Meditation

7- 7.30pm: general conversation, fun with cards

7.30-9pm: ReikiShare/healing circle

All 3: 15 Euro

Call Trish for info087-6557206

Shamanism with Raj

Sweatlodge Ceremony

Sun Oct 14th - 12 - 5pm

Mon Oct 15th - 10am - 3pm

Upper Glanmire. Cost: € 50


Shaman Within - Vision Quest weekend: Fri 16th Nov- 5pm Sun 18th. €250.


South Class - Shamanic healing 4 day training workshop: 8th - 11th Nov

Venue: Cuskinny Court, Cobh, Cork. Cost: € 750.00 All inclusive resident workshop.

One Vision - Stepping into a time of Gold: Day of Meditation, Prayer & Ceremony.

See Shaman Ireland Facebook Page for more info >>

Lou Martin Circles&Study Group

Autumn2012 Open Healing Circle

Sundays @ Dervish Cork 7:30 pm Donation €10-15

Meditation, Channeling,

Q&A, Tools & Techniques


Artist’s Way Study Group

OCT 7TH Sundays 6:00- 7:30 pm Open & On Going, Dervish Cork

Need: The Book, A journal,& desire to create and express your Spirit! €10-15


Channeling/Counseling/Energy Healing Readings by Appointment

Sessions by Phone or Skype

0 8 5 1 4 3 9 7 9 8

Awakened Spirits on Facebook

New Tarot Reader Maria

Maria Minguella has been reading Tarot cards for several years. Working holistically and driven by intuition, Maria's senses come alight differently for every person. She is honest and direct, gentle with her approach but robust with the information she is entrusted with. Every  Saturday from 1-6pm. 30mins: €40, 1hr: €60


Therapy Room Slots

Our large therapy room has some free slots available for evening classes

on Tues/Wed eves from 8:30pm/Thurs/

Sat/Sundays Call for details: 021 427 8243


Weekly Classes at Dervish


Click on the underlined links to read about each therapist and their class


Mondays- Core and Cellular Healing Circle with Susan Ahern & Ciara McArdle, 7-10pm, €18, beginning Oct 1st 2012,drop-in class

Tuesdays- Meditation with The Grandmothers,

First Tues of every month with Barbara Hess, 7- 8:30pm

Reminaing Tuesdays in the month: Tsa Lung with Mary Sky, 8-9:30pm

Wednesdays- Meditation & Shamanic Journeying, Raj Padam, 6:30-8:00pm

Thursdays - African Drumming with Patrick, Beginners- 6:45- 8:00pm

Intermediate- 8:15-9:50pm

Fridays- Meditation Class with Tricia Lane - 6-7pm

Card Readings - 7:00-7:30pm

Reiki Share - 7:30-9:00pm

Every 2nd Friday: Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle, 8-10:30pm - Call Nora Desmond on 087 283 1151 for more info

Sundays- Artist's Way Study Group with Lou Martin, 6:00-7:30pm

Open Healing Circle, 7:30pm



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