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Ambiance Interiors

So Much to be Thankful for in 2012


In thirty-five years, Ambiance Interiors has teamed to create many projects large and small. We are thankful both for our clients―the best in the world―and our co-workers in the design business―contractors, painters, paperhangers, seamstresses, installers, floor guys, you name it. Our hats are off to all of them!

These are only a few of the many endeavors we have worked on this year, and we are looking forward to another year of design excellence in Asheville.

Before & After

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Click Here to see a slide show with more images

Before & After

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Musical Feast Event:Color Magic

Enjoy Kathryn's talk about color relationships in interior design. Kathryn, winner of 13 Design Excellence awards, spoke as part of the Asheville Symphony Guild's "Musical Feasts."


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Classic Home

photos by David Deitrich

Sometimes a designer gets a project that is too wonderful for words. Linda Constable received such a chance in this house, a Biltmore Forest home built in the early nineteen-thirties.


It was designed by architect William W. Dodge in 1931, one of the founding principals of Six Associates, so she started with a well-cared-for structure sporting arched doorways, hidden spaces, and whimsical details of all kinds.



Linda worked with her clients to transform the interior into one that any design firm would love to claim. This is a project we are very proud of. Enjoy the pictures!


Click here for a slide show with more photos.


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