"Saving Moore Animals"


                    Meow Mix!

             September  2012



Kitties of the Month:  Who Doesn't Love Snoopy and Peanuts?


We might be a tad biased, but we’re pretty sure that we have a pair of playful, petable, purring, perfect pet cats! Brothers Peanut and Snoopy were found in Pinebluff when they were about 5 weeks old. These handsome, short-haired, white kitties are about 4 months now and ready for a family of their own. Snoopy and Peanut love to interact with each other, with other cats, and with people. They are particularly enamored with stuffed toy mice, fish on a string, and a laser pointer's red dot! After wrestling, stalking their toys, or using their “cat curiosity” to check out new things, they enjoy being petted, rubbed, and held. Pick them up and they'll start to purr. Come meet the boys and see if one – or both – of them would be the “purrfect” fit for your family.



Pooch of the Month:  A Bit of Hope


Sometimes, all you need is a little hope. That’s how we felt when we heard about a young female dog living and foraging in an uninhabited property. After nearly a week of trying, the dog was finally caught and brought to the shelter. She was a pitiful sight - dirty, nearly hairless, and with very wrinkled skin. We immediately took her to the vet, where the staff decided to give this sad dog’s chances a boost by naming her “Hope”. Perhaps the positive thinking helped, since Hope’s heartworm test was negative and the vet diagnosed her with a skin infection and a severe case of Demadex mange. The infection and mange were both treatable – and not contagious – and Hope is looking more beautiful every day as her skin and coat return to normal. Throughout the process, she has been sweet and gentle. We are confident that she will make a wonderful, loving companion to a family who can see the benefits of having “Hope” in their lives.



Moore Humane Society Helps Displaced Animals


During the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) transferred 161 dogs and cats from the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana. These animals were brought to the Humane Society of Charlotte, NC where they were sheltered for 48 hours and given emergency medical care. Since Moore Humane Society is an Emergency Placement Partner with HSUS, we were contacted about sheltering some of the animals, making them available for adoption. On Labor Day Sunday, Corky Kern (Moore Humane Society Board of Directors member) and Heather Collins (one of our Shelter managers) drove to Charlotte, returning with three dogs and six puppies. (Because of the high euthanasia rate for felines in Moore County, we did not transport any cats or kittens. We believe any available space in our Cat and Kitten Rooms must be used to save Moore County felines.)


Corky addressed the issue this way: "While some people may criticize our decision to help, we feel it's important to reach out to others in times of emergency. You never know when we might need them to return the favor. It is the right thing to do for the animals and the right thing to do for Moore County. If Moore County were hit by a natural disaster, wouldn’t we appreciate help that would enable us to better serve the people and animals of our community?"


To learn more about the rescue, and to view a video clip of the rescue activity, click on the link below...


















Alumni Photo Gallery


We're always interested in hearing from folks who have adopted our pooches and kitties, providing them with  "fur-ever" homes!  We'd like to make this a regular feature of the e-newsletter, posting a few photos each month, so keep those updates coming!  (If you'd like us to post the story of your adopted furry family member, please email us at  diane@moorehumane.org. Let us know how your best friend is doing and attach your photos as jpeg files.)



A couple of months ago, one of our volunteers adopted a kitten named Tulip. Mike mentioned that the kitten was to be a surprise for his girlfriend, also a volunteer... and he asked us to keep things quiet.


About a week later, we received an email.  "I just wanted to take a second to let you know that everything went well with the engagement! Scarlett said yes, but then again, how could you say no to a cute little face like Tulip's?" (We admit it was the first time we'd heard of someone using a kitten to propose!) 


Tulip played her role perfectly, never fussing when Mike tied a ribbon with the engagement ring around her neck!  The perfect ring bearer! 


Congratulations to all!




Last month, we mentioned that Roscoe, formerly known as Spencer, had earned his Canine Good Citizen designation from Sandhills Dog Training.  We've just heard that he has  passed the rigorous certification for Therapy Dogs International!  Congratulations to Roscoe and his family from all of your friends at Moore Humane Society!  You make us so proud!  Now it's time to go to work, Roscoe!  We know you're going to make a difference for so many people!







"Holly was so afraid when I first went to meet her... but I knew she was the right dog for me!  It didn't take long for her to realize that she was home!  She now snuggles up with me and the cat in bed. No issues at all between her and my cat... they are fine together!  Holly is very, very sweet, happy and healthy. I am so grateful to Moore Humane Society for all you do. What a wonderful organization! Thank you."







"When Porsche was a kitten, she started having seizures at the Shelter.  In order to observe her through the night, I brought her home where she settled in with my other cat, Jackie. She did have a few more seizures, temporarily losing her eyesight and hearing after each one.  Dr. Broadhurst examined Porsche and started her on Valium. She did really well... seizure free for at least six months!  She still has an occasional seizure, about once every eight months, but they are not as severe and she bounces right back!  She was such a sweetie that I had to adopt her!  Here's Porsche with Angelo, one of the many kittens she's helped  foster."




After studying the photos in a humorous email entitled "Every Cat Should Own a Dog", Melissa snapped this pic of her one year old pooch Alexandra (formerly known as Emma) with Sassenach, a stray cat she rescued who gave birth to a litter in the garage!  Looks like she's settled right in, and Alex doesn't mind sharing space on the chair!







 "The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



Updates:  The Fostered Kittens...


Gizmo and Cloudy continue to enjoy life in their foster home, hanging out with their canine best friend Hope, the Great Pyrenees!  Their foster Mom reports that "they have become more social and active. They run through the house, play with Hope, and are doing very well. They are bright and very curious.  When they aren’t eating their own ‘special’ canned food, they try to steal Hope’s food. I’ve also found that they signal when they're hungry by sitting in Hope’s empty bowl."


Although both kittens were extremely underweight for their age, Gizmo now weighs 31 ounces and Cloudy tips the scales at 42 ounces!  There's nothing like a good diet and lots of TLC to turn things around!


Below left, Cloudy appropriates a ceramic bowl as her bed; below right, Gizmo enjoys fine dining from Hope's food bowl while Cloudy keeps an eye peeled for intruders!












...And More Kittens...

Mufasa, Simba and Nala (below left) have settled in with their foster family, which includes Porsche!  "She is like a Nana to all the orphan kitties I bring in. She washes them, cuddles with them, and even plays with them. I think it really helps with their development to have a momma giving  them that security."  Mufasa is the orange and white, Simba is the solid orange, and Nala is the calico.  Porsche is shown here with Mufasa and Nala (below right).. we think Simba is under there, somewhere!











...And Still More Kittens!

Taboo (below left) and Thai (below right) are also being fostered by a Volunteer family.  "L
iving with kittens is, as Tigger says, 'fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!'  Little Taboo, who looks like a Possum, growls when she eats which is so out of character...she's really such a sweet little lady. And Thai is a BIG romping boy. We think he may have some Maine Coon in him because of his wispy hair and his plain BIGNESS. Once when Thai was separated from little Taboo he cried and cried; she raced around the house to find him. Thai thinks he's really something else because he puffs himself up and hisses at our dog, Spike, who dutifully submits to the insult and hides under the bed. No kidding. Spike is intimidated by these 2 pound kittens!"











Sketch a Pet


 Once again, New England artist ShawnaLee W. Kwashnak will be sketching to benefit Moore Humane Society!  Get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping... it's not too early to think about gifts for the animal lovers on your list (and don't forget yourself)!  When you email or snail mail her a photo of your pet (dog, cat, horse, hamster, bunny, goldfish... any and all critters are welcome) she will send you a hand rendered graphite portrait on 100% acid free paper with a neutral mat.  Two sizes (11x14 or 14x18) are available.  This promotion begins on October 1 and will be available for two months only.  A sample of ShawnaLee's work can be viewed at Sandhills Dog Training facility; to make arrangements, contact owner Abby Ganin Toporek at  910-673-0074 .


For more information, click on that cute pooch's face on the left!



Join Our Volunteers!


If you're looking for an enjoyable and rewarding activity to share with your kids... how about joining our Volunteers?  The first step is to attend the Volunteer Orientation (the second Saturday of each month).  Please visit our website at www.moorehumane.org and click on the Volunteer tab.  Register to attend and we'll be in touch!  (Photo at right:  a young volunteer helping out at a PetSmart Adoption Event... there are so many ways that you can make a difference in the lives of our animals!)


If you would like to help out as a Volunteer Kennel Attendant, please contact a Shelter Manager at www.moorehumane.org or call  910-947-2631 .




Cleo's List of Bare Necessities for the Cat Room


Just like her namesake, Cleo believes that a pampered existence is her due! "After all, cats were once considered royalty," she purrs, "and we have never forgotten!"  Now that the days are cooler, we've noticed that the residents in the Cat and Kitten Rooms are more active...for cats, that is!  "A leisurely stroll around the cat room is really all the exercise I need. I prefer to sit above all of the other Cat Room residents, perched at the top of my cat tree, surveying my realm... and the great outdoors.  How I love seeing Suzanne, Denise and Martez drive into the parking lot... it's a signal that my spa treatments are about to begin... I simply cannot go more than a day without a gentle massage!"


 - Topical Tick and Flea Treatment: Advantage for cats

    (and Advantix for dogs)

 - Friskies canned cat food (Turkey and Giblets)

 - Purina Pro Plan dry food for cats/kittens

 - Shampoo for kittens and puppies

 - Pet Food: Purina Pro Plan dry food for dogs/puppies

 - Tall cat trees

 - Washable toys for cats and dogs

 - Non clumping clay kitty litter

 - Stainless steel puppy bowls

 - Canned puppy food (ground, not chunky; non-gravy,


 - Canned dog food (non-gravy, please)

 - Harnesses for dogs, all sizes

 - Gentle Leader collars for dogs, all sizes

 - ThunderShirts, all sizes


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If you use Facebook, don't forget to LIKE the Moore Humane Society page!  We now have 1,070 folks who like us, and we'd love to make it to 1,100!



Mark Your Calendars!

PetSmart National Adoption Weekend, Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th

Several area shelters and rescue groups will bring their dogs and cats, kittens and puppies to the store... of course, we already know whose animals are the cream of the crop!


For the month of October, Moore Humane Society felines will be in residence at PetSmart's Cat Room!  Come visit our beautiful cats and kittens!


Did you know... October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month....


AutumnFest in Southern Pines, Saturday, October 6th

We'll be there with dogs and cats, kittens and puppies!  Stop by our booth and say hello!  Check out the jewelry for sale, all to benefit Moore Humane Society!


National Feral Cat Day, Tuesday, October 16th


HollyFest in Pinehurst Village, Saturday, October 20th

One more chance to meet our beautiful animals... and to pick up some fun bangles, baubles and beads!



Coming in October:  Every Dog Has Its Day

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