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Dervish Monthly Newsletter


Warm hello everyone!


Welcome to our November monthly edition of the Dervish newsletter. This month sees us welcoming back our visiting therapists Dr. Almantus (osteopath) , Bernadette Phillips (clairvoyant), Gerry Browne (Spiritual Medium/Healer); and from the UK, Richard Waterborne (re-birther) and Carlos Jalon (bodyworker). We are happy to announce dates for Moya O'Dwyer's return in 2013! see below for all details.


In the shop we have just received a new range of crystals, selenite lamps, lotus-shaped shell tealight holders, fairies, angels, Auroville candles, and a lovely range of 2013 Diaries and calendars; aswell as many great sale items. We also have a brand-new Irish Lunar Calendar specifically calibrated to the Irish moon cycle-the only one on the market!


Enjoy our articles & info below--wishing you a wonderful month!


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In This Issue

November's Articles - ''Awakening Bodily Consciousness- Carlos Jalon'', ''It's Official- Stop Taking Painkillers'', "From soil to soul…a marriage of Spirit and matter", 'Black Tourmaline – ‘Forward into the New Earth Being’, "Holy Wells and Healing Water"

Clairvoyant Readings with Bernadette Phillips

Medical Osteopathic Doctor Almantus Returns

An Evening of Clairvoyance, A Course in Mediumship Workshop with Psychic Medium Moya O'Dwyer

Products of the Month:  Vetiver Essential Oil,  Thoth Tarot Deck, Om Sanctuary CD, ''Always There for You'' by Pascale Lutz

Events in the Community - Nataraja Nites Divine Dance Experience Saturday Nov 3rd, African Drumming Workshop, Platform Fledgling Mediumship Demonstration

Regular Therapists Dervish Cork

Linda O' Flaherty Rebirthing

Tricia Lane Soul Work/Reiki

Shamanism with Raj

Lou Martin Circles&Study Group

New Tarot Reader Maria

Therapy Room Slots

Weekly Classes at Dervish

November's Articles - ''Awakening Bodily Consciousness- Carlos Jalon'', ''It's Official- Stop Taking Painkillers'', "From soil to soul…a marriage of Spirit and matter", 'Black Tourmaline – ‘Forward into the New Earth Being’, "Holy Wells and Healing Water"

Each month will feature interesting articles, so do stay tuned...


''ABC : Awakening Bodily Consciousness- Carlos Jalon'' 


From the beginning of his training in 1985, Carlos Jalon studied a wide variety of massage techniques and body therapies including Swedish and Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and Reflexology, various neuro-muscular techniques and Kinesiology. In India he trained in Chavutti Thirumal, a South Indian Ayurvedic massage using only the feet, as used in Kalari, the oldest martial arts system in the world. Following his interest in human energy systems he qualified in acupuncture. Alongside his many studies and trainings he furthered his own development through Kriya and Hatha Yoga, pathwork on the Kabalistic Tree of Life within the western mystical tradition, metaphysics and rock climbing. After many years of observing people’s habitual and addictive patterns and the

psycho-somatic and emotional damage manifested in bodily systems as a result of abuse and the lack of groundedness, however caused, Carlos evolved his own unique method combining the integrated essences of all that he has studied, experienced, and developed through his healing work.

Click here to


Carlos will be visiting Dervish again November 12th, 13th and 14th for a reduced 2012 price of €80 for 90mins session and concessions on request. To book a session email Carlos at




''It's Official- Stop Taking Painkillers'' by Dr. Peter Darashah...


Doctors in England & Wales have been advised to stop prescribing painkillers. The reason- over 1 million patients are suffering drug induced headaches and stomach disorders. Thousands of patients rely on prescription painkillers for the relief of pain and discomfort from ailments such as headaches, menstrual cramps, surgery recovery or lingering pain from an injury. Unfortunately for many this reliance on medication can easily and unknowingly turn into physical dependence. The scary fact is that the most commonly prescribed drugs while offering relief from pain, can also cause individual patients to start "needing" the drug in order to feel normal. The result is the new and even more challenging situation of chemical dependency.


Here are the top 10 indicators for drug dependency:


1. Usage Increase

2. Change in Personality

3. Social Withdrawal  

4. Continued unnecessary usage

5. Obsessed about prescriptions

6. Change in Daily Habits and Appearance

7. Responsibilities neglected

8. Increased Sensitivity

9. Blackouts and Forgetfulness

10. Defensiveness


Did you know that Homeopathic remedies as well as being effective lenitives (pain killers) are completely non addictive and side effect free? For further information in order to make a fully informed choice contact:

Dr. Peter Darashah Ph.D., M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract), FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician, Homeopathy 4 Health  

Tel: 087 2621943  

Consultations at Dervish 6 days a week by appointment




"From soil to soul…a marriage of Spirit and matter" by Caroline Flavin


To have visited Dev Aura the house of light in the quiet countryside of forest, lush trees, frolicking rabbits and pheasants, was truly a light-filled, colour-full journey, where one could witness the love, light and happiness put into all aspects of Aura-Soma products.


It all starts with the care and attention with which the land of Shire Farm, where many of the herbs and plants (ingredients for Aura-Soma Colour Care products) are grown. Since having purchased the farm, the farming team has been lovingly re-nourishing and re-vitalising what had been an average soil after years of use for cattle and dairy, with a variety of green manures to give life back into the soil. Phacelia is one of the green manures they use which has an extensive root system that improves the soil structure and is very attractive to honeybees, bumblebees and hoverflies- so wonderful for promoting biodiversity. On the farm there is also a gorgeous chakra walk constructed to recharge and give love to the land aswell as receive cosmic energies, with huge, beautiful crystals and standing stones at each chakra point. Water is recharged with Steiner Flow Forms shapes that bring water into a streaming figure eight flow which has a regular heart pulse. When all the pieces are joined together, it makes for an absolute marriage of Heaven and Earth.


Let’s just imagine all companies all over the world putting love, care and intention into every single aspect of their production- and lets chose to support only such companies- and then we can truly begin to access Heaven on Earth! Aura-Soma is truly a marriage of Spirit and matter- experience it for yourself! Contact Caroline on 085 222 7557 for Aura-Soma consultations, talks, courses and products.








''Black Tourmaline – ‘Forward into the New Earth Being’'' by Sinéad De hÓra



As we move forward into the New; grounding and integrating the very high vibrational energies available to us these days can be some challenge for our human selves. In making the transition from the 3rd Dimension into 5th Dimension, greater adaptation and flexibility is required of us than perhaps ever before. So here we need allies; Black Tourmaline is one such ally for these present day challenges.


As we rollercoaster towards the solstice in December our bodies need to stay firmly planted on our Beloved Earth. How can we do this? Firstly accepting our Earth bodies as being an integral part of our Earth experience; whatever growth we make on a vibrational level must be mirrored in our physical body cells. By fully integrating and anchoring these highest Divine frequencies, our DNA – Divine Natural Awareness- may be fully activated and upgraded to ‘New Earth Being’ status.


Black Tourmaline by Crystal Imagist 2012

Click here to


















 "Holy Wells and Healing Water" by Nick Beckman


My previous article finished off with a mythological story about “Mer-Ama”, the Finnish Goddess of Water. Now it’s time to look at some stories from Ireland.

Ireland is surrounded by the sea and is full of lakes, rivers, pools, streams, springs and wells. Throughout history people have prayed to various sea, river and water gods & goddesses. From early Irish Celtic mythology we know off Manannán mac Lir, son of the sea god “Lir” (sea in old Irish). There are the stories of Bóann, Goddess of the river Boyne and Sionnan, Goddess of the river Shannon.

St. Johns well in Carrigaline, Cork.

We also know about Brighid, the Goddess of fire and water, a healing Goddess, which later was ‘adopted’ by Christianity and is the origin of today’s St. Brigid, immortalized by many wells and springs named after her.


This brings us specifically to wells and springs. The old English root word for ‘well’ is wella, wielle, or waella meaning ‘natural spring’ or ‘moving water’. The term ‘holy well’, is commonly employed to refer to any water source, which has some significance in the folklore of the region, legends, pagan history, a Christian saint or a guarding spirit and has healing qualities ...                                                                                                     Click here to read more >>


Health and Nutrition Coaching by Nick Beckman Certified BodyMind Nutritionist, Master NLP Practitioner 22 St Patrick’s Hill, 1st floor offices, above Unity Yoga – 087-9955744

Author of the book ‘Versatile Nature’ -


Clairvoyant Readings with Bernadette Phillips

Clairvoyancy, Angel Guidance Readings, Palmistry, Numerology& Intuitive Spiritual Coaching.

A Reading with Bernadette will help you find answers to your important life questions and will be a very ‘insightful’ experience to support your Life Journey & Life / Soul Purpose.

Sat 10th Nov. - 2pm- 6pm

Sun 11th Nov. - 2pm-6pm

To book please contact Dervish: 021-4278243 or Bernadette on 087-2756282.

Advance booking required

Click here for Facebook Event

Click here to

Medical Osteopathic Doctor Almantus Returns

Friday 30th November and Saturday 1st December by appointment only. He treats a wide range of problems: back, head, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica, joint and muscle strain, conditions during pregnancy, sports injuries, arthritic pain, RSI, fibromyalgia...

''Almantas is...a true healer in every sense of the word... I feel like I have gotten my life back and it is all down to my two sessions with Almantas"....Fionola

Click here for more info>

An Evening of Clairvoyance, A Course in Mediumship Workshop with Psychic Medium Moya O'Dwyer

An Evening of Clairvoyance:

Messages and Guidance from the Next World with psychic medium Moya O’Dwyer


at the Metropole Hotel,

McCurtain Street, Cork City


Saturday, 5th January, 2013

Doors open: 7:00pm; demonstration starts 7:30pm

Tickets: 10 Euros; available from Dervish and at the door.


This evening will give you evidence of the survival of your loved ones. ‘THERE IS ONLY LIFE’





Workshop: A Course in Mediumship: Your Bridge to the Spirit World

with psychic medium Moya O'Dwyer


Saturday 12th January 2013:

10:00am – 5:00pm; at Dervish

Cost: 80 Euros


Moya O’Dwyer, a professional medium and psychic, invites you to an uplifting day course in mediumship. This hands-on experiential day will teach you the skills of mediumship and clairvoyance. You will learn how to link with the Spirit World; and have an opportunity to

relay a message from the Spirit World. This course is open to all.

Moya is a respected medium who has demonstrated in Ireland and the UK. She has over 20 years' experience as a spiritual reader; and teaches mediumship, Tarot, psychic skills and other spiritual subjects in Ireland and the UK. see for more info


To book contact Dervish, 50 Cornmarket Street, Cork

Tel: 021 427 8243



One-to-one Clairvoyant Readings with Moya


Monday January 7th to Friday January 11th 2013,


Bookings with Dervish - 021 4278243


Please note: for the first week of booking (from November 1st-November 8th), we are only taking bookings from clients who have never had a reading with Moya, and then after that everyone is welcome to book. 



Products of the Month:  Vetiver Essential Oil,  Thoth Tarot Deck, Om Sanctuary CD, ''Always There for You'' by Pascale Lutz

Each month we will feature an essential oil, book, deck, and CD from the shop...

Products of the Month:


Essential Oil of the Month: Roman Chamomile Oil


For anyone that is under stress, is going through a period of depression, loneliness, intense fear or is challenged by anxiety or post traumatic shock disorder, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil can help bring a sense of calm. Roman Chamomile is also a suggested oil for use during times of anger or irritability, and for soothing menstrual cramps.


If you've ever enjoyed a cup of Chamomile tea, you are already familiar with the aroma and sense of calm that chamomile offers. The aroma and sedative effect of the undiluted Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, however, is much more fragrant and powerful. It is known to be especially helpful in combating insomnia, and is one of the few essential oils that most agree is especially safe to use, well diluted, with children. When diffused, it can help to calm irritable babies and soothe a toddler's nasty temper tantrums. Roman Chamomile Oil is also heralded for its anti-inflammatory action. It can be used to help calm inflamed skin and to ease arthritis, headaches, sprains and muscle aches. Available at Dervish for €21.50




Deck of the Month: Labyrinth Wisdom Cards by Tony Christie-NEW!


Access your Inner Wisdom

"The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness; and the path of the labyrinth represents our journey in life. Labyrinths help us feel centered and balanced, and gain insights into our lives. This deck of labyrinth wisdom cards highlights the symbolism embedded in the labyrinth, and assists you in accessing your inner wisdom. These labyrinth wisdom cards will guide you to finding answers to questions, advice in difficult situations, and encouragement on your path in life. The accompanying handbook contains information about labyrinths, tells you how to use these cards, and provides additional information on the particular aspects of each wisdom card."   New at Dervish €14.99


Tony Christie, based in Cork, Ireland, has been working with the labyrinth since 2005 as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. Part of this work has been on the Labyrinth Wisdom Cards, a 48 card deck that interprets the symbolism and mythology of the labyrinth as a guide for us in our daily lives. See for more info...




CD of the Month: Breathing Winds by Anandmurti Gurumaa


Breathing Winds features comprehensive instructions and guidance for the practice of Nadi Shodhana by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. As commonly perceived, Nadi Shodhana is not any breathing exercise, rather it is a unique method to remove the blockages of the nadis in which prana flows. When followed properly as per the given directions, the regular practise enhances awareness of one’s body and mind to a great extent. It brings calmness to the mind and prepares one for the deeper spiritual practices. To facilitate the practise is the amazing music so as to keep the mind with the practice and not entangled in the flow of thoughts. It acts like a guard for the mind to dissuade it from getting distracted. So, follow the instructions and enjoy the practice. Do it persistently to feel the change it brings about in you. Available from Dervish at €12





Book of the Month:''The Mandala Worksbook'' by Susanne F. Fincher


From time immemorial, the mandala has been an expression of inner reality—for individuals, groups, and whole cultures. When you draw or paint a mandala of your own, you’re making a portrait of your unconscious at a particular moment in your life, which when carefully regarded, can provide astonishing insights into your own deepest truth.


The Mandala Workbook offers a complete guide to mandala work, based on the Great Round—the twelve archetypal stages that represent a complete cycle of personal growth. Each stage offers a new way to connect with yourself and to discover the transformative powers of the mandala. Explore a full range of activities throughout the book and for each stage—including coloring, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and more—in this engaging and hands-on guide. You’ll have fun doing it—and you may discover things about yourself that will surprise you!

On Sale at Dervish for €10

Events in the Community - Nataraja Nites Divine Dance Experience Saturday Nov 3rd, African Drumming Workshop, Platform Fledgling Mediumship Demonstration

In this section of the newsletter we'll be featuring some of the events going on and around Cork..stay tuned..

Nataraja Nites Divine Dance Experience

First Saturday Every Month starting Saturday November 3rd


On the countdown to our first Nataraja Nite we're very excited......hoping to see lots of familiar and new faces are for sale in Dervish on Cornmarket Street, if you want to avail of the concession price of 10 euro. Come move your body and soul to a tapestry of soulful trance, dance, world beat, chant and inspirational lounge. We want to give you a dance night with a divine fragrance. 

Please note that there is Google map and driving directions of how to get there on our Facebook page, aswell as bus directions.


Nataraja- The Lord of the Dance

Nataraja is the God Shiva in the form of the cosmic dancer, whose dance destroys the weary universe and prepares the way for new creations.  Shiva destroys old, weary perspectives to make way for fresh new creations.

 Come, come whoever you may be, I am the lord of the dance said he....................


When: Saturday November 3rd

Where: Meditation Room, Bessborough Centre, Blackrock, Cork Time: 8pm-midnite





African Drumming Workshop Sunday Nov 11th 


Where: The Scout Hall beside the Gaa Pitch, Blarney Village Cork Time: 11am - 5pm


This is a fun day out for beginners and Intermediate students who wish to learn more on Djembe and Dunun as well as learning some songs and solos. The  workshop will be fun and challenging but very acessible to all. Breaks, Dunun and solo work included. Bring a lunch or head into the mills restaraunt in Blarney for lunch. Drums supplied.

Price 35e Contact Patrick Naughton 087 2176460 


Patrick Naughton has been drumming since 1997 and has been teaching a weekly class at Dervish Since 2006. His relaxed unique approach to teaching the rythmns of the Mandingue Culture of West Africa on Djembe and Dunun in an authentic way ensures people gain a complete understanding and appreciation of how to play the Djembe properly. Please check out the link to see Patrick and class members in action.




Platform Fledgling Mediumship Demonstration



Thursday 15th of Nov

Metropole Hotel @ 7.30pm


For people who are developing mediumship demonstration skills. All levels welcome.


For all enquires contact

Nora on 087 2831151


Regular Therapists Dervish Cork

Click on the links to read more about each therapist & their work


Cork-based Therapists


Andrew Moynihan - The Alexander Technique- 087-9387302

Caroline Flavin - Aura-Soma Colour Therapy

Ciara McArdle- ‘Embodying Essence’ Counselling & Healing Services

Linda O'Flaherty - Deep Tissue Massage, Rebirthing, ReConnection

Lou Martin - Life Readings/Channel/Intuitive/Counsellor

Mary Sky - Tsa Lung & Shamanic Healing

Rajinder Padam - Shamanic Healing

Sinead O'Sullivan - Transference Healing

Trish Lane - Soul Work/ Reiki/ Energy Work/ Card Readings


Visiting Therapists


Bernadette Phillips - Clairvoyancy, Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Carlos Jalon - Awakening Bodily Consciousness

Dermot O' Hara - Shamanic Healing, Psychic Mediumship, Past Lives

Gerry Browne - Spiritual Medium/Healer/Counsellor- 0874160056


Linda O' Flaherty Rebirthing

Introductory Offer 40% off:

Breath Therapy

& ReConnection Therapy sessions, Healing Therapies, Deep Tissue Massage, Transformational Breathwork (Rebirthing), Energy Healing, Reiki/Seichim Master, ReConnection Therapy

Linda has been working as a rebirther/therapist in Cork for 20 years. She works with body, breath and sound.

Her nurturing, compassionate guidance creates a safe place for transformation and healing to occur. “You are your own Healer”

T: 087 4107757 



Tricia Lane Soul Work/Reiki

Soul reconnection to whatever needs clearing or rewarding in your life at present. Includes energy work and card readings. Each energy session is different. Tricia is available for:

~ individual reiki teaching

~ card readings

~ energy work& conversation on your soul path

Bookings: Tricia 087-6557206

Friday evenings

8 - 8: 30pm: Meditation & Card Readings

8:30-10pm: Reiki Share/

Healing circle

All 3: 15 Euro

Call Trish for info087-6557206

Shamanism with Raj

Sweatlodge Ceremony

Sun Nov 25th - 12 - 5pm

Upper Glanmire. Cost: € 50


Shaman Within - Vision Quest weekend: Fri 16th Nov- 5pm Sun 18th. €250.


South Class - Shamanic healing 4 day training workshop: 8th - 11th Nov

Venue: Cuskinny Court, Cobh, Cork. Cost: € 750.00 All inclusive resident workshop.

One Vision - Stepping into a time of Gold: Day of Meditation, Prayer & Ceremony.

See Shaman Ireland Facebook Page for more info >>

Lou Martin Circles&Study Group

Open Healing Circle

Sundays @ Dervish Cork 7:30 pm Donation €10-15

Meditation, Channeling,

Q&A, Tools & Techniques


Artist’s Way Study Group

Sundays 6:00- 7:30 pm

Open & On Going, Dervish Cork

Need: The Book, A journal,& desire to create and express your Spirit! €10-15


Channeling/Counseling/Energy Healing Readings by Appointment

Sessions by Phone or Skype

0 8 5 1 4 3 9 7 9 8

Awakened Spirits on Facebook

New Tarot Reader Maria

Maria Minguella has been reading Tarot cards for several years. Working holistically and driven by intuition, Maria's senses come alight differently for every person. She is honest and direct, gentle with her approach but robust with the information she is entrusted with. Every  Saturday from 1-6pm. 30mins: €40, 1hr: €60


Therapy Room Slots

Our large therapy room has some free slots available for evening classes

on Tues/Wed eves from8:30pm/Thurs/Fri

Sat/Sundays Call for details: 021 427 8243


Weekly Classes at Dervish


Click on the underlined links to read about each therapist and their class


Mondays- Core and Cellular Healing Circle with Susan Ahern & Ciara McArdle, 7-10pm, €18, beginning Oct 1st 2012,drop-in class

Tuesdays- Meditation with The Grandmothers,

First Tues of every month with Barbara Hess, 7- 8:30pm

Reminaing Tuesdays in the month: Tsa Lung with Mary Sky, 8-9:30pm

Wednesdays- Meditation & Shamanic Journeying, Raj Padam, 6:30-8:00pm

Thursdays - African Drumming with Patrick, Beginners- 6:45- 8:00pm

Intermediate- 8:15-9:50pm

Fridays- Meditation Class with Tricia Lane - 8-10pm

Meditation & Card Readings - 8:00-8:30pm

Reiki Share - 8:30-10:00pm

Every 2nd Friday: Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle, 8-10:30pm - Call Nora Desmond on 087 283 1151 for more info

Sundays- Artist's Way Study Group with Lou Martin, 6:00-7:30pm

Open Healing Circle, 7:30pm



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Dervish Bookshop • 50 Cornmarket Str • Cork, -----
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