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Best Christmas Trees
in the South Bay!

We at Deep Roots Garden Center are very happy to say that for Christmas 2015 we will be continuing the long standing tradition of selling “The Best Christmas Trees in the South Bay” from the 207 N. Sepulveda Blvd. location.  
This tradition started with Bob’s Nursery and, like Bob, Deep Roots’ owner Jon Bell is dedicated to providing the highest quality of trees possible.
We are rooted in the local community and we want to show our commitment to family traditions. The magical quality of Christmas starts with the tree and we are dedicated to providing the "Best Trees in the South Bay" this year and in the future. We CARE about our trees and are proud to offer our tree service to our community once again.
Why worry about the quality of your Christmas tree? A quality Christmas tree makes the difference between having a standard holiday and one that is truly special. Our trees last longer than other trees, therefore, they can be set up and decorated a week to ten days earlier than anyone else’s tree. Our trees look better, smell better and retain the gloss of a healthy tree much longer than standard trees. They drop fewer needles and are easier to remove without a lot of mess once the holidays are over.
Buying your Christmas tree from us means that you do not have to struggle through a commercial tree lot looking at sad, dried up trees whose branches have been imprisoned in plastic or string. Our trees are freshly cut and put in water the minute they arrive on our lot and their branches are free to hang or bounce or do whatever Christmas tree branches do. We water them daily and keep them moist and in an environment of high humidity. Our experienced team of tree lot workers and delivery guys come back year after year to work here and can be trusted to load your tree expertly and quickly. For a service fee our drivers will deliver and set up your tree wherever you wish and make sure that it is positioned correctly and securely.  
How to buy your tree:
Please come in to Deep Roots to pick out your tree.
We cannot do this for you over the phone 
Upon arrival at Deep Roots tree lot our helpful crew will assist you in finding the perfect tree for your home. We will pull out every last tree for you to look at until you are satisfied.
We will then either load the tree onto your vehicle or deliver it to your home and set it up for you. Delivery fees start at $25 for Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and North Redondo. We also deliver to other cities at a higher cost. We will make it possible for you to have a tree delivered and set up in your home without you ever having to touch it. We will save you the agony of domestic disputes and potential divorce. You and your spouse can look on and relax with a glass of eggnog while the hard work is done for you. With a Deep Roots tree you can look forward to a trouble-free start to the Holiday Season.
Tree Stand Exchange Policy
We will honor the Old Christmas Tree Stand exchange program or sell you a new one that can be exchanged next year and in years to come. There seems to be some confusion about the stand exchange so just to clarify here's how it works:
1. Bring in your old stand (if you have one) when purchasing your tree to receive full credit for the stand that is on the tree you are purchasing.... a stand for a stand - EXCEPT for miniature stands. We do not exchange miniature stands. 
2. Your stand must be the same type as that we use - welded rebar with railroad spike and a heavy gauge plastic bucket. It is OK if the stand was purchased at another tree lot as long as we can re-use it. It must be in reusable condition, meaning no cracks in the rebar, the spike must be straight, and the bucket must not have any holes or cracks.
3. We DO NOT buy back stands or issue any sort of refund or store credit for stands that are simply returned and not exchanged during the purchase of a tree. In other words once you buy the stand it is your stand. We exchange it year after year to save you the inconvenience of having to put it on the tree yourselves.
4.You are responsible for storing the stand until the following year. We do not take back stands to store and we do not accept an early return of the stand, neither do we issue any form of refund or credit for stands.
* (NOTE: Please do NOT return your stand immediately after Christmas. We will not accept stands for exchange until next Christmas Tree season.)
We are a licensed fire retarding facility. Spraying a tree with fire retardant is legally REQUIRED for trees that are going into a public space or a business. The fee price is by the foot, and the tree needs to dry before it can be delivered. This takes a minimum of 24 hours.
Also available at Deep Roots will be a large selection of wreaths, garland, holly, Holiday greens, and gift items.   
Holiday hours: 8 AM - 8 PM daily
(until trees are gone...)
Poinsettias...poisonous or not??
For years we were warned that poinsettias – those beautiful red, white and pink flowering plants we display at Christmas time – were poisonous. Parents, magazines, medical books and guides, and even doctors and veterinarians cautioned us to keep the beautiful plants out of the reach of children and pets for fear that they might nibble on the flowers or the leaves which were believed to be toxic. In fact, some books still indicate poinsettias are poisonous. Thanks to more recent testing, however, it is no longer necessary to keep your beautiful poinsettia plants out of reach. The long-standing belief that poinsettias were poisonous has finally been proved to be nothing more than a myth – a false alarm.
According to a source at the Poison Control Center in Madison, Wisconsin, most of the fear originated from the death of one child in Hawaii in 1918 who was believed to have eaten a poinsettia plant. However, experts are no longer sure this death really had anything to do with the ornamental plant. In fact, a research study conducted at Ohio State University in more recent years reveals that poinsettias are not truly poisonous at all. The study conclusively proved that all parts of the plant are non-toxic. Today the National Capital Poison Center in Washington, DC and poison control centers across the country list the poinsettia as a non-poisonous plant.
According to the Madison Poison Control Center, a 50-pound child would need to ingest 500-600 poinsettia leaves to suffer ill effects of any significance – which is highly unlikely to occur. Of course, as with the consumption of any non-food product, minor gastrointestinal upset may occur if a child or pet consumes the leaves, but the plant is not a deadly poison as previously thought and will not kill a child or animal. In the worst-case scenario, the child or pet could have an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea – all treatable using over-the-counter products.
This was further confirmed when the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Melon University conducted a study of almost 23,000 poinsettia exposures reported to poison control centers across the country and found that none presented evidence of actual toxicity.
Playing with the leaves could cause local minor skin irritation in humans, and children who play with the leaves and then rub their eyes could experience redness and irritation of the eyes. To prevent further irritation, eyes should be rinsed with lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes, and hands or body parts irritated by the plant should be washed well with soap and water.
However, ingesting poinsettias is not shown to cause severe stomach upset, convulsions, or other symptoms requiring emergency care. Probably the greatest threat the plants pose is the potential to obstruct a child or pet’s airway, causing choking.

This holiday season, everyone can sit back and enjoy the beauty of poinsettia plants without a worry. Caution should be exercised with other ornamental holiday plants and even some normal houseplants, however. Just because the poinsettia has been “cleared” doesn’t mean all other plants are just as safe. Various parts of some plants – including holly, mistletoe, English ivy, azaleas, rhododendrons, philodendron, and others – can cause severe reactions and may be fatal. If in doubt, check it out. Hang it high, up out of harm's way. Better to be safe than sorry!
How do I keep my tree alive longer?
You can't!!
 Technically they are already dead... But you can keep them looking fresh longer and reduce needle drop.
A few years ago Mythbusters attempted to find out the best way to prevent Christmas trees from dropping their needles. They fresh-cut several Christmas trees and filled the reservoirs with water. They then added a number of substances to the water in the trees' reservoirs including bleach, crushed Viagra (which they called Santa’s little helper), aspirin, fertilizer and lemon-lime soda. They left one tree as a control with plain water. They also tried treating the tree foliage by spraying it with hair spray and another with a heavy coat of polyurethane. Here were the results: 
Spraying the tree with hair spray gave the best results! It kept the most needles on the tree and it stayed a good color. However as this added significantly to the fire hazard they strongly discourage doing this.
Spraying with polyurethane did nothing to prevent needles drop. Adding fertilizer gave the worst results, causing the most needle drop.
The bleach and crushed Viagra caused the least amount of needle drop they but turned the trees a strange color. Adding lemon-lime soda or aspirin gave the same results as plain water. 
What they did NOT try was 
the Christmas tree preservative that we sell at DEEP ROOTS. Called "Keeps It Green", which acts the same way as flower additive and not only extends the life of your tree, retards needle drop, and reduces the fire hazard but also diminishes the amount of bacteria in the water. At only $2.99 a bottle it is well worth it.
Deep Roots
Garden Center &
Floral Design Studio 
Holiday hours:
8am - 8pm daily
201-207 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Beach,
CA 90266
Garden Center: 310-376-0567
Flower Shop: 310-379-3634
What to do in the garden in December
There is enough to do preparing for the holidays isn't there? Relax and enjoy your family and the festivities. The garden can wait until January...
   But perhaps you should continue watering your containers.... and fertilizing your citrus trees...or pruning the roses? How about pruning your fruit trees? Spraying with dormant oil... OK there is a lot to do but it can wait until next month when the winter garden comes alive and succulents and Australian Natives start blooming.
   In January Jon will be making trips to wholesale growers to hand select specialty plants for your winter and early spring planting. Let us show you how much color can be obtained in a Winter garden.
CSA Organic Vegetable Boxes - GREAT GIFT IDEA
We are an established drop off point for Community Supported Agriculture organic vegetable boxes. The boxes are dropped off at our store at around 2pm on Wednesdays. We store them in our large flower cooler UNTIL CLOSING TIME ON THURSDAY. You can order a box every week, every two weeks, every month or simply when you feel like one.
Why not come in to the store and order a box?   Or you can e-mail us at and order one. At $22 a box it is great value for money. If the large box is too much food for you, CSA also offer a smaller box at $17. 
Orders or cancellations for Wednesday  
MUST be made by the previous Monday.
Holiday Centerpieces
During the Holidays all the family unites around a table groaning with good things to eat and drink... You have brought out the best china and your crystal wine glasses.....  what better way of completing the scene than a stunning floral centerpiece?
Call our Floral Design Studio and our talented team of floral designers will custom create a beautiful and dramatic floral arrangement to your specifications.
Call 310.379.3634 today and place your order for your gorgeous Holiday Centerpiece or other Holiday floral arrangement
Christmas Tree Essentials

Simplify your post Christmas clean up with a tree disposal bag. This large plastic bag comes in two sizes: big enough for trees up to 8' and 10'. 
Also Watering your tree regularly will help it stay fresh longer.
Simplify this back breaking job with 
Santa's Magic Water Spout. No more crawling under the tree risking ornaments and tinsel. There is a dipstick to measure the existing water level and a waist level reservoir easy to access

and refill.
Buy one at $9.99 and keep it for years!
After Christmas..
Post Christmas
Tree Pick-up Service
When the gifts have been unwrapped, the turkey eaten and the egg-nog is all gone you are left with the Post Christmas Tree standing forlornly in your living room.
What to do?
First remove all decorations and garland and then... call us and (for a small fee) we will come and pick up your tree, take it away and take it to its final resting place...  310.376.0567
Deep Roots Garden Center • 207 N. Sepulveda Blvd. • Manhattan Beach • CA • 90266
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