Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 2012 15th Edition, October 21, 2012

Samson now Chewy - Adopted in April 2012 in Atlanta

Samson came into our care in Nov. 2011.  He stayed for 6 months.  Samson was 5 months old when he arrived and had already managed to have 4 homes.  He was a handful and extremely food bowl aggressive.  He didn't know unconditional love, having had 3 homes in 2 months (after his puppy home) and he had been through a serious dog fight that resulted in a vet visit for wounds.  Two of his homes apparently were people advertising in Craigslist.   We were lucky the last person who got him knew better and contacted our breed rescue!
Without a doubt this little guy had issues.  He would easily attack a cat, the TV (any moving animal), bark and lunge when in a car at motorcycles, people with baby carriers, bicycles, you name it.  Whew!   But as his foster mom, I could tell he just needed serious training.  So over the holidays when I went on vacations, he went to training and over time we worked and worked on his issues.  I also made sure to calm him down every night and hug him and brush him so that he knew how to love and accept love. 
In time this guy started coming around, but he had so much energy it was overwhelming.  So the plan was dog park time (with my dog Sunshine) and Samson loved it.  He could easily play non stop for 2, even 3 hours.  Even though he loved playing with my dog, there were other young dogs at the dog park that he did great with and he loved to be chased. 
After deciding he had finally been trained and grown up enough to move into a new home, we found a home to place him in.  A few weeks after placement the adoptive parent found out she had to sell her home.  She mentioned the lady across the street (Harriette) loved to walk him daily and had fallen in love with Samson.  Luckily Harriette, did not have other dogs, or any young kids in her home (he was very mouthy through teething and beyond so we could not place him in a home with kids).  She also was retired and could be with him alot.  So we allowed a transfer of owners and Samson (now Chewy) found a new home.  Harriette and her husband love Samson so much. 
He has learned to not attack the TV anymore and he gets play time at Camp Wolf often.  We are so happy for Samson's placement and lucky he got to stay in Atlanta.
Samson received professional training, neutering, microchipping and additional shots under our care.
Foster and Transport:  Fiona/Atlanta


Wilbur now Buckley- Adopted June 2012 in Atlanta

Wilbur came to us after a lady who watched him daily being tied up to a fence, decided to take a leap of faith and asked the owners if she could have him.  They agreed and she quickly found out he was covered in fleas and ticks.  She immediately got him groomed, but quickly found out he was not getting along with her smaller dogs.  She wanted us to take him so we did.
Once in our care, Wilbur was neutered, full shots, microchipped and worked on some potty retraining. 
He did really well with foster Sunshine so we knew he could get along with other dogs. 
Melissa who had previous OES experience was really missing her OES who had passed.  She also had 3 other non-OES and a few cats and child.  Thankfully after a meeting with the family and dogs for a play date, the decision was made that the family would like to have him join the family. 
Melissa loves training and took Wilbur now Buckley to Jabula Dog Training for additional work.  She has also come to join us at the dog park in Norcross, GA a few times.  Melissa is an OESCA member and loves the breed.  Her family really enjoys having Buckley as their new pack member (and I think he might get a bit more attention than the others :)   )
Wilbur turned 1 shortly after the adoption took place!
Transport: Alison in Atlanta
Foster:  Fiona in Atlanta


Remy (Remington) now Holden Adopted May 2012 in Atlanta

Dorothy had long had an application in with me, but my concern was always her children who were so young.  Even though so many people believe that sheepies are good with kids, when they get to me they usually aren't!  Most are given up because of sheepdog herding issues (including nipping).  Dorothy assured me she had experience with training and sheepdogs and a work at home husband were all going to contribute to a great home for a dog.  I asked for her patience while I found a dog I was certain would work.
That day came when a friend of mine in Mississippi had saved a young sheepdog from a shelter there and took the dog into her home.  After basically raising it on her large farm property with lots of animals and young kids, she graduated from college and realized her full time job would not let her give the dog and her family enough time in the few hours she would have after work every day.  She asked me to take the dog into our foster care.
Remy took a long trip packed into my truck with me and my sheepdog and my luggage (we were packed to the gills) and he came to Atlanta.  After brief foster care and a meeting with Dorothy and her family, he found his new home!  We are so happy Dorothy had patience with our rescue and finding her family the right dog that we knew would work well with her young family.  Remy now Holden turned turned 1 around adoption time.
Remy received Bordatella, Rabies, HW check and Microchipping from us as well as getting his ear hair plucked and meds for yeast infection.
Transport: Fiona/Atlanta
Foster:   The Waxmans/Atlanta


DAISY - Adopted June 2012 now in OHIO

This 7 yr old blue eyed beauty came to us an owner turn in. She had been in a home with a 6 year old little girl and bit her unprovoked.  We took her in immediately.  We think she couldn't see what was in front of her and her eyesight might not have been very good (kind of like she needed reading glasses).
We looked for a home with no kids and someone who was ready to add a sheepie.  Jim and his wife fit the bill just perfectly.  They were without a sheepie since theirs had recently passed and life sometimes isn't the same without a sheepie in it.  
Jim made the long trek down from OH to meet one day and the next day take her back with him.  Reports after they got back were that his wife was in love (who wouldn't be, her blue eyes would melt you) and Daisy was doing great with the other dogs at home.   
Daisy received Rabies, Bordatella, Microchipping, Nail trimming, and medicine for a severe flea allergy under our care.
Fostered and transported: Carolyn (our treasurer) in S. Alabama


Bella Rose- Adopted June 2012- now in TN

After being notified of 4 sheepie pups in a shelter in Montgomery, Carolinas OES Rescue and our rescue worked to get them into care.  Our rescue took two and they took two.   The pups were around 10-12 weeks old.  Thankfully the shelter spayed them, but we needed to get these pups out of there ASAP, because puppies are susceptible to all kinds of puppy diseases that can quickly kill a puppy who hasn't had all its shots. 
Kimmy, who lives in Birmingham shot down to Montgomery to get one of them picked up for Rick who has just left to go out of town.  She was happy to oblige (and smell a little puppy breathe for a few days) until he could get friend Mike, to pick the pup up. 
By the time I got pictures of Bella Rose with Rick, the dog was already 5 months old!  But hey we finally got one! 
Bella Rose is growing like a weed.  She has one blue eye and is spoiled rotten.  She goes on daily jogs with Rick and Mike is in charge of grooming her. 
This is Rick's first sheepdog.  He first met me (Fiona) and my dog and fell in love with the breed almost 12 years ago.  He has long been a schnauzer fan and his had passed away and he did not have another dog at the time.  He had been eyeing Samson for quite some time, but really wanted a female.  Luckily we were able to help him find a young sheepie (which is actually quite rare for our rescue to get them that young).
Transport and pull:  Kimmy in B'ham, AL


Chloe- Adopted June 2012- now in S. AL

Chloe is the other puppy from the shelter.  Carolyn, our treasurer had made the trip up to GA from S. Alabama in delivery of Daisy.  The same morning the transport was happening, I asked her if she would check in on the other pup at the shelter.  Well it was love at first site. 
Carolyn has a Tibetan terrier and the puppy and her dog had a great time together.  Mind you, the puppy has quite surpassed the Tibetan in size now.  Carolyn also did not get us a picture until the puppy was almost 5 months old.  All is well at the household and Carolyn likes having a sheepie in her home again!
Transport and pull:  Carolyn in S. AL


Walley- Adopted July 2012- now in N. AL

Walley came to us after we were contacted by a shelter about a dog they had that was waiting to be reclaimed by its owner.  The owner had been tracked down, after the dog had been found on the loose, but the owner surrendered it to our the shelter.   Thank goodness.   We believe his age to be 6 and we had to name him since the owner didn't pass his name onto the shelter.   The 8 lbs of matted hair on this poor dog was terribly upsetting and it was very difficult to find a groomer to tackle this project, but amazing volunteer Betty called in a favor from a groomer and it got handled! 
Betty continued to foster this sweet dog.  He loved to kiss, was good with small children and seemed to be good with other dogs. 
Rosie and John were looking for a sheepie after they were ready again for another sheepie in their life.  Theirs had passed and the home needed a sheepie in it.  Rosie is a schoolteacher and had a few weeks left to help transistion Walley into her home before she went back to work.  Everything was smooth. 
As luck would have it, another sheepie entered their life a few short months after they adopted Walley.  She came to them after a groomer told them someone wanted to give up their dog.  So now Walley has a sister and Rosie and John have 2 new adopted sheepies to complete their home!
Rescue paid for HW test (we all rejoiced when he was negative), Rabies, all shots and had to be dewormed.
Foster and pull:  Betty in Atlanta


Beethoven Adopted in Sept- now in middle AL

Beethoven is a 7 year old tailed sheepie.  A sweet boy with a little more wet around his mouth than most sheepies, he came to us after his mother made the most difficult decision of her life to give him up.  Dealing with lupus and diabetes, she had moved in with her sister, could no longer handle his care, vet bills or give him much time. 
Beethoven was due for all vet care, so we got him microchipped and his shots, but had the unfortunate news that he was Heartworm positive.  The vet would not neuter him until the heartworms had been treated. 
New foster mom (an angel that found our rescue and her family), offered to help foster this challenging very male dog.  He was still a humper, herder, cat chaser and extremely needy and somewhat jealous.  Linda has young children, cats and had 3 other dogs in her house at the time she took him on. 
Fostering during heartworm treatment meant a minimum of a 2 month stay, but she felt she was up to the task.  After his treatment, keeping him calm amongst the activity of the other dogs was difficult, but she managed and he pulled through nicely.  Finally we got him neutered. 
After a long search, another one of our foster's mentioned she was interested and decided she was ready for a second sheepie in her home.   Our webmaster happened to be in town and got him all the way to B'ham and she picked him up.
Beethoven has joined the family and now lives with a 12 year old, and a high schooler and of course his sheepie brother.  All is well.
Foster: Linda in Atlanta
Transport:  Colin in B'ham


Bebe now Sadie - Adopted in Aug- now in Atlanta

Bebe came to us from a family in Orlando.  She was fostered and adopted after her parents gave her up because of adding to their family. She also had suffered from several yeast problems and flea problems that our rescue took care of.   Her foster/adopter changed her name to Sadie, because he said she didn't really respond to Bebe.  After a few months, he realized his original dog was miserable with another dog in the home and his hopes for them to play was just not working out so he decided to ask us to rehome her. 
Bebe made the transport trek up from Jacksonville to Atlanta.  Deb had put in an application and she currently did not have a dog, so we asked her if she was interested in fostering her and adopting her if it seemed to be working out.  Deb had taken over 2 years to make the difficult decision to have another sheepie in her life. 
Upon delivering her to Deb, who lives in a cool apt in the city, you could tell it was love at first site.  The apartment was extremely dog friendly and had a great running/walking park right behind it. 
Deb is very active and has a twin sister who has a dog as well.  They often have play dates together.  Deb takes Sadie on great walks/runs and hiking and this young almost 4 year old sheepie finally found her happy place with Deb. 
Transport: Fiona
Foster/Adoption: Deb


AVAILABLE: Captain Jack in Atlanta

Captain Jack is a special case.  He is a good looking dog and 5 years old.  He came to us because his family started having children and Jack can not be trusted around kids.  However, Jack is fine with adults and the best home for him will be a retired couple that has sheepie experience, preferrably no other dogs, but he has been fostered with a dominate female and no issues unless around bones. 
Jack is fear aggressive and his case is kind of specific.  He doesn't like anyone new.  So an active household that has lots of guests is NOT for him.  He will actively seek out another room to leave when guests arrive.  However, if the guest is a longterm guest, Jack needs and takes alot of time to accept you.  He lets you know that you can pet him by sitting at your feet with his back to you and that is where your relationship will begin.  After that he will play like a normal dog. 
Jack has been really trained pretty well.  His parents early on recognized that he had issues.   He went to 2 classes at petsmart and went to a special fear aggression training camp in Athens, GA.  He has been collar trained and his new parents need to know that when out in public, using the special collar is best for control.  However walks in the neighborhood can be completed with just a pinch collar.  Jack does react to motorcycles and bikes and dogs coming at him if they are unleashed and he is leashed.
Jack sits, down, comes and likes to play with toys.  He is crate trained, potty trained, comes with a swimming life vest and loves to play chase.   He likes to sometimes sit on your lap and kiss your face.  He loves to be pet and get kisses on his head.  Jack is perfectly normal in a regular paced home after he is familiar with his environment.
He would prefer a fenced in back yard and preferably someone who has maybe a 1/2 acre or more fenced.  He will bark at other dogs in the neighborhood if he hears them or if people are behind the fence. 
He does chase squirrels and cats, but we are working on cats.  I have one cat that is bold that has been risking and getting around the house (she wears a bell a slightly unfair advantage to the dog) and sometimes he reacts and sometimes he doesn't.  The preferred house will not have a cat or kids. 
While Jack is neutered, UTD on shots and microchipped, he requires muzzling before he enters a vets office and will require sedation that runs approx $40 in order to let vets touch him.
Jack wears a short coat that has been done by groomers.  He should always be kept in a short cut.  He will not allow most people to touch his beard hair.  Only with trust will he allow you to clean
his ears.
Jack is located in Atlanta and will need to be placed within a 4 hour or less radius of Atlanta and will be delivered via the foster mom.
Interested parties should go to www.oesrescuenetwork.org


Zeus is an owner turn in who was given up because his owner had two dogs and he was moving back into his parents home who also had two dogs which was all that was allowed in the apt. Both dogs had to be given up. Zeus is just at 38 lbs and 6 years old. He is a mix with a tail, but cute as a button. He will not get taller, but may gain a bit more weight because he was a bit thin when he came into foster care. He is living with 2 full size sheepies and is doing well with them. He can be a bit nervous and unsure to begin with, but comes around. He has some anxiety when you leave and may howl a bit or bark, but that can be worked on after he knows your schedule.  Mind you he would be perfect for a stay at home person who might be older/ possibly retired and can't handle a full size sheepie, but would like a smaller sized one!  We do feel he is a mix, but he has alot of sheepiness in his looks when his hair is longer.
Zeus is UTD on shots, neutered and microchipped and HW negative and ready for a home!  Please fill out your application at www.oesrescuenetwork.org

Sheepie Day in the PARK -Nov. 3, 2012, NORCROSS, GA

Come and join us Saturday, November 3, 2012 at 1:00pm.   We will gather at the Norcross, GA, Pinckneyville Dog Park located off of S. Old Peachtree.  Some of us will be there for 2-3 hours so if you can't make it at 1pm try to come join us a bit later.  If you would like an evite, please email FionaRB@aol.com    The evite will have the full address and info on it.

Volunteer's moving: Best wishes to Volunteers Kimmy and Colin

Colin is our webmaster who lives in Birmingham currently.  Next week he will be moving to Los Angeles for a bigger and brighter future. Colin has helped us with fostering, transporting and moral support.  He has certainly been a huge asset to our board.   While we hate saying goodbye, he will continue to be our webmaster and board member from afar.  We wish him well on his journey across the country with his sheepie and future endeavors.
Kimmy also lives in Birmingham currently, but she is moving to Oxford, MS.  Kimmy has helped us with 3 or 4 transports and fostering.  Her additional help in the Birmingham area has been so helpful.  She recently added baby Roxie to her family.  She and her husband Chilly and their pup Dudley will now be closer to Chilly's family.  Luckily for us.. I think she might be able to help us still in North Mississippi  : )
Needless to say, if you are in the Birmingham area.. we have a serious need now for volunteer/fostering help! 

Contacting US:

This year alone we have had over $8000 in operating costs for basic healthcare, grooming, transporting, foster costs, Heartworms and training.  As you know we never recover the cost of our medical bills from our adoption fees.  If you have spare money and are looking for a 501c3 charitable organization, please consider ours.  We will send you a receipt.  Donations can be made on our website via our paypal link or to our Treasurer below.  Thank you for your consideration.
Donations can be made to:
Attn: Carolyn Vaisin
12878 Saddlebrook Circle
Fairhope, AL   36532
You may also visit our website where we have a Paypal link on our site.
Please fill out the Membership page if you are interested in donating $20 or more
For questions or comments on this newsletter or removal, please contact:
email:  placement@oesrescuenetwork.org

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