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No two immigrant poets are the same. Even those from the same country don’t necessarily answer to the same poetics or, for that matter, speak to the same concerns. How, then, do immigrant poets in America define themselves? How do they see and position themselves within the landscape of American poetry or the poetic traditions of their own country? Who might they consider their influences? Answers to these questions are complex, individual, and varied, as seen with the essays we hope to include in this anthology.


Call for Submissions:


Black Lawrence Press is now accepting submissions for an anthology of essays by immigrant poets in America, celebrating their contributions to the landscape of American poetry. The title, Others Will Enter the Gates, is taken from Walt Whitman's poem, "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry".


Immigrant poets living in the United States are invited to submit essays of between 700-5000 words for the anthology. Poets can address one of four themes in their essays:


1) Influence(s)

2) How the poet’s work fits within the American poetic tradition

3) How the poet’s work fits within the poetic tradition of his/her home country and

4) What it means to be a poet in America.


Essays can be creative or academic. However, essays need to be accessible since the anthology is also for a general audience.


Abayomi Animashaun, Nigerian émigré and author of The Giving of Pears, will serve as editor. Questions? You may contact him at


Submissions will be accepted via Submittable


Deadline for submissions is April 15, 2013.




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