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The GDROMN Newsletter

November 2012


Fun Facts

Three Dog Night is an American rock band best known for their music from 1968 to 1975. The group had three US #1 songs,: "Mama Told Me Not to Come", "Joy to the World", and "Black and White". 


Did you ever wonder where the band name originated? It is said the indigenous Australians on a cold night would sleep in a hole in the ground while embracing a dingo, a native species of wild dog. On colder nights they would sleep with two dogs and if the night was freezing, it was a "three dog night".


As an added bonus to the fun facts this month, have you seen the Guinness World Record's tallest dog?

Recent Events


Bay View Bark ~ Indoor dog park

Milwaukee, WI


On Saturday, October 20th, Bay View Bark hosted their first annual Howl-o-ween costume contest benefiting the Great Dane Rescue of MN and WI.  All four legged friends in costume were welcome.




Bay View Bark (BVB), located in Milwaukee WI, is an indoor dog park that offers training, grooming and hosts a wide range of events.  Sue, Julia and the BVB team provided prizes for our costume winners, raffle prizes, treats for the dogs, food and drinks for the owners and just an over all great night of fun. 







Judi, who runs Agility Possibilities, was also on hand at BVB and  had a Halloween theme agility course set up and a bunch of fun games and prizes.  The dogs favorite game was 'bobbing for hot dogs'.  We had a lot of winners on that one.

























Our Great Dane Rescue volunteers and Danes were out in full force Saturday night as well.  Donner one of our current adoptable's was there (back left), as well as past rescues:  Halo, Prince, Blue, Moose, Darcy and Lola (Lola is the only one not pictured in our group photo). 


























Our first event  in Milwaukee was a huge success for the Rescue.  Watch for future emails and postings on a Christmas event at BVB.  They are planning on pictures with Santa and having a holiday bake sale.  GDROMN hopes to be there again promoting our Danes with a table set up of holiday goodies for sale.


Thank you to all that participated and helped to make this first event a success.  Thank you to Sue and her team at Bay View Bark, Sue with Agility Possibilities and of course, all of our volunteers and Danes!



























Every year a different district in the US hosts the Great Dane National Specialty Shows.  This year the location of the event was Topeka, Kansas.  National's lasts several days and the activities include a showing of some of the top Danes in the country, educational seminars, and raffles to raise money. 


Ann drove to Topeka on Sunday the 21st of October and returned the 27th.  While there she helped man the rescue raffle booth and also helped the Heart Of Minnesota Great Dane Club with an event.  All proceeds from the rescue booth are divided to those rescues who had people there working the booth.  GDROMN will be getting a large portion of the money as we put in the most hours.


To see photos of the event go to

and follow the menu to the event.  Over 500 Great Danes were shown this year.




Ann manning the raffle booth.



























Upcoming Events

Pause 4 Paws

One of the biggest rescue events for the year is Pause 4 Paws on November 8th.  This evening includes music, entertainment, pets (including several Great Danes!), and lots of auctioned items.  See their website for tickets and auctions.




Holiday Portraits


11804 Kennelly Road

Burnsville, MN

October 15 - December 10



Flash Digital Portraits

8069 Wedgewood Lane N

Maplegrove, MN

October 24 - November 14

Foster Homes Needed

We are in serious need of homes to foster the Great Danes.  It is a big job but very rewarding to know that you helped find a home for one of these beautiful animals and maybe even saved its life.


As a foster family, I'd like to share a story or two.  Our first foster dog arrived from a hoarder house where she lived with constant cruelty.  She was terrified of everything especially people.  She was such a sad girl and her eyes were vacant.  She was so afraid that someone would hurt her, she'd gone far into her own mind to turn off the world around her.  We gave her love, good food, and a warm place to rest her head.  After only a few weeks, she started to trust, her eyes became focused, and she looked forward to a pat on the head.  Within a few months she became the puppy she was never allowed to be.  She ran, she jumped, she played with toys, and her eyes said it all.  She was excited to have people that she loved and loved her back but best of all was the fact that she greeted each day with sheer joy.


Our second foster dog was starved and abandoned.  She was a very special girl with a strong resolve to survive.  She thought her survival came with nabbing my bread off the kitchen counter tops but that was a small price to pay and soon she trained us in to keep our bread in the refrigerator!  In time, she too found a loving forever home. 


We are currently on our third foster dog.  Each one has come with their own history, their own challenges, and certainly their own charm.  We view them as deserving better than what they've had and if they are a little rough around the edges, it is our job to polish them up and get them ready for their forever homes. 


We happily move on to the next dog because we know our former foster dogs will be loved in their forever homes and there is always another dog that needs our help. 


To quote a poem by an unknown author:


I walked into the shelter,

The owner greeted me.

She was helping Misty learn to trust.

She was struggling I could see.


I said, "Tell me why you bother,

Why you waste your time this way.

Misty's only one of thousands,

Does it matter anyway?"


And she said, "It matters to this one.

She deserves a chance to grow.

It matters to this one.

I can't save them all I know.


But it matters to this one,

I'll help her be what she can be.

It matters to this one,

And it matters to me.


Being a foster family is a great gift for these Gentle Giants.  Think about being a foster home and if you'd like to try it out, fill out the foster application on our website.



Winterizing the Dane Farm

Some light work is needed at the Dane Farm in Siren, WI.  Would anyone be interested in coordinating a clean up crew for Saturday, November 17th?  Please contact Ann if you are willing to coordinate/supervise.


Several items need to be addressed such as dog crates draped in plastic sheeting, insulation boards put behind all the crates, the windows covered with plastic, and the weeds whacked around the three acre fence line for starters

Help Wanted

Who out there can find time in their schedule to help the Rescue a few hours a month?  If we can build our volunteer lists, we can help find homes for these wonderful dogs without costing too much of any one persons time.   It can be so much fun interacting with the other volunteers and meeting the rescue Danes at events and gatherings.  Who out there has too many friends?  No one!!  It's not a financial commitment but a commitment of your time and talents.  Please seriously considering helping.


We are currently in need of a few coordinator positions:

Fundraiser (small events) Coordinator

Reunion Coordinator

Transportation Coordinator

Public Relations (getting our name out in the public domain)


We are always in need of people to help at events.  These can be a lot of fun having the opportunity to share information about the Great Dane breed and showing off our beautiful dogs.


Please go to our website today and sign up to volunteer.


Click on the Foster link or the Non-Foster link and fill out the application to volunteer.  You will be contacted by someone at the Rescue after you submit your application.  Thank you for considering to give of your time.

Danes Available for Adoption

October started with three Great Danes waiting for adoption.  During the month:


Bella was adopted

























Lucy, Armani, and Pebbles (not shown) joined the rescue during the past month.






















October ended with five Danes waiting for their forever homes (Donner, Ava, and the three new Danes).

In this issue:

Fun Facts

Recent Events

Upcoming Events

Foster Homes Needed

Winterizing the Dane Farm

Help Wanted

Danes Available for Adoption


November 8, 6pm - 11pm


Medina Entertainment Center, MN


PetSmart Photos with Santa


December 8-9

Maplewood, MN

December 8-9

Roseville, MN

December 15-16

Maple Grove, MN

December 15-16

Roseville, MN

December 22-23

Maplewood, MN


February 23

Forrest Lake Rotary Club

Winter Plunge 2013

Great Dane Rescue of MN WI • Po Box 007 • Albertville, MN 55301
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