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INCTR Newsflash - November 2012

News in Brief

AFCRN Delivers Tailored Trainings in Sub-Saharan Africa



The African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN) was formally inaugurated on March 1st, 2012. It is supported via the Cancer Registry Programme of the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR).  Read more.


INCTR Brazil Mentors Medical Students from Lund University in Sweden


In late November, four medical students from Lund University in Sweden will begin their field work in São Paulo, Brazil at the Santa Marcelina Hospital under the mentorship of Dr Sidnei Epelman, President of INCTR Brazil.  Read more


8th National Cancer Research Institute Conference, Liverpool, UK

 INCTR was invited to host a symposium on “Cancer in the Developing World” at the 8th National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Conference. The conference was held November 4th through 7th in Liverpool, UK. Dr Ian Magrath gave opening remarks for the symposium and speakers included Dr Max Parkin, Director of INCTR’s Cancer Registry Program, Dr R Sankaranarayanan from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and Dr Rajendra Badwe, the Director of the Tata Memorial Centre and INCTR Board Member. The symposium attracted a large audience and was deemed very successful by the conference organizers.


SIOP’s Pediatric Oncology in Developing Countries Nursing Working Group Holds Workshop



On October 3rd and 4th, the SIOP Pediatric Oncology in Developing Countries (PODC) Nursing Working Group held a pre-SIOP conference workshop supported by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in London, led by the head of INCTR’s Nursing Oncology Program, Julia Challinor.  Read more


World Oncology Forum, “Are We Winning the War on Cancer?”

INCTR was represented at the World Oncology Forum, sponsored by the European School of Oncology, that was held October 26th and 27th in Lugano, Switzerland. The forum was entitled, “Are We Winning the War on Cancer? One question, 100 experts, one answer”. Read more.


WHO’s Consultation on Women’s Cancer Across the Life-Course

INCTR participated in the recent WHO consultation, “Women’s Cancer Across the Life-Course”, that was held on October 29th at WHO headquarters in Geneva. Because it is projected that the ratio between maternal mortality and breast and cervical cancer mortality will be one to one by 2025, WHO is commencing a program of work to respond to women’s health needs beyond reproductive health issues, and more specifically to strengthen its approach to women’s cancers across the life-span. Read more.


World Health Organization’s Consultation Meeting on Relationships with NGOS

The member states of WHO deemed it important to revisit and update a policy document entitled: “The Principles Governing Relations between WHO and NGOs" that was adopted in 1987. Accordingly, INCTR, which is in official relations with WHO, along with representatives of many other NGOs, attended the consultation on October 18, 2012  held at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.  Read More.


INCTR's Appeal

Children with Burkitt Lymphoma are Dying in Uganda



Unfortunately, there are presently severe shortages of chemotherapy drugs in Uganda. In fact, at St Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Northern Uganda, which is participating in INCTR’s BL study,  neither cyclophosphamide nor vincristine, which are key drugs in the treatment of Burkitt lymphoma, are available. Read more.


 Latest report on screening for women's cancers: More than 1100 women screened for cervical cancer in Nepal thanks to your donations by Surendra Bade Shrestha - Project leader



INCTR Pathology Workshop, “Lymphomas – What Can We Learn from Africa?”, January 31 st- February 2nd, 2013, Mombasa, Kenya

To view the program and register, please click here.


AMCC Retinoblastoma Conference in Lubumbashi (Democtratic Republic of Congo) on December 5th, 2012

For further information click here.


MNJ Institute of Oncology’s One Month Certificate Course in Pain and Palliative Care in Hyderabad December 3rd - 29th, 2012

To apply click here.


MNJ Institute of Oncology’s International Fellowship in Pediatric Palliative Medicine

The MNJ Institute of Oncology in Hyderabad, India is now accepting applications for fellowships in Pediatric Palliative Medicine.  This course, the first of its kind in India, started in December, 2011.  Read more.

INCTR in the media

To see Dr Magrath's interview at the 2012 NCRI meeting click here.

Recent INCTR Publications

INCTR is pleased to announce the publication, “Progress in Palliative Care in India” authored by Drs Gayatri Palat and Chitra Venkateswaran. This article was published in a special issue of Progress in Palliative Care. To read the abstract, click here.

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