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 Serpents in the Labyrinth 


Imagine this Reality

Imagine this reality....You make the choice to journey with a gentle natured teacher, a beautiful Snake and walk the Labyrinth.


What it LOOKS like is compelling and safely facilitated by Serpentessa, a Snake priestess for over 20 yrs.


What it FEELS like is incredible and impossible to imagine until you merge Body, Mind and Soul in a delicious supportive Body Hug with a Being who lives in the stillpoint of the present moment, belly to belly with Mother Earth and whose strong supple body resembles the path of the Labyrinth, an image of the deep subconscious. 


What you RECEIVE is the opportunity of a lifetime as you interact with a live Serpent and fully embody all of your personal wisdom, body ~ mind ~ soul in the power of the present moment aligning your outer purpose with your inner purpose in life.



When & Where

Join us on Sat 11/17 from 12-5 pm in the Labyrinth at Eliot House, located at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA.


By RSVP only. Please contact:




Suggested donation of $10-15 for non-students.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


For Snake questions: or 845-417-8438


There is a requisite Snake Orientation at beginning of this workshop to facilitate your Snake interaction.


Doors closed at 12:30.


Photos with Snake at end of workshop.







image of  Snake Goddess,

Temple of Knossos,

location of Cretan Labyrinth 

 1500 BCE


Serpentessa Bio

Serpentessa is a 21st century Snake Priestess, rebirthing the ancient snake wisdom into the world today through the teachings of her live gentle Snakes. Her (red tail) boa constrictors are very good-natured around multitudes of people and occasions.  For over 20 years, Serpentessa has established high precedents resulting in many verbal, visual and written testimonies from spiritual explorers endorsing the value in their lives of choosing to Snake Journey. 



Video excerpts

Sponsored by the Mount Holyoke Pagan/Wiccan Community 

MHC alums Jennifer (Jayleigh) Lewis and Megan Tatum are the Pagan/Wiccan Co-Adjunct Advisors.  We are a community committed to the spiritual development of Pagans, Wiccans, and others who are practicing their faith paths with Earth-Centered values.  We gather to strengthen our knowledge, to honor the cycles of the moon, to celebrate the eight holy days of the year that are tied to the cycles of the seasons (the equinoxes and the solstices) and to learn to live in community while developing our leadership skills, creating ritual, and having fun.


The Pagan/Wiccan community meets weekly for informal Pagan Tea Time, as well as for business meetings.  We gather for rituals to celebrate the cycles of the moon and of the seasons, and put on the Annual May Pageant for the larger community.

To be placed on the email list, please fill out a Contact Request Form.

Yearly Events

  • Pangy Day May Pole Dance
  • Festival of Many Faiths: Winter Celebration

Pagan Wiccan

Serpentessa • P.O. Box 161 • Rifton • NY • 12471

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