Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 16th Edition, December 2, 2012

EBAY Auction Fundraiser

Please check out our EBAY Auction that opened up today.  Some great gifts with Sheepie themes have been donated and many created by our very own talented Alison Sohn.  After creating a drawing and submitting it to create an actual fabric, Alison incorporated her fabric into cute sheepie themed sleep pants and shorts.  These items will be awesome for any Christmas gift or just something to spoil yourself with!  Check out these and our other auction items..  Auction runs for a little over a week and items will ship in time for Christmas.
Follow this link for our ebay auction items:

OESRescue Ebay Auction


Sheepie Day in the Park Nov 3

How exciting it was, when close to 20 sheepies got together for our Fall "Sheepie Day in the Park".  Many of us were there for 3 hours and our sheepies had quite a restful night after a big day of play. As always, the best part of this gathering is when fosters parents get to see the dogs they helped nourish and rehome,thriving with their new owners. Zambonie and Icee who were seperated just over a year ago and had not seen each other since their new rehoming, were able to meet each other again.  Their owners met for the first time as well. 
We had a couple come over from Augusta, Ga (over 2 hours away) and also Elizabeth from Florence, AL came.  Elizabeth had gotten the sheepie that was pulled from the hoarding situation a few years back.  You would never know her dog had been through the horrible life it had before it came into rescue or that it has ever had heartworms (which were treated under our care).  The dog looked gorgeous and it was such a pleasure to meet Elizabeth from so far away.
We will plan a Sheepie day event in Spring and hope you will join us!


Adopted in Spring- Sherman now Winston

From time to time, we help owners find dogs without actually acting as the rescue that pulls the dog.  The Kings had an application in with us, but at the time I did not have any dogs.  Then I got word from a shelter in Dalton, GA that a sheepdog had landed in their shelter.  I notified the Kings that the dog was available and they decided to check into him.  The agreement was if it didn't work out, we would take the dog into our rescue.  Luckily everything went very well.  
These days Winston is spoiled and loves his new family! 


Molly in TN-Summer Adoption

Molly is another case where we helped someone find the dog without actually bringing the dog into rescue.  Susan had an application in with us and no other dogs at home, but had sheepie experience.  When I was notified of a Sheepdog listed on Craigslist in Knoxville, I got in touch with the person to find out what was going on and if we could help. 
The owner was looking to rehome the dog, because her life had gotten hectic, but she was very leary of just handing the dog over.  In the past, Knoxville has been an area where we need help and don't have alot of volunteer/foster homes.  Susan lived in Nashville and I told her a bit about the dog and what the owner wanted and Susan called the lady.  I had promised the Craigslist lady that I could find her someone with sheepie experience.   After the two discussed Molly and a few of her issues, Susan picked the dog up. 
Molly had had better days, she was thinner than she should be.  She had some anxiety issues and was not real fond of men.  Her teeth were worn down and she hated thunder. 
Through alot of patience, vet care (9 teeth pulled) and trust, the dog has come along amazingly.  She is so happy with her new owners and the solid environment they provide her.   She is very much loved and Molly is really doing well with Susan's husband now.  She just needed patience and the right home! 


More pix of ZEUS in TULSA

Zeus is still with us and we need help spreading the word.  Zeus is in Tulsa and that is the very outer edge of our coverage area.  So if you have friends in or near Tulsa or ARK and looking for a dog, this little boy is finally gaining some weight and is around 45lbs now.  he is the perfect pint sized tailed sheepie (mix).  He loves to play ball.  He is doing great with the two full sized sheepies in the house.   We'd love to have him placed by the holidays!  Applications at www.oesrescuenetwork.org 
UPDATE:  We may have a home lined up for Zeus in Raleigh.. if you think you might be able to pull a leg in an upcoming transport between Tulsa and Asheville, we would greatly appreciate your assistance.. contact FionaRB@aol.com  with "transport" in the subject line


AVAILABLE: Captain Jack in Atlanta

Captain Jack is a special case.  He is a good looking dog and 5 years old. He came to us because his family started having children and Jack can not be trusted around kids. However, Jack is fine with adults and the best home for him will be a retired couple that has sheepie experience, preferrably no other dogs, but he has been fostered with a dominate female and no issues unless around bones.

Jack is fear aggressive and his case is kind of specific. He doesn't like anyone new. So an active household that has lots of guests is NOT for him. He will actively seek out another room to leave when guests arrive. However, if the guest is a longterm guest, Jack needs and takes alot of time to accept you, but should come around.  He lets you know that you can pet him by sitting at your feet with his back to you and that is where your relationship will begin.  After that he will play like a normal dog.

Jack has been really trained pretty well. His parents early on recognized that he had issues. He went to 2 classes at petsmart and went to a special fear aggression training camp in Athens, GA. He has been collar trained and his new parents need to know that when out in public, using the special collar is best for control. However walks in the neighborhood can be completed with just a pinch collar. Jack does react to motorcycles and bikes and dogs coming at him if they are unleashed and he is leashed.
Jack sits, down, comes and likes to play with toys.  He is crate trained, potty trained, comes with a swimming life vest and loves to play chase.  He likes to sometimes sit on your lap and kiss your face.  He loves to be pet and get kisses on his head. Jack is perfectly normal in a regular paced home after he is familiar with his environment. He would prefer a fenced in back yard and preferably someone who has maybe a 1/2 acre or more fenced.  He will bark at other dogs in the neighborhood if he hears them or if people are behind the fence.
He does chase squirrels and cats, but we are working on cats.  I have one cat that is bold that has been risking and getting around the house (she wears a bell a slightly unfair advantage to the dog) and sometimes he reacts and sometimes he doesn't.   The preferred house will not have a cat or kids.  While Jack is neutered, UTD on shots and microchipped, he requires muzzling before he enters a vets office and will require sedation that runs approx $40 in order to let vets touch him. 
Jack wears a short coat that has been done by groomers.  He should always be kept in a short cut.  He will not allow most people to touch his beard hair.  Only with trust will he allow you to clean his ears.
Jack is quite lovable if you give him the time he needs to get to know you.  You can kiss and hug on him and pet him, just like anyo other normal dog.  He just needs patience.

Jack is located in Atlanta and will need to be placed within a 4 hour or less radius of Atlanta and will be delivered via the foster mom.
Interested parties should go to www.oesrescuenetwork.org to fill out an application.


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Your dog probably has a microchip (some do not depending on the vet's capabilities), but have you ever checked to find out if it has been registered?  In some cases our Placement director or the foster may have been the one who registered the dog.  This is as good a time as any to double check who is the registered owner of your dog.  If you need any paperwork or help transferring your dog's info, please contact placement@oesrescuenetwork.org


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