Winter Warmth

What better way to keep you warm in winter than with knits!


Knits on Ice

Winter is here. It has its icy fingers firmly round the door. What can we do about that?


"Fear thou not!"(Romeo and Juliet, Act 3, Scene 5) which in Shakespeare language means "Don't worry about that!


"Then weep no more" (in Shakespeare languagege-Stop crying)


Fight back! Of course - with knits!! Wool will keep you warm. Hat, mitts and scarf are musts in cold climates. Ironically, these half-mittens won't warm your fingers. I should knit real gloves:-) - next project!!


If you want to see more of these nice soft wrist warmers and a matching scarf, click image


Go to this link to see vintage ice knits 

Knit. Knit. Miaou.

What can better keep a kitten busy than a ball of yarn?


"Cats find a ball of yarn irresistible. It’s a ball! It’s yarn! When the human starts playing with the yarn our cat’s heart warms up like cooked toffee. Let’s do this together!" ("Cats and Knitting" Blog, google this blog to read more)





  Click image to see more of Artisaknity Knit Cards©


You can order them on Artisaknity Online Store in 2013!

A Good Read to Keep You Warm

"If we didn’t remember winter in spring, it wouldn’t be as lovely; if we didn’t think of spring in winter, or search winter to find some new emotion of its own to make up for the absent ones, half of the keyboard of life would be missing. We would be playing life with no flats or sharps, on a piano with no black keys."p.178-179 (Adam Gopnik, Winter)




 Click image to read more. 

It takes balls to knit!

If you don't knit, it's time to learn and enjoy crafts!


Enjoy Winter!!

(it takes balls too:-)



Stay warm this winter!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !





Click image to go to The Joy of Crafts Holiday Newsletter

 (lots of music there too - to keep you warm:-)

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