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Winter Newsletter in Karen's Corner

Death or Rebirth in 2012?

The Winter Solstice has been celebrated throughout various cultures going back to the beginning of time yet this particular year, 2012, it is emphasized in the West as the “End of the World—Dooms Day.” The flip side of that is a wave of people celebrating the birth of 2012 calling this Birth2012.

How interesting, two paradoxical viewpoints in the world. Sound familiar? If nothing else, this is the state of the world that we live in—full of contradictions.


From my perspective, the Winter Seaason is a time to rest, to reflect, to let go and focus within. This provides the greatest benefit for our overall health and wholeness. There is no doubt in my mind the Birth of a new era is upon us but I believe that any kind of transformation (and in this case, of human consciousness) requires a profound letting go, a death of old ways of being to make room for what is about to be birthed. This gestation will take time. The most important thing we could possibly do is take the time to go within, to reflect on what all of this means and tap into our inner truth, that small seed within each of us, spend some time with it, love it, nurture it and wait for the germination to breakthrough on it’s own, precisely at the time when it is ready. Many of us know what happens when we force Mother Nature or force our way into any experience before its ready. We kill it.


Do your best to take deep breaths this winter and take good care of yourself, eat wholesome, healthy foods. Get plenty of rest. Spend time with your family and remember your connection to the earth. I will do my best to do the same. In this way, we all can prepare the soil for what is to come.

A Personal Holiday Greeting

Seasons Greetings my friend, I hope this finds you in good spirits and filled with the joy of the of the holiday season! I always enjoy the break from routine and a chance to slow down although I admit it is difficult! 


But we have a brand New Year ahead to plan plenty more joyful moments. I am looking forward to sharing my Webcast conferencing with great topics on Health, Transformation and Wholeness. Click on the link (to the right) to join the group of like-minded individuals. Share your talents and get updates on what's to come! I will be inviting guests to speak as part of the Webcast. 


Next week I will send out my Event Calendar for 2013. Thankyou for your support throughout the year, please take advantage of the $10 savings in 2013. 

Hope to see you in person or on-line soon!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

                                                                                       Love & Blessings


Join a Healthy like-mind Community

The Webcast Community is up and running, I only need you to join in. It is F.R.E.E. and is easy to sign-up.

Create a BigMarker account at Health/Transformation/ Wholeness 

Here is the line-up of weekly conferences on Tuesdays:


Jan 8th, 8PM:

Put Your Health in Your Own Hands


Jan 15th, 8PM:

Need Help with that New Years Resolution?


Jan 22nd, 8PM

Holotropic Breathwork: Moving Towards Wholeness


Jan 29th, 8PM

Why Pain-Meds are not Pain-Free.


Hope you can join us!

The Power of Myth and Archetype

Location for this 4-week class starting Monday, Jan. 7th will be in Friendship Hall at First Unity in St Pete


Karen will use Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell's theories on the benefits of identifying with stories and symbols.

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Karen Castle


Expires: 2/28/13

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