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About Vermillion



Tues/Wed/Thurs & Sunday: 4pm-12am



Closed Monday

Happy Hour Specials: 4-7 daily

$3 Washington Wine

$3 Well drinks!

$2 Rainier Tall Cans







Our Mission Showcasing dedicated, professional artists, Vermillion offers art, wine, beer, cocktails, and a daily seasonal menu in a unique, comforting setting. Located in the bustling Pike/Pine corridor and part of a new concept of hybrid gallery spaces, we offer the culture and appeal of an art opening every night without the crushing crowds.



OSCILLATE: Art Celebrating Light and Movement 


Various Artists


OPENING Thursday, January 10, 2013, 6-10pm. FREE

(show runs through February 8, 2013)

Blitz! Second Thursday Artswalk is January 10.


Artists panel discussion on

Wednesday, Feb 6, 7:00-8:30pm.

This show celebrates the human capacity to manipulate light and electromagnetism to shape sensory experiences of movement.  


Works from thirteen artists and technologists were selected to reflect playful, innovative trends that emerge as artists embrace technology, and technologists embrace art.  


Projects include Anthrolume: a wearable, computer-controlled light suit with 250 LEDs, Meteoroleum: a window of programmable lights representing oscillations of Seattle weather, a Self-animating Seesaw, driven by hand-wound electromagnets controlled by a microcontroller, and Tesla’s corpse: a kinetic sculpture visualizing electromagnetic flux lines.


Briar Bates A Frock of Crows

Doug Bell Fly Through a Fractal

Michele Boland Particle

Peter Divide SeeNoEvil

Shelly Farnham Robot Marilyn

Ben Flaster Tesla’s Corpse

Nadja Haldimann Gaps. Cracks. Revelations 

Jeff Larson & kEvin Friberg This is a Present from a Small Distant World

Josh Lind Meteorolumen

Shellee Miggins Light Emitting Diodes are Killing Me

Mario Nima Self-animating Seesaw & Box with a Universal Connector

Bryan Ressler Anthrolume

Justin Rodda A Light Month


Curated by Shelly Farnham, Anne Blackburn, and friends of Dorkbot.  Dorkbot showcases innovative trends in contemporary art by bringing together artists and technologists who work with electricity in a significant way either in their art or in its creation.



vermillion • PO box 20628 • seattle, WA 98102
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