"Saving Moore Animals"


        Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

             December 2012



Pooch of the Month:  Charlie




Charlie is a spirited terrier mix who celebrated his first birthday on Nov 9.  He came to live at Moore Humane Society because his family could no longer afford to take care of him properly.  Shelter staff and volunteers describe Charlie, a neutered male, as goofy and playful, and say that he loves to run and play with the other dogs in his play group. He also loves to go for walks around Hillcrest Park, and when our volunteers stop at a park bench for a short rest, Charlie is happy to jump onto the closest lap to snuggle.  Yes, he's a cuddle bug!  Charlie is full grown but still has the energy of a puppy, so he’ll need a family with dog experience to help him learn some self-control.  Once calm, he behaves quite well.  Are you the right person to bring Charlie home for the holidays? 





Kitty of the Month:  Sammy


Looking for a new cat to add to your family this holiday season? Meet Sammy, a neutered adult male with fun black-and-white coloring and an adorable stubby tail. Found as a stray, he is very well socialized and enjoys the company of both people and other cats. Sweet Sammy’s wish list includes fun toys and yummy treats, but all he really wants for Christmas is a fur-ever family to love. Will you make his dream come true?




If you're thinking that a kitten would be a better fit for your family, we have many young felines in residence... come visit and see for yourself!  We're betting that you'll find your next best friend!





Marlow Graduates from New Leash on Life Program




Marlow, our leggy yellow Lab mix, has spent the past eight weeks at the Randolph Correctional Facility, participating in the "New Leash on Life" program. This innovative partnership gives selected inmates the opportunity to develop skills and serve the community by training dogs to be well-behaved pets. 


Marlow, and his canine best buddy, Shorty, both graduated on December 13th!   Before an audience of about 30 people, each dog demonstrated what he'd learned... from basic commands to tricks to skills which could help a disabled person.



Marlow did us proud!  Responding to 50 different commands from his trainer, he proved what most of us suspected (and what Volunteer Lynn knew all along)... that Marlow is a very intelligent dog! 


As seen in the photo above, Marlow responded to the command, "Get the Mail." Pulling a rope attached to the handle, he opened a mail box, found a newspaper, and delivered it to his trainer.  He used the same skills to open a refrigerator, bringing a cold bottle of water to his trainer.


Responding to the command Chair, Marlow leaped into a wheelchair, looking very pleased with himself as he enjoyed a ride. Our giggles quickly turned to looks of amazement when he and the trainer switched places,,, with Marlow pushing!  (See photo on the right).


We are happy to report that both Marlow and Shorty are now living with their new families... and we wish them both a GREAT life!





 Updates on Our Fostered Animals



Stewie and Sampson arrived at Moore Humane Society in early October with nary a hair on their bodies.  Since then, they've received TLC, good nutrition, and lots of baths from two foster families.  Although their coats have grown in,  we've heard that they remain quite attached to their stylish winter sweaters!


In the photo, Sampson is on the left, Stewie is on the right.





Many folks have asked us about Luvie, the injured cat who was removed from a car's engine.  We are happy to report that she continues to make excellent progress, being well cared for by her foster family under Dr. Broadhurst's guidance. "Despite all of the trauma, Luvie is still amazingly sweet and affectionate. She does not like her injury being cleaned, given how tender it is... but she puts up with it rather nicely. All in all, she is doing quite well."


An update on Lazarus and Gracie, two dogs rescued by Moore Humane Society in early November.  When Shelter Manager Shelly arrived at the property, she found Laz in such an emaciated condition that she feared he would not survive the drive to the vet's office.  Gracie wasn't in much better shape.  Both dogs had been chained to trees, unable to reach food, water and shelter. They were immediately transported for emergency care.


Both dogs are with foster families, and both are doing remarkably well.  As you can see from the photo of Laz and his good buddy Noah, these horribly abused animals amaze us with their resilience, their unconditional love, and their ability to trust. We thank everyone who contributed towards their medical care.


Note:  the perpetrator of this abuse has been arrested and the court case is pending.  



About a week ago, two female puppies (just over two weeks old) were brought to the Shelter.  Anticipating that they would need to be fed every few hours with a syringe, then a bottle, Shelter Managers sought a special foster home.


Thankfully, Tammy and Fanny are safe and secure with a family that loves animals!  Mom, Dad, and four kids are enjoying their time with the pups, watching them grow and learn.


Tammy, shown above, sleeps most of the day, "but when the  clock strikes midnight, she's up and ready to go!" 


"Fanny (photo on the right) is the most lovable puppy ever. Her favorite thing is to be wrapped in a blanket and cuddled. After eating if we have her wrapped and pat her back, she actually burps!"


"We have introduced both puppies to watered down solid food and they LOVE it!"  Apparently both girls have healthy appetites! 


If you would like to join our Foster Care Program, please call the Shelter at 910-947-2631 and ask to speak with a Manager.


 Canine Elves March in Southern Pines' Christmas Parade




Moore Humane Society pooches and Volunteers took advantage of the warm weather on December 1st, participating in the Southern Pines Christmas Parade!  Our dogs wore their elfin finery, while  Volunteers sported white scarves and red Santa hats! 


Photo on the left... Charlie is raring to go, while Volunteer Stephanie makes minor adjustments to his costume.  









 Alumni Photo Gallery


We're always interested in hearing from folks who have adopted our pooches and kitties, providing them with  "fur-ever" homes!  We'd like to make this a regular feature of the e-newsletter, posting a few photos each month, so keep those updates coming!  (If you'd like us to post the story of your adopted furry family member, please email us at  diane@moorehumane.org. Let us know how your best friend is doing and attach your photos as jpeg files.)




"We adopted Tasha in September.  She was one of the six  black Lab puppies left in a fishing cooler on the Shelter door step!  We renamed her BoBo, which means  "kisses" in Korean.


BoBo has been an absolute joy! She is so happy, so well-behaved, and brings so much love and playfulness into our home!  Everybody that she meets says that she is a sweetheart!


We just wanted to wish everyone at the Moore Humane Society a very Merry Christmas!  Thank you for making this adoption possible!"






"We adopted Cocomo last year at the festival and brought her home the following Monday. We immediately renamed her ‘Suzie’. She very quickly adapted to us, and we to her. She is a delightful little pooch; loves her long walks, running in the back yard, enjoys our guests, and is very affectionate. She has provided us with many good laughs, and is generally just good company.


I have to say she’s my wife’s dog. Suzie loves Mom; she likes me when I’m fixing myself some breakfast! She has not missed a meal.  Just wanted to let you know that Suzie is more spoiled than ever and is thriving well."





Pebbles and her family came visiting the Moore Humane Society  booth during AutumnFest in Southern Pines!  It's obvious that she's healthy, happy, and well loved... as is her due!


We love seeing our "alumni" at these events!









Maybel, a beagle mom, was adopted this Fall. All four of her pups have also found their "fur-ever" homes!


"Maybel is now called Suzie! I've been trying to take a photo of her...I hope this one comes through! She has since moved from the throw rug to the chairs and sofas - no time wasted in making herself the queen!!"








"Just wanted to provide some follow up. Cesar (formerly Bronco, the chocolate Lab in the photo) has done great. Yes, he is true to his breed and quite a chewer. He's a smart dog... learned the invisible fence boundaries very quickly. He is microchipped. Cesar is very happy and gets plenty of exercise (no fat Labs in our house)!"





"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


 Join Our Volunteers!



Looking for an enjoyable and rewarding activity to share with your kids?  Do you have a soft spot for animals and would love to help them but can't adopt? Consider joining our Volunteers!


The first step is to attend the Volunteer Orientation (usually the second Saturday of each month, unless we have an event conflict).  Please visit our website at www.moorehumane.org and click on the Volunteer tab.  Register to attend and we'll be in touch!



Many volunteers walk and socialize dogs and puppies.  Above, Volunteer Linda takes a leisurely stroll around Hillcrest Park with Sicily, who was trained with a Gentle Leader collar and a backpack... as Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan says, "Some dogs just need a job." 


Volunteers working in the Cat and Kitten Rooms at the Shelter help socialize and care for the animals.  Here Volunteer Melissa  bathes a kitten.  "They don't hate it as much as people think," she explained to onlookers!  If you love kitties, this is a great opportunity to share that love!  


Many of our volunteers participate in the various adoption events held throughout the year. The  Moore Humane Society booth draws a lot of attention at AutumnFest, HollyFest and SpringFest... we participate in the St. Patrick's Day, July 4th, and Christmas Parades... and we showcase our animals at  PetSmart Adoption Events.



Here, Volunteer John loves up Spud at the December PetSmart Adoption Event.  One weekend each month, Moore Humane Society staff transports some of our animals to the store, and volunteers are essential to the success of the event. We've been told by many store customers that our pooches are very well behaved, calm, and well groomed!  (And sometimes they are in costume!)


If these activities sound like fun, join us!   Whichever activity or event appeals to you, Lead Volunteers are available to show you the ropes and get you started!


If you would like to help out as a Volunteer Kennel Attendant, please contact a Shelter Manager at moorehumane@embarqmail.com or call 910-947-2631 .





Sassy's Been Making a List... of Necessities for the Dogs (and Cats!)


Sassy arrived at the Shelter after her owner passed away. She's a cuddler who is most comfortable sitting on someone's lap, or snuggled into a shoulder.  "What I love most about the colder weather in general, and the holiday season in particular, are the designer sweaters!  I find this little number quite flattering! I admit to being partial to bright colors, especially red and green.  So festive!  And I would not be averse to wearing a mini Santa hat, if only it wouldn't squish my ears!"  

 - Topical Tick and Flea Treatment: Advantage for cats 

    (and Advantix for dogs)

 - Friskies canned cat food (Turkey and Giblets)

 - Purina Pro Plan dry food for cats/kittens

 - Shampoo for kittens and puppies

 - Pet Food: Purina Pro Plan dry food for dogs/pups

 - Tall cat trees

 - Washable toys for cats and dogs

 - Non clumping clay kitty litter

 - Stainless steel puppy bowls

 - Canned puppy food (ground, not chunky; non-gravy,


 - Canned dog food (non-gravy, please)

 - Harnesses for dogs, all sizes

 - Gentle Leader collars for dogs, all sizes

 - ThunderShirts, all sizes



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Mark Your Calendars!

Gimme Five Canned Food Drive! November 12 - December 19, 2012

Moore Humane Society is a beneficiary of the canned food drive sponsored by First Casualty Insurance Group of Southern Pines.  Last year, over 12,000 cans were donated and delivered!  The bar has been raised for 2012 with a goal of 25,000 cans!  Drop off cans of cat and dog/puppy food for Moore Humane Society at the FCIG office on Turner Street, and FCIG will match your donation!


New Volunteer Orientation, Saturday, January 5th, Noon - 2:00 PM at the Shelter

Please register online; visit www.moorehumane.org and click on the Volunteer tab.


PetSmart Adoption Weekend, Saturday, January 12th and Sunday, January 13th

Come visit some of our beautiful animals... you just may find your new "fur-ever" friend!



Coming in January:  The Cat's Out Of The Bag!


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