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February Issue Highlight


A revolution in digital signage is underway. Today's digital signage is much more than just a display. It has gone from simply replacing paper signs to becoming an interactive and engaging portal, offering a whole new way to engage consumers, employees, citizens, and more.

Cisco Edge 300 Series

The Cisco Edge 300 Series enables a next-generation digital connected room experience. This all-in-one device delivers consolidated computing, wired and wireless LAN, and full media connectivity. Consolidated in-room connectivity and simple provisioning and management reduce total cost of ownership.

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Cisco Digital Media Player 4310

Cisco Digital Signage is a complete, platform for interactive media experiences. Now you can easily deliver and manage applications to communicate, connect, and engage. Imagine delivering compelling and interactive media to any store, bank, manufacturing floor, or hospital, to engage customers and employees in a whole new way.

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Digital Media Signage Cloud Service by MITCOM

In collaboration with Nexus On-Demand

Digital Media Signage Cloud Services is a simple way to manage apps from the cloud for digital signs, interactive kiosks, and mobile devices with integration of Cisco infrastructure. With this new offering, we hope to transform digital media solutions to be a more affordable solution for every organization.


It is a platform to create passive and interactive apps for digital signs to inform and entertain. Various design templates help to quickly build an app or choose to design and completely customize apps from scratch.


Enquire us today for our detailed services.

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