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Dervish Monthly Newsletter


Happy Spring everyone!


Well the weather certainly is mirroring all the clearing going on! At last we can enjoy the joy of Spring! Lots to interest you this month again, lovely new products, classes and workshops. Enjoy the read and have a wonderful month...


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In This Issue

BEYOND ILLUSION with MAJA BRATUZ - International Workshop Facilitator from Slovenia - Weekend Healings Feb 1,2,3

Free EFT Talk Sat Feb 9th

Therapy Rooms Slots Available

Monthly Articles- ''Dietary Thoughts from Dr Peter", "Bring in some Sunshine with Aura-Soma Yellow Pomander", "Flourite-'Redefinition' by Sinéad De hÓra

Events in the Community - Next Nataraja Nites, Naked Voice Workshop, Angel Workshop,  Platform Fledgling Mediumship Demonstration, Angelico Meditation Heal Your Spirit 2 Day Workshop

Therapies at Dervish- Aura-Soma Colour, Angel Readings, Bodywork, Transformational Breathwork, IET, Homeopathy, Reiki, Soul Work, Spiritual Counselling, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Tai Chi, Tarot and Weekly Classes

New Yoga Matters Yoga Mats!

We are after getting in a colourful array of lovely new yoga mats for beginning your yoga journey and beyond! Yoga Matters sticky yoga mat will wear in to develop excellent grip, so you can wave goodbye to sliding hands in downward dog. At 4.5mm thick, this mat provides sufficient soft cushioning to protect knees and bottoms from hard floors below. The mats are high grade PVC (AZO, DOP, phthalate and latex free), and cost 28 euros.Yoga Matters only work with suppliers who trade fairly and ethically, and do their utmost to minimise and reverse our contribution to climate change: using sea freight, re-using as much packaging as possible, and they offset all carbon emissions.



New Lotus Flower Tea light Holders 


This lotus flower-shapedcandle holder is delicately formed from Capiz shell, which is the outer shell of a marine mollusk also known as the windowpane oyster. They can be found in abundance in the shallow coastal waters of the Phillipines. As the candle is sheltered inside the 3 layers of capiz shells it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use (but not in direct sunlight). To clean the holder, just wipe it with a damp cloth.


11 euros each







New Range of Irish-made Beeswax Candles

Rainbow Candles was founded in 1985 by Pete Kern in an old farmhouse just outside the picturesque village of Dromahair in Co. Leitrim. These beautifully-smelling candles burn really well. The speciality of beeswax candles lies in their pure nature. The differences between beeswax candles and ordinary candles made from parrafin, are very simple:


- Raw material is collected by bees      - Raw material from crude oil 

- It is a renewable resource                    - Limited Resource

- Natural scents                                        - Artificial Scents

- No chemicals involved                        - Mass-produced

- Pure natural product   






International Workshop Facilitator from Slovenia - Weekend Healings Feb 1,2,3

Join us for a transformational healing workshop, experience the connection to Universal love, inflame light, power, passion and joy within!


We will go through personal transformation, group selfhealing, guided meditation, self-observing and exploration, as well as moving with the emotions.

You will learn Tibetan poses, morning relaxation, chakra cleansing with sound, intuitive massage, exercises to raise energetic sensitivity…

These processes bring us an amazing experience of more fully recognizing our true balance, state of health, well being and creative potentials. You will be immersed in a high energy of illumination, Natural healing as well as physical, energetic and emotional processes.


MAJA BRATUŽ is an internationally recognized healing facilitator who has dedicated her life to her own personal development. She has been rediscovering through the beautiful connection with nature, the mystery of old Slavic ancestory that she carries inside. She experientially studies human mind and psyche, different traditions and methods which all has brought her to the space beyond the illusion … where we can be who we are, reconnected to ourselves, to the others, to the planet, to the universal intelligence. This is her first time in Ireland.


WEEKEND Sessions

Friday, 1st February…  6pm – 9pm…. 30€

PRIVATE SESSIONS of Reconnective Healing and Transformational Healing 70€

For details and registration: please contact Zara Talic by email at or call 089-4403041



Free EFT Talk Sat Feb 9th

Dealing with Emotional Eating and Cravings?

  • Are you struggling with food and body image?
  • Are you interested in how Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help you break free?

Please join Sheila O’Driscoll (AAMET Level 3 Advanced) Emotional Eating and Energy Expert at Dervish on Saturday 9th February 2013 from 1.30pm to 3pm for a free talk.


Places are limited, to book your place please contact Sheila O’Driscoll at or 086 3330210.

Therapy Rooms Slots Available

There are some free slots available for evening classes and weekend work



Wed eves until 8pm

Fridays until 7pm



Call Dervish for details:

021 427 8243

Monthly Articles- ''Dietary Thoughts from Dr Peter", "Bring in some Sunshine with Aura-Soma Yellow Pomander", "Flourite-'Redefinition' by Sinéad De hÓra

A Happy Homeopathic New Year 2013 to all!


Here’s a Dietary Thought to Start the New Year by Unknown Doctor

1. The Japanese eat very little fat.

2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat3. The Chinese drink very little red wine.                                          

4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine.

5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats



CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is what kills. BUT FOR THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO STILL SPEAK ENGLISH TRY HOMEOPATHY


For a fully informed choice contact Dr Peter, Homeopathy 4 Health, (087) 2621943





"Bring in some Sunshine with AURA-SOMA® Yellow Pomander" by Caroline Flavin


The sun may be shining for this first day of Spring, but we know how it can be here in why not use a little extra help to infuse your day with a little sunshine and sparkle! This little bottle is an antidote to the blues. Being yellow it also helps clear the mind and brings clarity of direction and innate wisdom into any situation.

Aura-Soma pomanders are made from the energies of plants, crystals and colour and are created to keep the subtle energies around our body (our aura), cleansed, strengthened and protected. You can pop these easy-to-use, beautifully-fragranced vials into your pocket or handbag and apply them throughout the day. And they last for ages!Contact Caroline on 085 222 7557 for Aura-Soma colour consultations, talks, courses and products. See for more info.












Fluorite - ‘Redefinition’ by Sinéad De hÓra


Having arrived in the new lands of 2013, having journeyed through the birth canal of 21.12.2012, where have we found ourselves? Certainly, whatever body temple you are housed in, we have all been having varying experiences this last few months. So which crystal ally can guide us now, no matter what manner of experience you may are having… Fluorite.

Each colour and form of which, serves to re-define our beings and our experience of reality. As we move and expand into 5th Dimensional light, a myriad of emotions and energies in each of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies have come up for cleansing and transmutation.

Yellow Flourite © Crystal Imagist                     


As we download and integrate this new light on Earth, yes, much is being brought up and held close to our eyes whereby there is no way we cannot see it! The ‘light-fuel’ of the 5th Dimension is such that it enables us to reach the great fathomable depths of our being - before undiscovered and unknown. While this upheaval goes on, Fluorite serves in clearing and releasing energies and thoughts from the body, mind and emotions; as the old is cleared out, renewed annals of light are furrowed through to help ground and integrate more light to spur us further in our journey... Click here to read more >>



Events in the Community - Next Nataraja Nites, Naked Voice Workshop, Angel Workshop,  Platform Fledgling Mediumship Demonstration, Angelico Meditation Heal Your Spirit 2 Day Workshop

In this section of the newsletter we'll be featuring some of the events going on and around Cork..stay tuned..

Nataraja- The Lord of the Dance- Dance your way into Spring!


Saturday February 2nd, come join us to dance at Nataraja Nites....Dance... have chats in between dancing... in a beautifull space decorated with silk saris, Himalayan salt lamps, lotus tea lite lamps, cushions, flowers.. the air scented with essential oil blends....enjoy a cosy, magic atmosphere sipping yummy chai. Chill out and pick from a range of Angel and Spirit card decks....This night is alcohol and drug-free, and non-facilitated.

The meditation center at Bessborough, Mahon  8pm-midnite, 12 euros or 10 euros concession...and a chocolate strawberry on entry!!


See 'like' us and get updates!

Spread the word and see you on the dancefloor ;) 


Note: there is Google map and driving directions of how to get there on our Facebook page, aswell as bus directions. If you wish to carpool, please leave a message on the Facebook page.




Angels United


Next Workshop to be held on 9th of February 2013. Angels 101 and Healing with Angels. Annelies Hoornik teaches the Angel Expert® workshops once a year in Cork. She is a well known Angelic teacher and author of several Angel books and visualisation Cds. All workshops are aimed at improving your communication with the angels and teaching you how to be a clear angelic channel for their divine messages.


For further information you can visit  our website







Naked Voice Workshop with Mary Doherty Sat Feb 23rd 10am-6pm


''Pure music is as big as space. It is God. It is pure knowledge. It is the secret of allowing the pure sound of the Universe to flow through you'' (Mother Amma)


Through the core, Naked Voice practices of Sound, Chant, Meditation, Movement and Poetry:

  • Develop a solid, daily sound and meditation practice
  • Explore your own voice
  • Unlock the "pure music", the Soul embodied and expressed in breath and sound

"Allow more space for the energy of music to flow within you" (Mother Amma)


Contact Mary Doherty Naked Voice Facilitator

Tel: 087 297 0858 

Location: 22 Patrick's Hill, Cork

Cost: €70




Platform Fledgling Mediumship Demonstration



Thursday 21st of Feb

Metropole Hotel @ 7.30pm

For people who are developing mediumship demonstration skills. All levels welcome.

For all enquires contact

Nora on 087 2831151





Angelico Meditation Heal Your Spirit 2 Day Workshop, Meditation Challange

  • Bringing abundance, balance and spirit into your life
  • Align and heal all chakra pointsVenue: City CentreDate: 23/24 FebruaryCost: €60 per day Limited places. For bookings and enquiries: 087 666 3635 or 087 283 1151Qualified I.T.E.C. Stress Management Tutor and N.C.F.E. Counsellor


Therapies at Dervish- Aura-Soma Colour, Angel Readings, Bodywork, Transformational Breathwork, IET, Homeopathy, Reiki, Soul Work, Spiritual Counselling, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Tai Chi, Tarot and Weekly Classes

Click on the link below to see Weekly Classes at Dervish


Aura-Soma Colour/Integrated Energy Therapy(Angelic Healing) with Caroline Aura-Soma is a form of colour therapy, energy work and soul therapy. Aura-Soma products are made from the healing energies of colour and light, plant extracts, essential oils, crystals and gems. During a consultation you get to see your soul at a deep level through your choice of four coloured bottles. Click here for more info >>



Dr Peter Darashah Homeopathy

A highly qualified, widely experienced and gifted physician. As Cork’s leading Classical and Contemporary Homeopath he addresses a wide range of symptomatic conditions. Click here for more info>>Tel: 087 2621943

E-mail: Website:




Tricia Lane Soul Work/Reiki

Soul reconnection to whatever needs clearing or rewarding in your life at present. Includes energy work and card readings. Each energy session is different. Individual reiki teaching, energy work & conversation on your soul path. Friday evenings 7-9pm: Meditation & Card Readings, Reiki Share/Healing circle, 15 Euro

Call Trish for info 087-6557206




Lou Martin Intuitive Counsellor/Channel/Healer

Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth Study Group, Sundays 6pm to 7:30pm, Starting Feb 3rd, 10 Weeks, €10 Donation Open To All Sundays 7:30 pm – 9pm,  Open Healing Circle

Meditation, Channeling, Q&A, Tools & Techniques

Tel: 353851439798



Mary Sky- Healing Practitioner; body worker, teacher of meditation and Tibetan yoga.

Sky Healing Therapies offers holistic massage to heal and recharge the body, energy balancing and clearing of the energy field, chakra clearing and recharging. Spiritual healing sessions to clear and revitalise energy flow, to heal & relax.

Click here for more info >>





Linda O'Flaherty Transformational Breathwork (Rebirthing)

Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki/Seichim Master, ReConnection Therapy.

Tel: 087 4107757  Email: Website:

Next Rebirthing Workshop: Sunday Feb 17th 10am-1pm



Ann McIlraith Tai Chi/ Reconnective Healing

Contact Ann for more info on 087-6616800


Click here for more info >>





Maria Tarot Readings

Maria has been reading Tarot cards for several years. Working holistically and driven by intuition, Maria's senses come alight differently for every person. She is honest and direct, gentle with her approach but robust with the information she is entrusted with. Weekend Bookings: Call Dervish 021 4278243. Weekday Bookings: Call Maria: 087-2708154



Visiting Therapists


ABC Awakening Bodily Consciousness- Carlos Jalon 

Carlos Jalon will be visiting Dervish again on Friday& Saturday March 15th & 16th from 10am-8pm. To book a session email Carlos at

Click here for more info on Carlos' work >>





Bernadette Phillips, M.A., B. Soc Sc 


Clairvoyancy, Angel Guidance Readings, Palmistry, Numerology & Intuitive Spiritual Coaching. Contact us here at Dervish 021-4278243 or telephone Bernadette on 087-2756282 Advance booking is required.


Click here for more info >>




Barbara Kissane- Shamanic Energy Medicine and Grandmothers Monthly Meeting

Break through your issues and move forward, expand your consciousness, move on from trauma or relationships. One to one Shamanic Healings by appointment

Barbara Hess 0860777792. Click here for more info >>





Gerry Browne - Spiritual Medium/Healer/Counsellor- 0874160056





Click here to see our Facebook Page >>




Dervish Bookshop • 50 Cornmarket Str • Cork, -----
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