The primary goal of the Love and Logic approach is NOT to make kids behave. Rather, our primary objective is to help them learn how to make themselves behave…so that they aren't dependent upon rules, regulations, laws, or incarceration to control their behavior.


At our Annual Love and Logic Summer Conference, Dr. Bob Sornson will share a variety of proven strategies for helping young people learn essential emotional self-control skills. These include:

  • Delayed gratification
  • Empathy and social responsiveness
  • The ability to calm oneself when experiencing strong emotions
  • Cause-effect thinking

Don’t risk missing Bob’s marvelous presentation. Sign up for this special event today. In the meantime, begin experimenting with one of the most powerful teaching tools offered by the Love and Logic approach: Allow your children (or your students) to overhear you talking about how you apply self-control. Examples include:

  • I saw this new TV that I really wanted, but I said to myself, "No. My old one is just fine. I'll just be all stressed out about how to pay for it."
  • The other day one of my friends said something that really made me mad. I kept having to remind myself, "Stay calm. If I say something nasty, I'll feel horrible later."
  • I always have an easier time being nice to difficult people when I remember to put myself in their shoes.

Remember: Children are typically more likely to learn when they overhear these things rather than being lectured.


Thanks for reading! See you this summer. Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.


Dr. Charles Fay


Teachers and Parents

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2013 Summer Conference

21st Century Solutions for Creating Respectful, Responsible and Self-Controlled Kids

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17th Annual Administrators Conference

Creating a Love and Logic School Culture

Gain practical skills to take the stress out of running a school. Regardless of the discipline or instructional models you are using, Love and Logic techniques will enable your staff to implement them more effectively.

July 11-13, 2013



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