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February 2013



The general meeting of the Rivers Coalition which was set for Feb. 28 is cancelled. The river advocates are continuing to participate and monitor meetings and activities of the government entities responsible for pending plans that concern possible restoration of the St. Lucie estuary and overall Everglades.


An update and assessment of the situation will be featured at the March 21 meeting of the Rivers Coalition at Stuart City Hall.


Let's get together for sure. The river still cries out for our help as we head toward rainy times and the likelihood of still more artificial discharges from Lake Okeechobee that will sully and degrade the immensely valuable estuary once again.


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Speakers Bureau!

On Tuesday, February 12th, Leon Abood, Chairman of the Rivers Coalition, addressed the Junior League of Martin County. Thirty members were present to discuss the issues we face in our attempts to save our Indian River Lagoon and St. Lucie Estuary.


There is a solution. For ways you can help please visit also for more information on the Rivers Coalition Speakers Bureau contact Todd Weissing at (772) 223-6743 or


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Calling ALL River Kidz!!!


Come join us at Florida Oceanographic Society on Saturday, March 9th (10am - noon) and help to create Nursery Reefs (Reef Balls) for our rivers.  This is a very fun, physical, hands-on project that allows the kidz to actively participate in a project that restores and houses marine life into our St. Lucie Estuary.  A partnership between Martin County, Enviro-Force (Benjamin D'Avanzo) and FOS, this experience promotes hands-on environmental education through citizen science and is not only an intricate part of developing community awareness, but also tangible evidence of a direct positive impact for our waterways that each person can take home with them and share!


Please wear your River Kidz T-shirts and sneakers and meet at FOS at 9:45am.  We will provide water and fruit.  First come, first served - only 24 kidz can participate so call soon! Parents are encouraged to stay and help too.  

Please RSVP to Nic  (Home: 223-5255 or Cell: 341-2392)


Sarah Heard mentions the River Kidz in article to the President:

Thanks, President Obama, for supporting Everglades restoration project; please help us complete the job. Click Here to view the article.


Upcoming Events!


River Kidz will be at Environmental Studies Center, Saturday, April 20th for Earth Day, painting faces and creating river awareness!


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Let's Restore the Florida Everglades! 


Stop Wasteful, Harmful Discharges to Sea. Send Excess Lake Okeechobee Water South instead of destroying our Coastal Estuaries.


We petitioners urgently ask that government agencies stop discharging unnatural flows from Lake Okeechobee into the St. Lucie River and restore the historic River of Grass southward.


Please pass along to everyone and get signatures.


Please join this campaign: Click Here to Sign - Make a difference!


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Editor: Jessica Briske


PO Box 2627

Stuart, Fl 34995





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Rivers Coalition • PO Box 2627 • Stuart, FL 34995
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