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About Vermillion



Tues/Wed/Thurs & Sunday: 4pm-12am



Closed Monday

Happy Hour Specials: 4-7 daily

$3 Washington Wine

$3 Well drinks!

$2 Rainier Tall Cans







Our Mission Showcasing dedicated, professional artists, Vermillion offers art, wine, beer, cocktails, and a daily seasonal menu in a unique, comforting setting. Located in the bustling Pike/Pine corridor and part of a new concept of hybrid gallery spaces, we offer the culture and appeal of an art opening every night without the crushing crowds.

This Thursday  

Jesse Brown, Jay Clark, Alex Johnson, Todd Lown, Zach Rockstad, Brian Sanchez. 

(Curated by Brian Sanchez)


OPENING Thursday, March 14, 2013, 6-10pm. FREE

(show runs through April 6, 2013)

Blitz! Second Thursday Artswalk is

 March 14, 2013.

Six local multidisciplinary artists come together to create an environment of individual taste and overwhelming contrast.


Jesse Brown:

Jay Clark

Alex Johnson

Todd Lown:

Zach Rockstad:

Brian Sanchez:


Friday, 3/15/13 Sharon Arnold's LxWxH. 6-9pm. FREE

The March edition of LxWxH features Mimi Allin, Joey Bates and Claire Johnson.


It's an individual piece of work by a featured artist paired with an essay or literary project by a featured writer. Each box is curated and available to collectors at the website and in person at Vermillion Friday, March 15 from 


This project was founded by Seattle artist and curator Sharon Arnold, which came out of the idea that art should be sustainable, and accessible. By collaborating with regionally local artists and writers, LxWxH provides an avenue to bring people together and collect art in an affordable and approachable way. And it supports the artists - think of it as a CSA box for art!

Friday 3/15/13 Made Like a Tree. Progressive DJ night. 9-close. FREE

Tunes this Friday (episode #4, 3.15.13) in Seattle at Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar with MF Chloe Harris and visualist Jonathan Womack, playing tunes from William BurnettScott FraserTimothy J FairplayRootz OnJesse T StewartLuke Wyatt,Rona Zi and lord knows who else... — 

Saturday, 3/16/13 Pad Pushers Showcase Vol.5. 9-close. FREE

THE FIFTH INSTALLMENT OF THE MONTHLY LO-FLYDELITY RECORDS PRODUCER SHOWCASE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------






Tuesday 3/19/13 John Boylan's Conversation 7-9pm. FREE

John Boylan is a writer, conversationalist, and provocateur. Since the 1997 he has run a roundtable conversation series about art, politics, and culture at large. The series has featured more than 300 guests, including some of Seattle’s most fascinating artists, scientists, poets, engineers, writers, musicians, composers, architects, actors, impresarios, and culture workers of all stripes. A history of the conversations is available at


This month's installation:


The Summary

This time, we’re talking about exclusion and inclusion, about welcoming in and about pushing out. See below for the whole story.


The Guests

You, this time….


The Story

I’ve been thinking lately about inclusion and exclusion. These opposing concepts tend to intertwine, and they often lie in tandem at the center of the ways in which we create our societies. They are at the root of tribalism: members of my tribe, clan, gang, platoon, ethnic group, or football team are better than those who are not members of my tribe, clan, and so forth. And they are at the core of the dynamics of adolescence: in youth, too often one is either part of the school in-crowd or the various groups who cluster around the in-crowd, or one is an outcast. Or in the case of a great true dork, even joining the outcasts is unattainable.


Exclusion and inclusion also form the root of how we build concepts of class, and of course of race, especially in terms of exclusion from place and from opportunity. And they are integral to how we build a sense of privilege. They are how we build deep friendships and exercise compassion, and how we inflict pain. They are how some of us live in exclusive gated communities, while others are exiled to a life on the street.


I’ve been wondering what would be the qualitative differences—and parallels—between these two statements: the first that old saw of white separatists, made all the more vicious for its ostensible innocuousness, “I have nothing against black people. I just don’t want to have to live next to them.” And the following: “Let’s not invite Betty to Thanksgiving dinner this year. She talks so much, and she’s bound to get into an argument with your uncle.” Is there a parallel?


In the arts, discussions of inclusion and exclusion seem to be everywhere these days. I’ve sometimes heard it said that large parts of the visual arts scene in Seattle are cliquish. I can easily see where that perception might come from, but I don’t think it’s true. To the extent that there is a certain incestuousness here, I think that it comes from laziness more than anything else.

Instances of the discussion pop up all over. 


Finally, I haven’t put together any formal guests for this conversation. As a wise friend pointed out, having invited guests to a conversation about inclusion and exclusion doesn’t make a lot of sense. As usual, you’re the experts.

Come and talk, or come and listen. Or both.

Thursday 3/21/13 Yes, Yes Books Reading. 7-9pm Suggested Donation.

Fundraiser for PSYCCity: Poetry Serving Youth City by City.


Info about this event here:


Friday 3/22/13 Gems Listening Party 7-9pm. FREE

Come hang with the band and have a first listen to our new record "Tall Mountain." Well be playing the album, hanging out to talk music, have some swag for sale, and drinking from 7-9pm....its FREE!!

Saturday 3/23/13 Flux. Dance Party! 9-close. FREE

Your March 2013 edition of Flux, brought to you by the usual suspects!DJ ResBmore Freeand vjVJA's live visual spectacles.
Queer Jams - Candy Pop - Booty Beats - Fist Pumpers
Free like always.

3/26/13 Yes, Yes Books Fundraiser. 7pm. Suggested Donation.

This event will be updated here:

3/27/13 Erik Andrews Katz Reading 5-8pm. FREE

This event will be updated here:

3/28/13 Tara Atkinson Happy Hour Book reading 5:30-6:30. FREE

This event will be updated here:

3/29/13 Vox Mod's SYN-ÆSTHETIC Album Release Show. 9pm. $5

NO SLEEP SEATTLE + VOX MOD + VERMILLION present...Vox Mod's SYN-ÆSTHETIC Album Release ShowA night celebrating aural futurism.


Featuring music by:


DJ Riz (KEXP) -


Olav (Cloudsounds, Victoria BC) -


OCnotes -


Vox Mod -


Guest vocalists and performers:


Erik Blood

Anna Marie + KMP

Irene barbaric

Trent Moorman


Visual projections by:


Ben Van Citters


Do Yon Kim


Merch available for purchase at the show:


Hand-drawn animation still from the SYN-ÆSTHETIC Album Teaser: $30


SYN-ÆSTHETIC shirt: $20

SYN-ÆSTHETIC download code: $11 (also available online April 2nd)


There are no reservations for merch - first come, first serve, and cash only.


The new album releases on Tuesday, April 2nd. Thank you all very much for your support, this is going to be fun, see you at the show!


Doors open and DJ Riz starts at 9.

$5 Cover


vermillion • PO box 20628 • seattle, WA 98102
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