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Full Moon Farm
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Howls from the Mountain

April, 2013

From the President's Pen

The Tale of Two Tails


In December, near Christmas time, we were contacted about a “wolf” near Anderson, SC, whose owner was moved to assisted care, and whose animals needed rescue.  In speaking with an anonymous angel (friend of the family), I learned that the owner had engaged caretakers to care for him and for the animals – caretakers  who were delinquent in both of those jobs.  There were 9 dogs, including the reported “wolf,” in various stages of neglect.  I was sent pictures and a video of an animal and his little Chow mix sidekick.  I was asked about the clumsy gaits that both animals had, and replied I suspected spondylitis, arthritis of the spine, and/or hip dysplasia as being the primary cause(s).


I posed the question to our Board of Directors about bringing in another animal, whom I strongly felt was related to the SC animals (Wolves of Honor) that I rescued in 2010.  It was agreed that the approximately 9 year-old male could be taken in by Full Moon Farm.  I contacted the ‘anonymous angel’, and she was overjoyed.  She was going to contact the family of the elderly owner and see if they could offer any financial assistance toward the rescue.  I replied that money was helpful, but not mandatory, as helping this old guy was paramount.

We got through the holidays and I heard from the ‘anonymous angel’ that most of the other animals were heartworm positive, and would need treatment.  There was one more glitch – the little Chow mix sidekick had no place to go.  He was deemed unadoptable, and there just are not any “dog sanctuaries.”  I went back to the Board, and they all agreed that the Chow could come with the old woofer.  In the meantime, the family of the owner sent a donation to help us with some of the expenses of the rescue and vet care.  (We are very grateful.)



Meet Mozart and Yaqui, the pitiful pair, or “the grumpy old men”!  The day of the rescue, we realized that, while these old gentlemen had hitches in their giddyups, they could flat out move if they did not want to get caught!  We got them crated, and transported to the veterinarian’s office in the morning.  Exams and x-rays determined that both are heartworm positive, both have spondylitis and arthritis, and  both have severe hip dysplasia, with Mozart (the woofer) having the worst hips the 3 vets in the office had ever seen.  If they were not heartworm positive and suffering from a bit of malnutrition, they could be candidates for hip replacement surgery.  However, neither the condition of the animals nor Full Moon Farm’s bank account would allow such an expensive surgery, and pain management, heartworm treatment and lots of love were the best we could offer our new “odd couple.” 




They have been at the Farm for 6 weeks, spending the nights indoors, sleeping on comforters and blankets.  Both have bonded deeply with Nathaniel, our caretaker, who has more patience than mere mortal men!  Rimadyl has helped, and we elected the slow kill method for heartworm treatment.  I am happy to report that the first round of doxycycline and ivermectin has been completed without any harmful side effects.  The veterinarians, and we at Full Moon Farm, have had great success with slow kill treatment, and are remaining positive that the boys will be heartworm free within the year.  We will be searching for a vet school to possibly help by donating a hip replacement surgery for at least Mozart.  In the meantime, we are keeping them comfortable, well fed, and loved tremendously.


If you would like to sponsor Mozart and/or Yaqui, please email me at, or see our website for sponsorships here


Nancy Brown


First Howl In of the Year - April 27!


We made it through winter and now it is time to open our doors once again for our monthly Howl Ins.  Our first Howl In of 2013 will be held on Saturday, April 27th from 1:00 - 6:00pm. Please join us!

  • Tour begins at 3pm.
  • Come meet our wolfdogs, hear their stories and learn about the breed.
  • Join us for an optional potluck dinner for $5 per plate - bring a side dish, we provide the meat and drinks!
  • Visit Guenny's Gift Den for local handcrafted jewelry and artwork and other unique gift ideas.
  • Please call 828-664-9818 or email for details and directions.

Spring Cleaning?

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!


Full Moon Farm is proud to be a Partner for Pets! BISSELL and have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise money, and now you can help too! When you purchase pet products on and enter the code ADOPT at checkout, a portion of your purchase will be donated to our rescue. What’s more, every purchase goes towards an entry for us to win a $5,000 quarterly giveaway!


It’s simple.

• Shop pet products on

• Enter the code ADOPT at checkout

• Then select our rescue!

You can purchase any pet product including their vacuums and floor cleaners to their deodorizers and accessories and earn a donation for the sanctuary. As pet owners we understand the importance of cleaning supplies that were created with pets in mind! It’s a great program and we are excited to be a part of it!

Habitat for Howler's Global Giving Campaign a Huge Success!! 

In December, 2012 Full Moon Farm participated in the Global Giving Challenge. Our goal was to raise at least $5000 from at least 40 donors. The project was to fund two new enclosures and rebuild two others in need of repair. Thanks to the dedication of our loyal supporters, we exceeded our goal and are now a permanent member of the Global Giving community. Achilles, Isabelle, River, Indy and Coal all give a big howlin thank you to everyone who donated to the campaign!  

Your Full Moon Farm Board of Directors

President: Nancy Brown     


Vice President: Sarah Hallback   


Secretary/Treasurer: Donna Wiedrich


Director at Large: Tamara Nesbit   


Director at Large: Cheryl Brown    


Director at Large: Jennifer Prouse 


Business Advisor: Bob Traktman    


Animal Medical/Behavioral Advisor: Beverly Hargus, DVM

Previous Newsletter Issues

You can find our back issues here.

In this issue:

From the President's Pen

First Howl In of the Year - April 27!

Spring Cleaning?

Habitat for Howler's Global Giving Campaign a Huge Success!! 

Your Full Moon Farm Board of Directors

Previous Newsletter Issues

Guenny's Gift Den

Flower Power!

Food Drive

More ways to help!


Guenny's Gift Den

Hello from Guenny’s Gift Den!


While Spring has sprung, it is still chilly here in the mountains as Old Man Winter is trying to hang on a while longer. To help overcome this, we have a comfy wolfer lap quilt, hand-crafted by Joan Knoable, to keep you warm! It’s reversible, with a woodland scene on one side, and majestic forest animals on the other. She even made a pillow to match so you have a soft headrest while watching your favorite show, or taking an afternoon nap.


   We are asking $75 for this outstanding work.



These matted, high-resolution prints we have for sale will help to welcome Spring into your home!


There are two designs to choose from, both from original drawings by Ariel Designs, which are signed and numbered.


We are asking $40 each, with two copies of each print available.




Enter item description and quantity in the comment area when ordering.

Flower Power!

Flower Power Springs Up At

Full Moon Farm!



We would like to introduce you to our most colorful fundraiser just in time for Spring! Flower Power has offered Full Moon Farm the opportunity to host a fundraiser for the sanctuary and receive 50% of the proceeds for the animals! We are excited about the opportunity and hope you will enjoy the flowers as well.


There are many types of flowers from lilies and peonies to wrapping paper that is imbedded with wildflower seeds and strawberries! There are flowers for all growing zones and preferences. Please take an opportunity to check it out to find something you like to add to your garden this year.


Full Moon Farm is also sponsoring a beautification project at the farm for our wolfdogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. If you have been to the sanctuary it’s possible you have viewed our cemetery that is the final resting place for our departed angels who are running without fences now. We would like to create a flower garden in honor of our sweet angels. If you would like to contribute to our memorial garden, you are welcome to have your purchase sent directly to the sanctuary dedicated for this purpose.  We will gladly add you to our list of project sponsors when it is completed.


Please visit our Flower Power Fundraiser here. 

Food Drive

Food Drive to Fill the Pantry


Food is a staple of life for all living creatures. We need to restock the food pantry for the wolfdogs and need your help! The wolfdogs’ monthly grocery bill totals approximately $2,500. We could use your help to stock the pantry and keep it stocked for the wolfdogs each month.

Making a donation through our website allows us to purchase food from our local supplier as needed each week. You can also check out our Wishlist located on Amazon (click here) for the best online sites to purchase the 3 types of food we use with our animals at the sanctuary and have it shipped directly to our location.


Another option that helps with food and other needed items for the wolfdogs is to become a sponsor for one of the wolfdogs. Sponsoring is only $20 a month, less than a dollar a day! It takes a minimum of 8 sponsors each month per wolfdog to provide all necessary items including food for the wolfdogs. You can check out the Sponsorship packages on our website here.


Participating in any of these options is a great help to the animals! Any amount helps whether it’s a dollar or a thousand dollars, it all adds up and makes a difference.

More ways to help!

Searching, Dining, Shopping and Surveys!


Full Moon Farm has been a participant of the GoodSearch program for some time now. The basic program makes a donation for every search our supporters make on their search tool every day.


The GoodDining program makes a donation for supporters dining at participating restaurants across the United States and for providing reviews of the dining experience afterwards.  The program also has a donation for online shopping purchases made at participating stores online, even when you purchase online and pick up in the store!


Now, they have added a brand new way to “earn” a donation for Full Moon Farm! Supporters can earn donations by completing offers and by submitting their opinions on different topics by completing surveys! It only takes a few minutes but the donations from the different parts of this program go a long way in helping the wolfdogs. This program is at no cost to you, you earn FREE donations for our animals by doing things you do anyway and making purchases you’d make anyway for things you need. The participating stores make the donation on your behalf!


For more information visit their website at and when  you are ready to start using GoodSearch, simply choose Full Moon Farm as your charity.


Full Moon Farm

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