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The Anti-Fur Society
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Free Registration ~ Exciting Speakers/Discussions

Great Vegan Food  ~ Banquet ~ Dance Peformance

Reception ~ Cash Bar ~ DJ/Dancing!!!


 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change

the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead



    Animal Lovers, Come Get Involved! Learn how YOU can

make a difference for animals!

 If you've ever wondered how one person can make a difference, this is your chance to learn how....and to hear from seasoned animal activists and advocates...what it takes to succeed and win victories for animals.  The primary focus of this Conference will be to raise awareness and train activists to become more effective; to learn new skills and ways to make your efforts count by getting animal protection laws passed and thereby creating a brighter future for all sentient beings on our planet.


 Don't miss: *Julie Lewin's 2 part seminar "GET POLITICAL FOR ANIMALS AND WIN THE LAWS THEY NEED—and the Simple Steps It Takes to Do It.*(For those who missed our first announcement about Julie Lewin, President and founder of the National Institute for Animal Advocacy, to read more CLICK HERE. As we all know by now, the real issue is getting old laws changed, new ones passed. We will therefore, also be offering seminars on how to take action by starting campaigns of your own and training those interested in learning how to film and use cameras, TV and other media in in demonstrations and to promote your "cause" on the internet. 


In addition to Paneld on Fur Bearing Animals, Vivisection, Veganism, and Training Seminars, we're including one which receives far too little attention, but should be of great concern to all of us, since it involves the future of our society in relation to non-human animals:



Innocent children, who instinctively love and are drawn to animals, are being taught to hunt, trap and kill at tender ages, before they can even understand what it means to cruelly take the life of another living being.  Contrary to what many assume, hunters, make up a larger and more influential community than we have imagined. They are becoming more sophisticated in their killings and more cruel in their bloodsports. Their children are not only made to witness the despicable cruelty inflicted upon their victims, but are also taught how to do it for pleasure, prizes and for money.  Some children have become "expert" bow hunters at ages as young as 6 or 7.  Instead of being taught the meaning of compassion, they are learning to be devoid of feelings for non-human animals.  What will the future hold for a society that does not value the lives of all sentient beings?  We have unfortunately, already begun to see the results. We would like to invite all those knowledgeable about child development, education, psychology, as well as the general public, to join us for discussions and to explore strategies for action.







NB: If you have missed our past news alerts, you can read them at these links:


Saturday only.  FREE TO ALL ATTENDEES!!

Come meet the artist & enjoy her great animal rights work!   


D.C. artist Dana Ellyn is a DC resident and full-time painter who lives and paints in her studio in an artist housing unit in downtown Washington DC. Ellyn documents the political, social and cultural events of the day with the humor of a satirist, the mind of an informed citizen and the color and brush strokes of an engaging artist who is serious about her work. With her political work, she is story-teller, a modern day town crier, documenting current events. Ellyn values her fine arts training continually but works on peeling away the art school compulsion to make, and hide behind, pretty pictures.  Meats oozing red liquid...tendons...skinned creatures stretched-out in a deli case.  These images formed the nightmares of artist DanaEllyn's childhood.  "Today, separated by the distance of years and a vegetarian diet, Ellyn's paintings lend a darkly humorous twist to the subject of our consumption and use of animals. Ellyn invites viewers to reconsider the every day. Pieces give a new meaning to ubiquitous phrases, lending a comically sinister meaning to "baby back ribs" and turning  "pig in a blanket" on its head..." 




At our Banquet Dinner:   Meet Indian 

Classical Dancer Kadhambari Sridhar!


Kadhambari Sridhar has been learning Indian classical dance for the past fifteen years. She is currently training in Bharatanatyam under Guru Malini Srinivasan and continues to perform in her dance company Malini Srinivasan and Dancers in various venues globally. Most recently, she was part of Being Becoming, a Bharatanatyam production which premiered in the International Fringe Festival in New York City and toured Switzerland and Chicago. Growing up in India, Kadhambari trained in Kuchipudi under Guru Shailaja Prasad in Hyderabad. She has also choreographed and presented performance art, monologues, and storytelling in and around New York City. Outside of dance, Kadhambari works in the field of global public health in Virginia.  EVENTS




For all Registration options: REGISTRATION

   All Events on this page: EVENTS

  FREE Registration for all sessions!  NB: Does not  include Reception & Banquet Dinner: 





April 30th is the cut off date for the special hotel  for the special hotel Conference rates.  If you need a hotel room, be sure to make your reservation by April 30th which is the cut off date for special Conference rates. Please note that these are all suites, containing two separate rooms - one with an excellent king size bed and the other with a queen size pull out sofa where two people can sleep comfortably.  So, if you want to share, it should  present no problem for you!! The Conference will be held at:  SHERATON SUITES OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA; 801 North Saint Asaph Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314;  (703) 836-4700


To reserve your room and learn about parking, and what the area has to offer,

click on this link:  HOTEL  Please be sure to click on "Click to Reserve your Room," to receive the Conference prices.




We look forward to seeing you at our Conference!


Thank you for reading our newsletter.


For all animals,


Rosa Close




The Anti-Fur Society • P.O.Box 10183 • Greensboro, NC 27404-0183
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