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Expansion-The OrionWisdom Newsletter
Fall 2013

Greetings from Elisabeth
I hope this issue of Expansion finds you well and flourishing or at the very least, finding your way through life's ups and downs with some ease. Fall is lovely here in the Shenandoah Valley right now and the wonderful tree above is right in my backyard.
The Orion On… piece touches on our innate conceptualization and 'narrative making' qualities and how sometimes, these very useful aspects, can also winnow our experience.
Informative newsletters, lovely and inspiring calendars and a couple books round out the issue.
Best, Elisabeth

Orion on Expanding our Winnowing & Linear Aspects
Client: Orion, I can’t tell you all I've been experiencing, but you probably already know it already.
Orion: But it’s your articulation and synthesis that interests us… your articulation through your energy that interests us, because it brings that specific note, that specific tone, of comprehension. You see, that is why our work has always been interactive; we’re not interested only in sharing our comprehension. Rather, we recognize that each of you come to your questions through your own lives, the living of your lives, and are bringing a particular tonality to a question, a query, a wondering, an answer that you’ve come to, because there is not one answer of anything. And your articulation and energy, may be the very energy that speaks to someone else; whereas, ours alone might not. So it really is a great interactive thing. We’re all in this work together, and that’s why almost all our work has been edited from real interactions, people asking the questions they ask from somewhere within themselves. The interactions that arise builds an energy system that is embedded with many variations of the tone and many variations of the theme.
Variation is the essence of this world. Yet, interestingly, human consciousness is pulled to winnow comprehension and understanding and is attracted to the idea of singularity. This may have to do with the perception system embedded in the physicality. There is a paradox to this pull to winnow into singularities when the whole expression of life here is pretty much multiplicity. And winnowing to the degree of one singularity, as in we must all be the same, there must be one God, one rule, one law, one, one, one - becomes an abiding paradoxical conflict in human culture.
Many people even comprehend the All as a singularity. To us, experiencing the All is really the experiential expression of the vastness of multiplicity. And when you have those experiences of merging you shared with us, you’re not experiencing one, right? You’re experiencing all, as if the whole orchestra has come together and makes that single, “Ahhhhhh and what that tone is, of course, is the multiplicity, it is not one instrument, but it is the One that emerges from the All.
And you have been having these merging experiences, and we feel that now having your own attention heightened to the idea of the multiplicity embedded in the merged experience will allow your experience to be even more expansive. Yes, the winnowing part of your brain felt the overwhelming energy was one, a singularity. But your experience and the consideration has led you to have a more conscious understanding. You are bringing a 'second attention' to the One as Multiplicity. And perhaps what you have to communicate with people in your groups is, in fact, the model of Oneness as Multiplicity rather than singularity. Oneness does not mean single-ness. Oneness is a term that holds All. As you can see, we are defining One in this context as embedded in All. We find that using the term 'All' creates an almost immediate shift of recognition in the brain of a oneness that is vast as opposed to 'one' that is indeed, singular.
You have shared dream and meditation experiences and they are deeply moving and meaningful to you but, again, it is important to allow them to be understood in the fullest context you can. There is always the pull to 'winnow' our experiences, to 'frame' them into concepts we already know and are comfortable wit
You shared emotional 'breakthroughs' that followed these experiences and they are being framed in the idea of progression. We suggest an element of caution about 'progression' because it is a linear model, a singular model. It doesn't readily include the element of ebb and flow. The linear, winnowing mind is drawn to put things in order, desires a progression – progress. Up. Forward. Onward.   Client: Yes, I’m not real fond of ebb.
 Labels are very useful, so when you talk about moving out of the 'third eye', it carries that whole concept and it’s a useful one. But these useful labels can easily become limits and codified descriptions that do not allow for expansion. What might be more useful is to expand the literal language of the terms one uses, such 'my third eye' shifted to 'What I’ve understood as my third eye,' Or 'Higher Self', shifted to Fuller Self. The meaning of our own terms can become winnowed and in that, separate us from perhaps an even fuller experience. When you broaden the language of your experience, as in, 'It felt as if I emerged from that thing I think of as the third eye,' what you might find is that another time, the whole experience isnot funneled through the conceptualization your already hold as of i.e., the third eye and you may emerge into another comprehension.
Now, we’re not telling you to un-think everything you think. We’re not telling you to be a language cop on yourself, but to remember that as much as the brain wants to winnow it also has elasticity. When we add our willingness to be comfortable with not readily understanding or 'knowing', we facilitate opening pathways that can lead to fuller and more expansive experiences and understandings than that which we see first off.
What we want to hold for you is a loosening of the concepts. Have the concept, use the concept, yet do not not forget, 'I’m using the concept.' We are not language. We are not words. We are not all the things we use to communicate and share our experience. We are very muchmore than that.
You have shared with us experiences that are very attractive to you and what we would call spiritual practice. [Client: Right]. And where we feel you moving toward what we would call spiritual being. Practice may lead to experiencing Being but to us, practice in and of itself, is not spiritual Being.
In your meditations you reach a place where you describe that you let go. What you have not considered is that this very letting go may take you to an ebb, a place of receptivity, of awareness that has no movement. But the 'Linear' aspect likes the linear world – progression, mapping, checking off the list. That's good and has been very useful and successful in your life. But part of your spiritual maturing, which is fact is based somewhat on the levels of security that your linear aspect has created, is asking you to experience and be with awareness in new ways. Your own direct experiences are taking to you to, another insight into those experiences. You are listening, receiving, but also just being.
 Yet, the Linear aspect is insecure with this new element. Your experience is being winnowed to the idea where, listening is still connected to being told, hearing the answer, hearing a movement, hearing a direction. It’s connected to progression, direct action of one sort or another. Being - listening, can you be with not knowing where it will go. One doesn’t know how it will be. What comes from it may not be evident for a long time. And yet there will be a moment when you comprehend and say, 'Ahhhhhhh…this was part of that web.'
So in your journey we suggest there is nothing for you to do to get there. Bring you own process, your own doing in your own comfortable way, but also bring a little Guardian of Awareness who says, 'And what else is here? Okay, I’ll be open. All right, I don’t know.'
Client: Ebb, though, still feels flat to me or like backtracking, like a wave receding 
Let's clarify. We see 'ebb' as a kind of quiet energy waiting in a receptive way for filling. That’s what an actual ebb and flow, if you look at the definition about the ocean is. Although there is receding of the wave, it is not backtracking in the way that I’m doing it over, or I’m going backwards, or I missed the present. It is akin to breath in-breath out. It is a hand-in-hand.
So follow your progressions and then remember to be willing to let go and allow and permit. Remember to also ask 'Do I need to do here? Do I need to focus? What else?' Perhaps, just, 'What else?' might become your key words. 'Okay, what else?' There won’t always be an answer. There won’t always be an 'else.' But in that moment of spaciousness with no thought, no concept, no action, you may experience and discover something totally new, something not yet known, to you or ever. Or you may experience a degree of connection that cannot be contained or expressed in language.
Our spiritual being journey often asks us to put our guidebook aside, asks us to turn off the inner GPS, invites us to allow and permit and to experience what is simply there. We feel you have already accepted the invitation and sometimes simply need to assure the back-seat driver, the Linear/Literal aspect, that it too is part of All There Is and in that, can safely explore this expanded path.
Orion 2013          excerpted and edited from a personal session, with permission and appreciation
Image by Deb Booth

Deb Booth – Natural Wonder Calendar 2014
Deb Booth – Natural Wonder Calendar 2014
As so many of you know, Deb Booth has provided most of the images on our website and is co-creator of the OrionWisdom note cards, along with all her wondrous images at her This year she is offering her Natural Wonder Calendar. Click on the link to explore the images.
Natural Wonder Calender by Deb Booth

Ellyn Dye - free newsletter and her mystical places calendars
Ellyn Dye, author of the wonderful Young Adult book The Crystal Key, has been sharing her experiences and training at her website, under the auspices of Lion Magic – Celebrating the Magic in the Universe. Ellyn had a near death experience and now is a known speaker on NDEs. Ellyn is now offering a free monthly e-newsletter, link here to subscribe or click on the NDE tab on her website.
Ellyn has also created a beautiful series of calendars with her photos of her travels, including Mystical Ireland. Or click on the Products & Services tab.
. - Lion Magic

Arabelle's Shadows, by Fleur Gaskin
Arabelle's Shadows is a somewhat haunting book of a young woman's journey through depression and heightened sensitivity and receptivity. It is written in a journal style and interestingly, set in the world of fashion models in exotic locales. The 'shadows' bring with them feelings of hopelessness and despair. Based on a true story, this coming-of-age novel sheds light on the gritty and devastating reality of depression.
I discovered this book when Fleur Gaskin emailed me saying she resonated with the idea of empath energy as contributing to her depression and offered me a free copy of her book. She also has a most useful website for people coping with depression, that offers ideas, suggestions and online support
Fleur is from New Zealand and was an international model for six years. She suffered from a very serious depression as a teenager. She never stopped fighting her disease, reading extensively and living through years of self-reflection and healing. She knows she will always be sensitive but now finds balance in her life. She currently lives in Shanghai with her husband and their two cats.

Montaro Caine, Sidney Poitier
'An intricate, electrifying journey. Academy Award winner Sydney Poitier creates multifaceted characters, with Montaro in particular exhibiting a rare realism; Montaro’s encounters with others are at once honest, intense, and mesmerizing. While the narrative has an urgency that will keep readers anticipating, it is also poetic. . Library Journal   'A captivating blend of corporate intrigue and science fiction . . . a thought-provoking tale of caution and hope that is as elegant and riveting as the legendary actor and director himself.' Booklist
I found this book thoroughly engaging and although Montaro Caine is being described as science fiction I found it more in the mystical fiction genre and very evocative.  At 86, Sydney demonstrates that our creativity can continue to evolve, take new directions and flourish.  Montaro Caine has an ending that's also an opening, so I do hope Mr. Poiteir is working on the next chapter of the story.
Montaro Caine at

Personal Consultations With Orion
The main thrust of the Orion work lies in personal one-on-one sessions with Orion.  These individual sessions offer a unique spiritual exploration focusing on the issues and needs in one's life. Your specific questions bring Orion's focus toward what is relevant and helpful to you.  
People experience Orion's clarity and their positive perspective as deeply insightful and supportive, facilitating greater awareness. Orion offers their perspective and practical applications of their views for your discernment; ideas for you to discover and expand your own understanding of yourself and the All we each express.
Sessions are available by appointment only by telephone, audio Skype and in-person in Central Virginia.  For more details,  see the About Us... page at our website,

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