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Newsletter #21                                         Jun 2013
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Mr. Squirrel
Ever watch a squirrel that decides to journey across a roadway? Many times as he crosses, he turns to see a crises in the form of a big car bearing rapidly down on him. For a few terrifying moments he is frozen in time, considering his options:
Does he return from where he came, a place that is known to him?
Does he continue forward to the other side, most likely a place that is unknown?
Or does he stay still in the middle of the road and hope that the car misses him?
However, he must choose only one of the 3 paths and make a pretty darn fast decision which one it will be.
This is a great metaphor for life. Destiny is bearing down on each of us but at any point in time we have free will to change the direction of our path.
If we retreat back to what is known to us, it may be temporary safety, for we can again start out on the journey to new territory. If we continue forward, we will end up in new territory that will bring us exciting experiences and probably great opportunities for growth. However, if we stay frozen in place, we take a chance that we might not survive the current threat coming at us.
Thankfully not all of life’s surprises that come our way are as life threatening as being hit by a car. If we come to a fork in our road, often we have the luxury to travel both sides of the fork until the right path becomes obvious and we can relinquish traveling the one that is not right.
In quantum physics, it has been proved that even though we make a decision to take one path over another, some energy does continue to travel down the fork we did not choose. Think about how that energy may be manifesting in another dimension outside of our conscious mind.
(This is a photo of Mr. Squirrel eating peanuts. He hangs out at my house below the bird feeders searching for dropped goodies.)
I launched a new page on Facebook called Hypno-Reincarnation Journeys. If you would like to join, go to this link:
It is a place to share information and experiences on past lives, future lives, life-between-lives, reincarnation, and karmic contracts.
I called it Hypno-Reincarnation Journeys, which is using hypnosis to travel to past lives, future lives, and life between lives. I prefer Reincarnation Journeys to the term "Past Life Regression".  Not all Reincarnation Journeys "regress" to past lives. Some are progressions to future lives and some are visits to the life-between-lives. For additional concepts relating to this, see the next article directly below.
111 Fascinating FAQ on Reincarnation
The following list was compiled from more than 60 sources. Most of the wisdom about the reincarnation process has no proof since science is not capable of proving it. However, this wisdom mostly comes from thousands and thousands of past life regression sessions conducted by very reputable people.
The list comprises interesting concepts associated with reincarnation. My intention is to share these concepts for thought provocation. You may not agree with some or most of the statements and that is fine but I have found them fascinating.
  1. Approximately 75% of the world’s population believes in reincarnation. However, only 25% of the people in the United States believe in reincarnation.
  2. Reincarnation was a basic tenant of the Catholic Church until the 4th century AD when the Roman Emperor Constantine decided to tailor it to his specifications.
  3. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It just changes its form on its drive back to its source. And by the time it reaches its source it's of the same energy.
  4. The ultimate goal of all souls appears to be the desire to seek and find perfection, and finally conjoin with the Source who created them.
  5. The soul is immortal, intelligent energy manifested by waves of light and color.
  6. The soul cannot be defined or measured because it has no limits that are perceived about its divine creation. The most consistent reports of the soul's demonstrated essence is that it represents intelligent energy that is immortal and manifested by specific vibrational waves of light and color.
  7. Humans are not bound to a predetermined existence. Various possibilities and probabilities arising from karmic influences and prior soul contracts are subject to the free will of the soul.
  8. No earthly religious deities are seen in the spirit world by returning souls. A soul's closest connection to a divine power is with their personal spirit guide and members of a council of benevolent counselors who monitor the affairs of each soul. Souls from Earth feel and sense the presence of a godlike Oversoul or Source emanating from above the wise beings who make up individual councils.
  9. The spirit world is directed by highly advanced non-reincarnating soul specialists who regulate the work of the souls in their care. When incarnating souls develop to higher levels of wisdom and performance themselves, they will cease to incarnate and take their place among these specialists.
  10. According to the space-time continuum, all time exists at the same time. All time and space exist here and now. All moments, all aspects of reality in consciousness, exist simultaneously. All of our lifetimes are happening right now.
  11. Souls do not have to incarnate chronologically.
  12. Bleed-through occurs when something happens in one life, and then something almost the same or similar will happen in another life. Since time is not linear in the spirit world, it’s possible that events are happening at the same time.
  13. A soul can repeat any given lifetime. If it chooses to do so; it might return to a lifetime and attempt to do things differently.
  14. Wisdom is gained through varied and often complex experience.
  15. As the soul advances, its vibrational energy increases and moves gradually through the full color spectrum to purple, gold, and sometimes radiant white.
  16. The soul innately desires to move toward greater levels of advancement, or progress.
  17. Souls gain wisdom during between lives and in incarnated lives on earth and on other planets and dimensions.
  18. The earth is a laboratory for learning and progress for the soul.
  19. Earth is one school of many schools and so is not the only place where there are souls. There are many dimensions, many different levels of consciousness, and other planets where there are souls.
  20. The soul incarnates with a mission, an agreement with Spirit that it would do certain things to meet a karmic debt, complete a contract, assist in transforming energies within the human condition, or simply to have experiences.
  21. Souls choose their next physical body, and the soul remains attached to that body until its physical death. (Unless there is an agreed upon walk in situation. Not all sources agree that walk-ins exist.)
  22. All souls who come to Earth leave a part of their energy behind in the spirit world however the percentages of energy souls leave behind may vary. If we were to bring 100% of our energy into one body during an incarnation, we would blow the circuits of the brain.
  23. The soul may split if it wishes and have more than one experience at the same time. This is called living parallel lives and is done to accelerate learning. It is possible but requires a level of development which most have not achieved.
  24. Because there is free will, spirit guides will allow for parallel lives but they advise against it. Since the energy drain is enormous most souls who try parallel lives do so only a time or two before giving it up.
  25. Souls don't split their energy to incarnate as twins. Dividing one’s energy to be in a family with the same genetics, parental influence, environment, nationality and so forth would be counterproductive.
  26. The soul lives in at two worlds at the same time and the Higher Self bridges the two and is fully aware of both. The two worlds are the World of Spirit (5D world or life between lives) and the World of Humanity (the physical world). The two worlds are not places but different energetic frequencies.
  27. As souls begin their path of advancement, they belong to a soul cluster, or soul family group. The teacher of each cluster group is the spirit guide for each member. Members of the soul family incarnate repeatedly with one another.
  28. People appear to come into life in groups, based on shared karma and emotional attachments.
  29. Non-incarnating souls manage and coordinate the advancement of souls from the spiritual realm.
  30. Soul standing is signaled by soul color.
  31. Recurring circumstances or patterns of behavior are sometimes triggered in an incarnate being so that the progressing soul can remedy or improve in that arena.
  32. Once a high level of experience is gained, souls generally no longer incarnate.
  33. Every incarnated spirit has a life plan but also has free will. A soul’s life is affected by the choices made while in physical state but the destiny points still occur. The soul will meet the people it had planned to meet, and face the opportunities and obstacles that it had planned. How the soul reacts and the subsequent decisions are the expressions of free will.
  34. The soul’s status in life is determined by the karma that was created in past lifetimes, as well as by the lessons that were set to be learned.
  35. Facial architecture, body types, personality disposition, manner of expression, energy patterns, and physical habits can be consistent from lifetime to lifetime. The soul projects an energy template or hologram into the developing fetus, which tissue is shaped around.
  36. The features and form of the body are records of the thoughts which made them.
  37. Souls can change religion, nationality, ethnic affiliation, race and gender from one lifetime to another.
  38. A soul’s previous or parallel incarnations can shape the emotional disposition and the physical body of the current incarnation. The body can remember the experiences of the former body and can reform the present body with the old problems and physical markings.
  39. The scars and traumas from previous lives can be held in vibrational storage (in the energy body) and surface as physical issues later (in the physical body).
  40. Birthmarks and birth defects appear to be related to traumatic wounds in a prior incarnation appearing at the same location on the body in a subsequent lifetime.
  41. Surgeries are often located in the same area of the body where past-life injuries have taken place.
  42. A surprising number of fears and phobias are rooted in past-life experiences, especially when death or serious injury was involved.
  43. If a soul suffers from a chronic condition such as arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, or recurring migraines, it's very likely that these originated in a past life.
  44. The soul has no sex, no hormones, no biological tendencies. The soul is pure, loving energy.
  45. The soul itself is androgynous. Each soul is both masculine-feminine in its spiritual nature. Souls who have had a series of several lifetimes experiencing one gender and now find themselves in another gender may have difficult adjustments to make.
  46. Really advanced souls are androgynous because they reflect the complete and perfect balance of the yin and the yang in the soul itself.
  47. All souls experience both male and female lives. Both female and male incarnations are needed to develop the androgyny of the soul.
  48. When a spirit guide appears as either male or female, there are elements of the soul’s current incarnation where one or the other archetypal gender-specific energy is needed. When the spirit guide presents as energy, with neither the masculine nor the feminine quality dominating, the soul is either being applauded for reaching a balanced blend of human traits or the spirit guide is suggesting that the soul focus more heavily on gaining a gender-balanced lifestyle.
  49. Gender may be chosen to facilitate the fulfillment of a specific purpose, to make one sexually available or unavailable to a specific mate, to provide an experience out of the norm for that soul, purely for physical, genetic reasons, or for reasons of timing.
  50. Most souls maintain the same gender from one lifetime to another so it seems that the soul may have an innate masculine or feminine quality. But all souls switch gender periodically to learn what it is like to be a different gender.
  51. It is more likely a series of lives is lived in one sex, and when too much maleness or femininity exists in an soul’s psyche, a changeover is required to establish balance. The transition is not likely to be easy.
  52. Hard earned achievements in spiritual, intellectual and artistic pursuits are retained over all lifetimes. Talents can come through from one lifetime to another but if the soul needs to take a different path in a particular lifetime, talents may at times be blocked.
  53. Child prodigies can be explained by reincarnation because the soul is able to download information and talent into the developing physical body and mind.
  54. Xenoglossy is the ability to understand a foreign language that has not been learned in the contemporary lifetime. Sometimes that language is understandable and other times it is a language that can't be understood (aka speaking in tongues).
  55. Some cases of deja vu are dimly remembered life previews coming to its fruition in the actual physical lifetime.
  56. The soul doesn't inhabit the body permanently while the fetus is in the womb. The soul that intends to incarnate in the body of the baby is aware of the mother's choices, and if she decides to terminate the pregnancy, it knows that there will be other opportunities for being born into human life.
  57. The soul can never be harmed or destroyed only the physical body can be. Murder, miscarriages, or abortions cannot harm the soul. When a pregnancy does not come to term, it is not unusual for the same soul to occupy the body of a subsequent child of the same parents.
  58. Abortion does remove an opportunity for a soul to incarnate into a particular family, though the soul can be reunited with that particular family through other means, such as through proximity or destiny reincarnation cases.
  59. Announcing dreams often occur in reincarnation cases, where a soul announces or predicts its upcoming incarnation in dreams, conveyed to those who will be friends or family of the soul in its next incarnation.
  60. Spirit beings can communicate with human beings by orchestrating synchronistic events. 
  61. Many individuals gravitate to places where they have lived before. In other cases, the soul may direct the individual to a specific place to trigger a remembrance of the past lifetime or to facilitate a spiritual awakening.
  62. A soul is not drawn to the opposite of what it once was but to that which is familiar from the previous life.
  63. An ethnic soul is a soul that incarnates exclusively in one tribal, religious, spiritual, or cultural tradition. (Belief especially prevalent in Native American, Jewish, and African cultures.)
  64. Jewish mysticism teaches that the souls of the Jews who were present at Mt. Sinai (when the Torah was revealed) will continue to be Jewish for all incarnations, even if they are born into non-Jewish bodies.
  65. The Druses believe that a Druse will always be reborn a Druse. Because the Druses also expect to be reborn immediately after death, their children often remember vivid, accurate details about the life just prior to this one. Druse law specifically excludes inheritance claims based upon relationships from previous incarnations.
  66. Kabbalists teach that righteous souls voluntarily return for thousands of incarnations in order to help the rest of humankind. These souls are known in Hebrew as Zaddikim or righteous holy ones. At any given time there are always at least 36 hidden Jewish saints on earth, called Lamedvavniks.
  67. It is possible for a soul descending to earth to pick up memories from another soul returning to the spiritual plane.
  68. Shared death experiences occur when families, friends, and medical personnel go along with the dying as they are surrounded by the light, taken through the tunnel, and sometimes even take part in the life review.
  69. More advanced souls can make plans for several lives to come, spending the time in between lives in study.
  70. The length of time between incarnations has been getting steadily shorter in this century. One of the reasons is the rapid pace of change in the modern world. Life in ancient times remained basically the same for many centuries at a time so there would have been little for a soul to learn by returning immediately.
  71. There is used to be a considerable waiting period between lifetimes. Ancient sources refer to intervals of a 1000 years or more. Modern intervals range from 10 months to 800 years with the average being around 40 years. (One explanation for why there are so many souls incarnated on the planet now.)
  72. Before entering the Earth plane, the soul passes through an etheric barrier which serves to lower the vibrations of its consciousness. In order to experience the incarnation completely, the soul develops amnesia at the time of birth.
  73. Self-imposed amnesia occurs wherever the soul decides that conscious knowledge of approaching events will impair karmic unfoldment.
  74. After death, psychic vision is only slightly clearer.
  75. Sometimes in rare cases post-mortem amnesia occurs. The consciousness may forget its most recent lifetime and be unaware that it occurred.
  76. Exit Points are possible escape hatches or opportunities to bail out and return to The Other Side while incarnated. There are 5 written into a soul’s chart. If a soul decides that it has accomplished all it needs to on this trip, it can opt out. The most obvious Exit Points include critical illnesses, serious accidents, near misses, and any other events that could result in death (excluding suicide) but they can also be so trivial we are not conscious of the decision point.
  77. The cord that connects the astral body to the physical body is a type of energy. When an individual dies and goes through the bright light it severs the cord because it is an intense energy field. Once the bright light is passed, a soul cannot turn around and reenter the body just left. It has to reenter in another body.
  78. When a soul has come to the level of incarnating as a human, it usually doesn't choose to go backward to an animal incarnation however a soul that's having difficulty exhibiting a certain trait may elect to come back as an animal so that it can do so.
  79. A resting life can be defined as an insignificant life where a soul appears to coast through a quiet life where nothing really extraordinary happens.
  80. On the astral plane, nothing physical exists. Everything sensed in the astral is an energy field, perceived as different patterns and colors or as a certain direction, speed, or type of consciousness.
  81. In the life between lives, a soul can explore, learn, rebalance, and make plans for the next incarnation. A soul may even serve as a guide for a loved one.
  82. Before a soul is born, it makes decisions about the lifetime it will be entering into. By astrologically choosing the time and place of its birth, it determines the nature of the effects it will experience in its lives. Before a soul is born, it makes a contract with itself and many other souls to meet with at a pre-destined time. Choosing its birth time and place can be highly complicated involving the choice of parents, environment, siblings, opportunities, location, and date.
  83. In life selection, each soul is afforded the opportunity to visit a supermarket where options are there for the taking. A support team of spirit guides and teachers make themselves available to offer explanations and counsel regarding what can be difficult decision making.
  84. At the most basic level, the pre-birth contract is the same for everyone: embrace and transmute all discordant (unloving) energies.
  85. The soul makes a reservation for a particular physical body around the time of conception. No other soul can occupy that body. The union of body and soul is not completed until the moment of birth. Before this time and up to 3 days after birth, the soul can be in and out of the body of the fetus.
  86. Immutable karma was determined before birth. These are the things planned out by the soul and others, including who its parents are, where it will be born, and what gender and race it will be.
  87. Mutable karma are those elements that can be modified as the soul grows. This is how free will comes into play.
  88. Children have a remarkable number of spontaneous memories. This is due to the fact that when they are young, they spend most of their time in the alpha-wave brain frequency. Between the ages of 5 and 7, however, they start to move up into the higher, more agitated beta state so conscious past-life memories slowly decrease.
  89. Highly charged and intimate relationships such as those between close friends, spouses, and parent and child, are usually signals of profound previous experiences spent together. Former family members often come back together as a unit, sometimes repeating their roles and sometimes changing them.
  90. Even though they may not have known each other in a previous life, it's common for many people of one era to come back together. That group consciousness can then create a resurgence of interest in the culture, art, literature, and other elements of the epoch that they shared previously.
  91. The unhealed pain of each generation is passed down the line for at least 7 generations thereby becoming part of a soul’s consciousness at the moment of birth. The pain is passed through the genes and through the Collective Unconscious. As soon as a soul arrives on the earth plane, it has a lot of stuff to work with, not counting what it has brought with it from past lives.
  92. A hybrid soul is usually an older soul of mixed incarnation origins that has decided to complete its physical lives on Earth. Such souls have developed from being in hosts that are genetically different than humans. If the hybrid souls come from another planet, they are called star seeds.
  93. Incarnated souls learn through contrasts. The surest way to reincarnate in a particular race, religion, or culture is to hate or be prejudiced against that group. In a learning-through-opposites, the soul plans to experience precisely the opposite of what it most wishes to learn.
  94. The soul yearns to achieve empathy, so that if in a position of power you have no empathy for those without it, you must come back as the opposite in order to understand that experience.
  95. All souls are all traveling on the same path but they are not all progressing at the same speed. It is the job of those ahead to reach back, with compassion and love, to help those behind. As each soul progresses individually, so too, does the entire universe evolve.
  96. A soul is never off-track. It is always exactly where it is meant to be at a given point in time. All souls are becoming and progressing, becoming and progressing.
  97. A great shift in consciousness is now occurring on the planet. As soul’s raise their vibration, Earth rises in vibration as well.
  98. Victim consciousness vibrates at a very low frequency. If a soul vibrates at the frequency of a victim, it energetically draws to itself experiences that confirm it is a victim. The alternate choice is to remember that souls are eternal and have planned the lives they now live and to know themselves as the creators of their experiences.
  99. Judgment resonates at a very low frequency. Judgment creates separation, separation creates fear, and fear creates most of the problems in the world.  An awareness of pre-birth planning makes it easier to release judgment of others, for the soul comes to realize that every life plan is birthed in love and founded on wisdom.
  100. Only the most courageous of souls choose to incarnate on Earth.
  101. Souls cannot yet do what they cannot yet do. The soul capabilities grow sequentially. The soul is at the point in its journey where it is, which is exactly where it is supposed to be.
  102. While certain events in history (such as the Holocaust) may appear on the surface to be completely heinous, there may be a redeeming purpose. People whose past-life sessions indicate that they lived during the Holocaust and World War II suggest that many such souls returned relatively soon to life on earth. These souls frequently seem to be more advanced than most, and are often dedicated to serving in present life as healers and teachers in a variety of capacities.
  103. Horrible as the triggering scenario may be, living the most painful lessons can bring about rapid soul progress, and all souls involved in a pre-birth equation can advance swiftly by following through on completing the agreed-upon script.
  104. The more experienced souls often tackle the hardest physical or emotional lessons, while the less experienced souls are still involved in seeking balance and more basic learning.
  105. Solitude in life supports soul development. Both pleasure and suffering can be instruments of soul growth.
  106. Living alone or living with a mate is neither better nor worse in the scheme of soul advancement. What is essential is to have experienced one life or more where the soul spends a significant amount of time in relative isolation. A life of solitude may contribute to soul advancement. Living in solitude gives a soul the karmic opportunity to deepen its link to its higher self and attain higher consciousness.
  107. The Akashic Records (a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space or aether) are a collection of mystical knowledge that is stored in the aether. They are a universal filing system which records every occurring thought, word, and action. They are also known as the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious.
  108. Souls can withdraw information from the Akashic records and imprint this information into their soul, and it will then be their experience. Therefore they don’t actually have to live a past life but have all the memories of it.
  109. Through the Law of Resonance, a soul attracts people who resonate with its issues, so it can heal them. Whenever an individual gets upset with another person they are resonating in themselves something that they have condemned in themselves and denied, repressed and projected onto that person or thing.
  110. People may experience a past life from the perspective of being inside the body of the person they were in a previous lifetime (associated), or they may view the regression as though they are watching a film or remembering a dream (dissociated).
  111. A past-life regression process is conducted by the therapist but the content of the session is the responsibility of the spiritual realm.
Teaching in Hawaii Soon
I have been blessed with an invitation to return to Oahu to teach more classes. In addition, I will be doing past life regressions, too. The exact date is not set but I will publish it just as soon as it is confirmed. If you live in Hawaii, or would just like an excuse to travel there, contact me to register.
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