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May Mixed Media

or   Oh, otoño!

greetings from Chile

Otoño Elegante

It's May, and it's autumn -  Novermber in the  Southern hemisphere. It's getting chillier in Chile. Thank goodness

I love fall, so I am fine.


I didn't knit at all in May. All I came up with are these "knitting cards."


 Because of the technical difficulties I can't display them in a larger format

on my website. Here's a little

sneak peek ... :-)


Click on image to go to November Elegance  Newsletter -2012

13 de mayo de 1968

How old were you in 1968? And you were probably wearing a similar dress!?


For these cards, I used some of the vintage knitting magazines - Chilean, Autumn (May) 1968 - which I got at the local flea market (1.500 pesos each)


Fabric is from the local warehouse. I bought 3 kg for 3.000 pesos ($6)



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Flores de otoño

Every season hath its pleasures;

Spring may boast her flowery prime,

Yet the vineyard's ruby treasures

Brighten Autumn's sob'rer time.


Thomas Moore Spring and Autumn.




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