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What to do when they say “I can’t afford it” …


Hello Friends!


You know that response, right? And when you hear it from a prospect, it stops you dead in your tracks because you think the sales conversation is over.




What if there was a way you could turn the conversation around?


Join me for my friend Linda Tomb’s FREE training next week, where she’ll reveal exactly what she’s done to DOUBLE her industry’s closing rate, which has helped her TRIPLE her business every year.


It’s happening in a few days!


Soulful Sales Secrets

Tuesday, June 11

12pm EST

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You work HARD in your business. You DESERVE to make GOOD money doing what you love, and Linda is passionate about helping you succeed. The world desperately needs your gifts and talents, but YOU NEED to make money to stay in business.


At a recent entrepreneurial conference that I attended, a workshop leaders said, "90% of all entrepreneurs would rather go out of business, than ask for a sale. Linda is great at making sales... are you?  I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say to support me in my business.


Join us on this call to break through the barriers that keep you from getting the clients you want. Linda’s sharing strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to increase your sales, so you can ENJOY what you do for a living.


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I look forward to connecting!


Robin Clare, Co-Founder

Enlightened Professionals



P.S. Feel free to pass this information along to someone you know who would like to boost their business THIS SUMMER – they’ll thank you!





"I've helped ambitious entrepreneurs like you easily attract more clients and sales in less time than you might think..."




About Linda Tomb


Known as the Start-Up Queen, Linda Tomb helped grow four successful businesses before deciding it was time to package what she’d learned from the school of hard knocks and share her secrets for success.


Her colorful history ranges from building a chimney sweep company throughout three states to launching a venture capital-funded dotcom enterprise. She now works with women entrepreneurs, helping them turn their small business into a big business…with heart.

Her true passion is to help women launch their businesses without losing their minds – two things with which she is intimately familiar. She is CEO of a household that includes 2 cats, 3 kids, a husband, a business, an 84 year old grandpa, and – because she doesn’t have enough to do – a PUPPY.


Linda is founder of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, CT Chapter, a powerful alumni network of dynamic entrepreneurs across the state. Also a licensed spiritual counselor, she teaches and advises at various centers around the state.

Enlightened Professionals • 41 Crossroads Plaza #144 • West Hartford • CT • 06117
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