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Healthy Bites                                   June 2013

“12 Steps to a Stronger, Healthier You”


Step 7 ~ Where Can I Get the Real Facts on Dietary Supplements?


Here are three resources to find out whether that vitamin, mineral, hormone, elixir will really help or not. At a minimum, make sure each has "NSF" or "USP" on the label: it's a marker of purity, solubility and content.


1. an excellent resource from Wake Forest University and my colleague Kathy Kemper, MD (the first director of Dr Weil's Fellowship in Integrative Medicine): free, factual, clear downloads on 30 supplements and 7 excellent websites for more.  


2. the People's Pharmacy site for good science and shared wisdom, especially about folk remedies. I did two NPR shows and podcasts on Food as Medicine on supplements for lowering cholesterol, and wrote a linked blog on my own  professional resources for nutrition research.


(History buffs/Web Geeks: my comments for WebMD about supplements, from the year 2000 on the IOM report)


3. my favorite, at home, test-yourself measuring kit for Vitamin D. I like knowing where I'm starting before taking anything


There's a lot of debate over whether you really need extra doses of dietiary supplements, other than what's in food.


IMO, that's asking the wrong question. The right question is whether you know what you are treating with what you take, how you expect to feel differently after you take it, and how long it will take to know whether it is working.


If you don't know why you are taking a supplement, I would stop (or, if your doctor told you to take it, which is rare, I would not yet stop and put an alert in your calendar to ask Why? and How Long? at your next appointment).


Some supplements work--B12 and iron for proven anemia, extra potassium if you need it because you take a diuretic, CoQ10 if you have heart failure, D3 if you have osteoporosis. Btw, you need a level of 60, not 30, to prevent hip fracture. 


But you should know what "working" means for you. My office record, btw: one guy, two shopping bags, 33 bottles.


What do you think? How do you currently evaluate your supplements, and whether they're working? 





Ask Dr La Puma: Healthy Aging

I love to read and report mail from my readers.  I answer each one personally. Thank you for asking!  


Dear Dr. La Puma,


I eat out all the time, and travel often. How do I stay on plan in restaurants when I'm not buying? I can't insult my boss or a client by turning down dinner. 

James T, Toronto, Canada


Dear James,


I love this question and have written a chapter about how to eat out in my new book (out 12.31.13: sneak peek 


Menus are often written in chef language and code. Reading between the lines is a sport. You can get good, but you have to practice. My top 3 ways to navigate:


1. Order grilled fish and roasted vegetables in family dining restaurants and better. Say, "No, thank you" to upsells.


2. Drink 12 ounces of water before you start the meal, and another 12 ounces half way through. The brain has a hard time distinguishing thirst from hunger.


3. Be the CEO: offer the bread basket to others, and then hand it back to the waiter. Have half your meal boxed before it gets to you. And leave a good tip for great service, but not for less than great. You deserve the meal you order.  


Best wishes,

John La Puma, MD


n.b. Michael Roizen and I wrote about Eating Out in The RealAge Diet: we give specific dishes for specific cuisines. 



Pan Grilled Citrus Salmon Over Asian Slaw

8 minutes of prep, 12 minutes of cooking.


I was just asked to give 2 ChefMD YouTube segments to PBS producers to edit into short interstitials, and this easy, summer recipe and its video are top choices.


This particular recipe is also perfect for summer, which is here already! 


The salmon is just 240 calories and 26 grams of protein. Drop the extra salt if you're watching sodium.


Print the recipe here



Bio: Dr John La Puma

Dr. John La Puma is an internationally recognized health & wellness expert, board certified practicing internist, nutritionist and professionally trained chef.


He is founder of Chef Clinic®, co-founder of ChefMD® and a New York Times best-selling author, 2x.


He helps to lead a movement to help you lose the gut and build more strength, stamina and energy with what you eat.

Dr La Puma's Books/DVDs




Two new books I recommend:


 Mind Over Medicine


Extraordinary riches to rags to redemption story of talented painter-physician Lissa Rankin, whose aim is to help you connect with and express yourself unreservedly, bringing power and happiness to you and your loved ones.  Sounds new agey, and it is, but there's nothing wrong with that. Her clarity, charm and vision shine through. Top notch.




 Why Knot?


I sent this book to my best friend for his birthday, Father's Day, and for every day.  It's amazing how clear these illustrations are and how important it is to tie a good knot. The Wall Street Journal recently featured this, and with good reason. Worth it.

My Top Tools to Help You Stay Fit

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

More of my patients have a Fitbit than any other brand of self-tracker. 


It tracks your steps--and your sleep for you--wirelessly, in the cloud. All you have to do is wear it.


N.b. You might prefer the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband.


n.b. 2 my other top pick: the LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk out while working, watching TV, talking on the phone or Skype.




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