Abraham Dinner this Saturday!

On Saturday, June 15, we will gather at 6:00 PM for networking, dinner and active participation in the teachings of Abraham Hicks. If you could use a night with good friends, delicious food and guidance on attracting abundance into your life - come on down!  This is a popular event because there is so much value for $20.00. Register is required - contact Taste of India directly at 139 S. Main St - West Hartford - 860-561-2221.


P.S. - Matt DeMichele and I were at the Abraham Hicks event last Saturday in Boston. We can't wait to share our insights with you!

News from Heart of Wisdom

Doreen Fishman and Robin Clare spoke together at The Messenger Summit in San Diego, California in May. Of all of the amazing feedback they received from the audience, their favorite was, "You have given me permission to be my authentic self and stand in the power of my gifts." Stay tuned for more information on how you can register for these programs coming up in the fall.  Heart of Wisdom website.

Exploring Peace in Israel

A Multi-Denominational Trip to the Promised Land - March 2014

Come to Israel with Robin and Ori! Our trip will focus on exploring peace in Israel through visits to multi-denominational communities and businesses.


Our group will also visit the extraordinary historical,spiritual and traditional sites that are abundant in the Holy Land.We are planning group meditations, inspiring lectures and plenty of time for fun and relaxation.


Our planning team is comprised of Robin Clare (Spiritual Consultant) Ori Clare (Rabbi), Fay DeHaas (Travel Professional) and  Hagai Gov (Israel Tour Guide).


If you would like to learn more, please contact Robin at 860-232-3331 or Robin@clare-ity.com .

About Robin

Robin Clare is a Spiritual Author, Consultant and Messenger.


In her private practice and public appearances, Robin connects spiritually-oriented individuals and business leaders to the unlimited wisdom of the universe.


This abundant universal resource is available to each of us to achieve our greatest desires and outcomes. It is really that simple. Read more about Robin.


Robin is an engaging public speaker - click here to learn more about her current speaking topics. Robin is also available to share her private sessions with your audience.


Messiah Within

For two millennia, mankind has searched for The Messiah – sometimes characterized as a mythical being, sometimes a real person . . . even someone who has not yet arrived in our midst.


In Robin's first book, she details a life-changing process revealed by Yeshua for you to connect to your own Messiah within. Live from your inner divinity and engage in a new way of living called the Messiah Consciousness.


Step onto the path of Global Oneness and be part of a new movement to usher in an unprecedented era of World Peace


Click here to learn the 12 Steps shared by Yeshua.  Book available as an eBook, softcopy or hardcopy - click here.

Until Next Time....

Are You Happy?


Do you want sound positive advice for your life?  Robin connects into the wisdom of your heart... your OWN unlimited resource.


Enjoy an introductory session with Robin for only $50.00 plus you will receive a FREE autographed copy of Robin's first book, Messiah Within. (total value - $150).  Come and discover a lifetime of possibilities!


To make an appointment (in person, phone or Skype), contact 860-232-3331 or Robin@clare-ity.com.


(Robin's schedule only permits a limited number of these appointments - take advantage if you can!

Robin's Private Practice



What do you desire most in your life? How come you don’t have it? What’s missing? Are you fully committed? Do you have a plan? Do you have a support team in place? Can you have what you most desire?  Absolutely!


The EVOLVE! process was created as a series spanning over five months because any type of sustainable growth takes time and effort.


I. CLARE-ITY Session: Understand your Soul's perspective and what is the meaning of your life—past, present and future.  


II. The Heart’s Temple Ceremony: Return your heart to energetic wholeness to live from your heart and live your life to the fullest.


III. Cranial Temple Activation: CTA is a one-time activation of your Pineal Gland for a life-time of inspiration and connection to your spiritual support team.


IV. Strategic Life Planning: Map out a plan for reaching your desire destination with the support of the Universe.


V. Strategic Life Coaching: Meet monthly to check in on your progress, make adjustments to the plan and move forward on the road to success!


Commit to five EVOLVE! sessions upfront and you will receive one additional session for FREE! To make an appointment (in-person, phone or skype), contact 860-232-3331 or Robin@Clare-ity.com

  Robin's Private Practice

     Aligns with Oprah's Advice!

Global Messenger Documentary


Robin was taped for a cameo appearance in the documentary at The Messenger Summit. In addition, her article will be featured in an eBook and hard cover book on becoming a Messenger.  Thank you again for all your support! Stay tuned for more information! 


More Ways to Connect with Robin

Radio Interviews








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