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Summertime is Fun time!

-Enjoy some Healthy Tips...

Summer offers extra long days and beautiful summer nights! It is the best time of year for barbeque, bathing suits and a day at the beach!

Enjoy it but remember to keep plenty of clear fluids in your body, be wary of dehyrdating and get plenty of rest.


From a Chinese Medicine perspective, the organ most affected by the summer is the Heart. Many people don't know that the Heart houses the mind. It is most common for people to lose their focus and concentration in the summer. If you find yourself thinking too much, unable to focus, or having negative thoughts than simply drop down into the heart center of your body to create an energetic shift in your mind.


Other sypmptoms affected by the energetic aspect of the Heart is sleeping imbalance or insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. If you already have physical heart issues, it will be wise to stay out of the midday heat as much as possible. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated so your body has an easier time with overall circulation. Stay away from high sugar drinks or try an all natural herbal iced tea.


Staying healthy this summer might involve getting acupuncture to balance your energy and boost your Heart Qi. The best point for an overall boost of Qi is located on your calf, roughly four fingers below the kneecap and one finger width to the outside of the shinbone. Ancient text suggest that all disease can be treated by this point as it is an excellent point to strengthen the body and fight fatigue.


Another option for a healthy summer is taking the time to do slow, deep breathing. Allowing your breath to come down into the belly area of your body. This will help with anxiety and insomnia, two of the most common symptoms related to heart imbalance.


If you have any questions,

or would like to schedule an Acupuncture appointment

Call or Email Karen today!

Save the Date- Saturday, August 3rd,

1-Day Holotropic Breathwork, 9-6:30pm

More details will be provided in an upcoming newsletter.

Awareness Inside and Out 4-day Breathwork Retreat

The next Lake Louisa Retreat is scheduled for

OCTOBER 11-14, 2013

SAVE THE DATE! or Secure your Spot~

Registration is Open!


Come to the beautiful Lake Louisa State Park in October and enjoy a relaxing 4-days in nature!

Hope you can join us!

No travel plans this summer?

Why not Breakthrough to your unique inner wisdom and Higher Potential?

Transformational Coaching can help you with self-understanding, self-knowledge and inner wisdom. The program is tailored to meet your needs.


Like nature, we are guided by impulse. But we must listen to this voice within and trust the inner wisdom given to us as our birth right. What is your life impulse towards?


Recent Testimony's:

"Thankyou So much for your direction, support and compassionate nature with my inner journey. I am forever grateful!" ~RA, St Pete


"This program went beyond my expectations. I have a new outlook on life and am willing and able to overcome obstacles. Thanks to this coaching program, I believe in myself and made the step to change careers. I am happier than ever! Thankyou Karen!"

~JL, Bradenton


Contact Karen to help you tap into your inner energy and essence at!


Call Karen to help you get motivated, contact her today to schedule a Free 15 minute consult!

About Karen

Dr Karen Castle is an Author, Acupuncturist, Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner and Transformational Coach. Her Master degree in both Transpersonal Psychology and Oriental Medicine is the basis behind her expertise in the mind, body, spirit approach to health and wholeness. 


Karen has written two books with a focus towards self-development and inner growth. She uses myth and archetype, along with the bodies energy systems to foster relatedness as well as awareness not only for the Self but for the global community at large, including mother earth!  


More Links: Website

Blogs and Social Media: Facebook Author Page - LinkedIn

Celebrate Summer Solstice with a Breathwork Journey -

Sat, June 22nd,


2 spaces open!

Powerful energies will be at force during this workshop, in particular the energies of the Sun(our inner light) and the Full Moon (our shadow and inner darkness).


Join us in ritual to honor the solstice sun. Karen will lead a Breathwork Journey that allows you to tap into your inner archetype and symbolism and get messages or insight from your inner healing wisdom. There will be a short discussion on the understanding of the various symbols pertaining to summer solstice. The focus of this workshop will allow for intention and guidance within.

RSVP Required! E-Mail for more info or to Register.


Location: St Petersburg

Cost: $50 paid at door.


Power of Myth and Archetype

July 16th, 7-9

hosted by

Vista Spiritual Center


Karen will present a lecture on archetype and myth to bring awareness towards symbolic tools that help us look within and explore the Self. Identifying with ancient stories opens our psyche to resonate with archetypes and awaken to our highest potential.


Click for Location and More Info

Looking for a good Summer Book?

Click to Look Inside. Available on Amazon or Kindle.


The Sacred Union brings together a powerful awareness of the masculine and feminine consciousness within.  In this rich telling of ancient myth, Karen invites us to identify with ancient stories that provide guidance for our life development.


We can move from a dualistic state of consciousness to a non-dualistic collective consciousness through support and awareness   of existing as part of the whole.

Karen Castle • P.O.Box 8494 • Madeira Beach, FL 33738
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