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                July 2013



Pooch of the Month: J.D....



Meet Jack Daniels...J.D. for short!  He's a neutered purebred Toy Poodle (with papers), about five years old.  J.D. was brought to Moore Humane Society because his owner was unable to care for him.  Because his coat was quite matted, a groomer had clipped him very short.  But not to worry... that gorgeous coat will grow back in no time and he will once again be a most handsome fellow!  J.D. is the "Captain" of his playgroup, making sure that everyone plays nicely together!  With his sweet personality and easy going disposition; he was voted Mr. Congeniality by staff! Come meet him and see if you don't agree!





Kitty of the Month: Sweet Clara






Clara is a Calico mix kitten; she and her sister Jazz were found alone under a house when they were about three weeks old.  Since their mother never returned to care for them, they were brought to Moore Humane Society.  Too young to stay at the Shelter, we placed them with foster families where they received the love and care they needed to finally survive on their own.  The girls are now about 2-3 months old, doing beautifully, and ready to meet their forever families! 








The Sad Reality of Abandoned Animals



These three kittens were abandoned.  It's obvious that anyone who would toss an animal out like last week's newspaper clearly doesn't care about that creature's fate... what may not be so obvious is the potential danger to any animal left in a container or tied to someone's fence.  Subject to predators and inclement weather, an abandoned animal may endure suffering, disease, injury and too often, a painful lonely death.  Never abandon an unwanted pet or an unwanted litter.  Help us ensure animals are treated humanely and with compassion.  Call the Shelter (910-947-2631) or bring animals in during our business hours, from noon until 6 PM, every day except Wednesday.  Our after hours emergency number is 910-315-1801.



We  are always looking for foster families.  At times, the Shelter is at capacity and to avoid overcrowding, we ask foster families for their help. Temporary homes can provide a quiet environment for sick or injured animals needing special care and for puppies and kittens too young to stay at the Shelter...which is exactly how Gizmo, at right, found her foster home... and her forever family!


If you'd like to be a foster family, click on this link for our Foster Care Application http://www.moorehumane.org/Foster.html


Please call the Shelter at 910-947-2631 for more information.



A Moore Humane Education


At Moore Humane Society, we believe in educating our community about responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals.  Board Member Dr. Rebecca Vassallo has developed age appropriate presentations for groups both large and small.  If your group members would like to learn about our efforts in animal rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming, and meet some of our adoptable animals, please call the Shelter at 910-947-2631.  



 Can You Can-Can?  Our Two for One Canned Food Drive!


The Two For One Canned Food Drive is on, thanks to a very generous friend of Moore Humane Society!  Through the end of the year, all cans of dog and cat food donated to Moore Humane Society will be matched, two for one!  When you drop off your donations of canned food (at the Shelter or at Dogs' Best Friend on Pinehurst Road in Southern Pines), simply say, "I can Can-Can!"


To avoid "disgestive distress" in our animals, we are asking for donations of specific brands/types of food.  Our cats enjoy Friskies Turkey and Giblets canned food (non-gravy type).  Our puppies need  a non-gravy canned puppy food that is ground, not chunky.  Our adult dogs also need a non-gravy type.  Please help us fill our pantry!  Many thanks from all of our cats and dogs, puppies and kittens!



Donate Your Bangles, Baubles, and Beads

to Benefit Moore Humane Society




Show Your Support for Our Advertisers!



We applaud our advertisers' compassion and commitment to help the homeless animals sheltered at Moore Humane Society and we hope you will frequent their businesses.  Please say “thank-you” for their generosity when you see them and support their establishments as they have supported us.





















































Alumni Photo Gallery


We're always interested in hearing from folks who have adopted our pooches and kitties, providing them with  "fur-ever" homes!  We'd like to make this a regular feature of the e-newsletter, posting a few photos each month, so keep those updates coming!  (If you'd like us to post the story of your adopted furry family member, please email us at  diane@moorehumane.org. Let us know how your best friend is doing and attach your photos as jpeg files.)




"This is Roxie, formerly known as Bacardi!  I actually saw Roxie walking in the July 4th parade last year and sought her out afterwards. She was lying calmly in the shade after her parade debut. I immediately took her picture and started convincing my husband we needed another dog. I dragged my dad up to the Humane Society to see her. And then my husband and I brought our dog Rueben up to visit her. And within a few days, she was home!  She has the best temperament and has helped heal my broken heart. About 15 years ago, I adopted a puppy from the Humane Society. Bailey was my best friend until last September. Thinking about him brings tears to my eyes. I thought I would never get over that loss, missing him in my life. Roxie has filled that hole!"









This is Louie, one of three puppies found this Spring at a local baseball park and brought to Moore Humane Society.  He wiggled his way into the hearts of a family who moved to North Carolina from Massachusetts.  "It's fitting to name our pup Fenway...we're avid Red Sox fans, so he's named after our hometown ballpark and it's a reminder of where he was found!  We love him so much!" 












Darby and her owners paid a surprise visit to the Moore Humane Society booth during SpringFest in downtown Southern Pines.  Her mom and dad are so pleased with their new family member, reporting that she is doing well, is very well behaved and very smart! 







"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


 Join Our Volunteers!


Looking for an enjoyable and rewarding activity to share with your kids?  Do you have a soft spot for animals and would love to help them but can't adopt?  Consider joining our Volunteers!


The first step is to attend the Volunteer Orientation (usually the second Saturday of each month, unless we have an event conflict).  To learn more, click here:  http://www.moorehumane.org/volunteer.html  Register to attend and we'll be in touch!



Many Volunteers walk our dogs and pups at Hillcrest Park and socialize with them in our side yards.  Volunteers also serve as dog handlers during our Adult Dog/Puppy Training classes! Here Volunteer David rests after a jog through the park on a summer's day!








Volunteers working in the Cat and Kitten Rooms at the Shelter help socialize and care for the animals.  Here Volunteer Melissa  bathes a kitten.  "They don't hate it as much as people think," she explained to onlookers!  If you love kitties, this is a great opportunity to share that love!  


Periodically, our felines are in residence in the PetSmart Cat Room for an entire month.  Volunteers and Moore Humane Society staff are available during store hours to care for the cats and kittens, play with them, and introduce them to interested store customers.



Many of our Volunteers participate in the various adoption events held throughout the year. The  Moore Humane Society booth always draws a lot of attention at AutumnFest, HollyFest and SpringFest... people can't resist the opportunity to stop by and greet our gorgeous animals!  We also participate in various Moore County parades... you'll see our Volunteers walking dogs, holding the banner, and toting signs at the St. Patrick's Day, July 4th, and Christmas Parades.  And let's not forget events like the Cinco de Mayo Costume Pooch Parade...so many opportunities to help Moore Humane Society Save Moore Animals!


During the 2012 July 4th Parade in Pinehurst Village, our Volunteers and pooches marched in formation, appropriately decked out in red, white and blue!  Here is Lead Volunteer Lynn, our multi-tasker...carrying our banner and walking a dog! 




Volunteer Madison helps showcase our felines at a PetSmart Adoption Event. One weekend each month, Moore Humane Society staff transport some of our animals to the store, and volunteers are essential to the success of the event. We've been told by many store customers that our animals are the best looking and best behaved!  (And sometimes they are in costume!)


If these activities sound like fun, join us!   Whichever activity or event appeals to you, Lead Volunteers are available to show you the ropes and get you started!


If you would like to help out as a Volunteer Kennel Attendant, please contact a Shelter Manager at moorehumane@embarqmail.com or call 910-947-2631 .



 Suri's Short List... of Necessities for the Cats (and Dogs)


Suri has her eyes on the Cat/Kitten Room Wish List... and is hoping someone can find a really really tall cat tree.  If it's just tall enough, she can perch on the top, watching the action outside... squirrels searching for buried  acorns, birds flitting from branch to branch, dogs walking over to the park, and favorite volunteers pulling into the parking lot... let the good times begin!



 - Topical Tick and Flea Treatment: Advantage for cats 

    and Advantix for dogs

 - Friskies canned cat food (Turkey and Giblets)

 - Canned puppy food (ground, not chunky; non gravy, please)

 - Canned dog food (non-gravy, please)

 - Purina Pro Plan dry food for cats/kittens and for dogs/pups

 - Shampoo for kittens and puppies

 - Tall cat trees

 - Washable toys for cats, Kong toys for dogs

 - Non clumping clay kitty litter

 - Stainless steel puppy bowls

 - Harnesses for dogs, all sizes

 - Gentle Leader collars for dogs, all sizes

 - ThunderShirts, all sizes



Are You Friends With Us on Facebook?


If you use Facebook, don't forget to LIKE the Moore Humane Society page!  We have over 1,300 folks who like us, and we'd love to make it to 1,400!




Mark Your Calendars!


Our felines will be in residence in the Sanford PetSmart cat room from July 15 - July 31 and in the Aberdeen PetSmart cat room for the entire month of September! 


PetSmart Adoption Event featuring Moore Humane Society animals, Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 4th, Noon until 4:00


New Volunteer Orientation, Saturday, August 10th, Noon - 2:00 PM at the Shelter

To register online, please click here http://www.moorehumane.org/volunteer.html  


Moore Humane Society pooches have been invited to attend the Carolina Horse Park Dog Show, Saturday August 24th from 9:00 - 11:00 AM in Raeford!  Come say hello to our wonderful dogs and pups! 




 Coming in August: It's The Cat's Meow!



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