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Kuna Knits

or winter knitting in Chile

in July 2013

Yarn Brand

Kuna is a Peruvian lifestyle brand with a unique prêt-a-porter collection made of Alpaca, Vicuña and Pima Cotton.


Kuna is part of the Inca Group, the pioneer in exporting Alpaca products to the world.


My alpaca vest, which I knitted in July, is  made of KUNA yarn.


Click on image for more info, video and pics about KUNA.

Winter Knits

Winter has come to Southern hemisphere.


And even though there are no bare trees here, in the north of Chile, the brisk breeze is whispering -

wrap yourself in warmth ...


... it's time for winterwear ... and I am thinking: something thick and cozy.


Click on image to watch video about KUNA

(US website)

KUNA stores

I bought this Alpaca yarn for the jacket in Santiago. Next time I am there, I should get some more and knit the sleeves :-)


This yarn is amazing.

It can produce knits that are soft, smooth, and comfortable.


In the picture - KUNA store in Lima, Peru.

Click on image for more KUNA stores in South America and Europe

Warmth for the Winter Blues

You really need something warm in the Andes in the winter.


This yarn is

super warm!


Di no

al winter blues!


  Click on image to go to KUNA Fall/Winter Collection 2013-2014 (Peruvian website)

Alpaca Turunku

The yarn is called Alpaca Turunku. It's bulky big stitch yarn. I used 8mm(US size) needles to knit. And it's so-o-o natural:


91% Alpaca

7.5% Wool

1.5% Nylon


Loops that spring out of the core yarn make it a bit tricky to knit, but this "curly" textured surface feels good.


Click on image to read more about fibers of Peru


North of Chile is mining. Copper is gold here.


In the local arts and crafts shops - tiendas de artesanía - you can find all kinds of jewelry - all made of  copper. 


In the picture -

copper shawl pin.


Click on image to learn more


Blue Sky

Click on

image to go to

2012 Newsletter


July Blue Sky


about knitting under the

blue skies




Florida, Germany, Russia,



(out of the blue)




 Saying No to winter blues,


Tanya P.

Artisaknity • 33 Harbour Sq. • Toronto, ON M5J2G2
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