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MANNA Message

A newsletter for MANNA FoodBank Partners

July 2013                               Remember: MANNA is closed on Thursday July 4th!

June Data Collection Survey

Due 7/20/2013

Click on this link to go to the JUNE 2013 client data survey:


If you have questions about the monthly survey, please contact Katy German at


Please submit overdue reports and data to our office to prevent your shopping privileges from being suspended.

It's Summer, and the weather is warming up! We know folks have been waiting all winter to break out the sandals and flip-flops, but please do not wear opened-toed shoes when you come to pick up food from MANNA.  We have had too many busted toes around here to turn a blind eye!  Please remember to wear close-toed shoes (or bring a pair with you) when you come to MANNA.   Thank you!

Heads up: Recent Changes to Unemployment Benefits may affect your clients

Because of recent reductions in unemployment benefits and tightening restrictions to food stamp participation, your agency may see an increase in client need and numbers.  For more information on the changes, click here:


If you haven’t done so already, this would be a good time to begin thinking of additional local sources of food and funding.  Please call your Zone Coordinator (contact info listed in last article below) if you are either concerned about being able to meet the need, or ready to begin developing emergency funding or food raising strategies  


Zone coordinators are also willing to come to your next Board meeting and discuss strategies for meeting the need.


Hunger Study Update:



Client Surveying Continues!

What are Clients Saying?

Clients are responding very positively to learning to use the touchscreen tablets and to offering their information for this respected national study.


What are Agencies Saying?

Agency staff and volunteers report that the study volunteers come and do their thing, requiring very little from the agency personnel.


Now, why are we doing this again?

MANNA uses the results of this research for fundraising, food raising, advocacy, and program development – it's all about getting more food on our shelves for YOU.  Thank you for supporting this very important project!


What's Coming Next?

About 100 of our partner agencies were randomly chosen by Feeding America, and the client surveying will continue to the end of August. If your agency was picked, you will get a pre-visit call from a MANNA Lead volunteer. Call MANNA’s Hunger Study Coordinator, Marjorie Ulin, with questions or comments: 828-775-4670.


Call to Action! 

State funding for SNAP food is up for debate!


NC House Representatives from WNC have been strong supporters of funding for food banks in the past, but this is a tough year, and they are under pressure to make cuts. 

They need to hear a clear message from you: 


THANKS for your past support of state funding for food banks.  We urge you to keep the statewide funding level at $3 million or more.  The need continues to be critical, and the private sector cannot do it alone.”


To determine your NC legislator in the House, go to:



After determining who represents you, click through to their contact information so you can give them a call.  If you need assistance, call MANNA at 828-299-3663 and ask for Amy Meier. 


Remember to start by saying THANKS for the state funding we now receive.   Most of our representatives are already strong allies of MANNA. They need to know you appreciate their past support and that you urge them to continue to consider this a priority.

Pre-Monitoring Checklist

Getting ready for a monitoring visit?  Here's a quick checklist of things you can do to be prepared:

  • Make distribution records and MANNA invoices available for quick review
  • Make sure that all food is stored properly, at least 6" from off floor and walls
  • Check to ensure that MANNA product is clearly labeled and kept separate from any non-MANNA product
  • Make sure that food and non-food items are stored separately
  • Check to ensure that MANNA Partner Agency logo and food usage signs are properly displayed

If something comes up and you are unable to keep your appointment, please call the monitor.  You can also call MANNA (828-299-3663) and ask to speak with Katy German. 

Do you have questions regarding out of date products?

Go here:



And look for:


"If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether or not it’s safe to use a product past the 'Best By' date, then this is a document you will want to review."

For Clients - Hospitality Skills Training Class

Goodwill Industries in Asheville

 JUL 15 – AUG 23, 2013 

M/W/F 1:00 – 5:00PM


The hospitality industry offers numerous possibilities for long-term career success and is one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries, currently employing over nine million workers. AB Tech, in partnership with Goodwill Industries and members of the hospitality industry, is offering a 72-hour Hospitality Skills Training course that prepares students for jobs in a wide variety of areas: 

* Front Desk * Reservations * Bell Service *

* Banquet Setup & Service * Restaurant Service *

* PBX Operator * Maintenance * Housekeeping *


Graduates who pass the final exam can earn a professional certification with the American Hotel& Lodging Association! The class is free.  The final exam costs $25 (check or cash due first day of class).


For more information:

Michelle Field

Admissions/Skills Training Coordinator

Goodwill Industries of NWNC, Inc.

1616 Patton Avenue

Asheville, NC  28806

(828) 298-9023Ext. 1161

Strengthen your agency with these FREE Online Webinars for Nonprofits!

Contact Us

MANNA FoodBank, Asheville

Phone       828-299-3663      

Agency Services Fax 


Business Office Fax



MANNA's website


MANNA on Facebook


MANNA Agencies on Facebook


Use this link for a full list of MANNA FoodBank Staff and Board of Directors.


Leigh Pettus - Chief of Programs & Agency Relations - 828-299-3663 x230


Katy German - Data and Compliance Coordinator

828-299-3663 x234


Jason Turnbull - FNS Program Manager

828-299-3663 x254


Heather Hyatt - FNS Outreach Associate



Eastern Zone

Madison, Yancey Mitchell, Avery, McDowell


Terri Farless- Eastern Zone Outreach Coordinator - 828-299-3663 x239


Central Zone

Haywood, Transylvania, Henderson, Polk


Emily Paris - Central Zone Outreach Coordinator - 828-299-3663 x247 


Western Zone

Cherokee, Graham, Clay, Swain, Macon, Jackson


Jennifer Trippe - Western Zone Outreach Coordinator - 828-575-4933


Ella Kliger - Western Zone Outreach Associate - 828-545-6688


Other Key MANNA Staff

Cindy Threlkeld - Exec. Dir.


Glenda Gragg - Distribution Coordinator


Pat Williams - Product Planning Coordinator (Accounts Receivable, TEFAP)


Jill Hanson - Chief Operating Officer


Becky Upham - Communications Director

Attention all


New Product Codes for online orders

Starting around the middle of this month, you will see the following new product codes in the online inventory.  These are assorted boxes of canned and shelf-stable items, previously available on the salvage floor.  Through online ordering, all partners will be able to order these items by assorted box.  


9000  MEALS/ENTREES, an assortment of:

  • Soup
  • Canned Meat & Fish/Seafood
  • Pasta Meals (Boxed & canned like Spaghettios, mac-n-cheese, etc.)
  • Beans
  • Peanut butter (because it’s a shelf-stable protein)

9005  VEGETABLES, an assortment of:

  • Canned vegetables, including mixed
  • Tomato based pasta sauces

9010  FRUIT, an assortment of:

  • Canned fruits, including fruit cocktails
  • Applesauce

9015  RICE, an assortment of:

  • Rice side dishes (like Rice-A-Roni)
  • Brown and white rice
  • Zatarain’s

Pasta (0068) will continue to be available both on the salvage floor and in the online inventory.


For a more comprehensive summary of popular products and where to find them, click on or go to: 


If you have any questions about the new codes, please call MANNA (828-299-3663) and ask to speak with Katy German or Distribution.



Tuesday, Aug 6 in Avery Co.

Come join community leaders, emergency food providers, nutrition educators, researchers, gardeners, Cooperative Extension, Departments of Social Services, and hunger advocates for a day of workshops and discussion around addressing hunger. The problem lives in our communities, but so do the answers.

Tuesday, August 6

8:30am-9:30am Registration

9:30am-4:30pm Summit


Avery County High School

401 Avery County High School Rd.

Newland, NC 28657


Register here: or go to and click on A Food Summit:  From Hunger to Plenty in our Communities to access the registration form.

General Reminders about use of MANNA food and products:

Listed below are some questions that have come up lately with many partners.  Please make sure all your volunteers are aware of these compliance issues and that new volunteers are trained before they begin work with food distribution.  These are federal rules that we must abide by in order to maintain our relationship with Feeding America and the IRS.  MANNA FoodBank is able to receive and distribute food because we make sure everyone abides by these guidelines.


Consuming Snacks

It is o.k. to take a box of donuts or cookies out of MANNA product and put them in the waiting area where volunteers and clients can access them. 

It is not o.k. to take a box of donuts or cookies and put them in the volunteer break room or an area where only volunteers/staff can access them.


Consuming Meals

It is o.k. to use MANNA product in the preparation of a meal that is shared by clients and volunteers.

It is not o.k. to use any MANNA product for a meal that is just served to volunteers.



It is o.k. to host a chilli dinner or pancake breakfast to raise money for your organization.

It is not o.k. to use any MANNA food whatsoever in the making of the chilli or pancakes.  MANNA products cannot be sold or exchanged for money for any reason.  


Volunteers as Clients

It is o.k. for your pantry volunteers to receive a box of food (as long as they fall under the same guidelines as your clients), and after all other clients have been served.

It is not o.k. for pantry volunteers to “set food back” or to make up their own boxes before other people have been served.


Religious Worship or Services

It is o.k. to pray before you distribute food at some distance from clients. 

It is not o.k. to require clients to pray or to participate in a worship service in order to receive food, or to conduct prayer or worship in a place that would require a client to step out of line to not be present when the religious activity is occurring.


Praying with Clients 

It is o.k. to ask people if there is anything they would like prayer for after the food has been distributed.

It is not o.k. to evangelize or ask people where they go to church during the intake or distribution process.  


Donation Jars

It is o.k. to have a donation jar away from the intake table and away from where clients receive the food. 

It is not o.k. to have a donation jar at the intake table or place where clients receive the food.  It is also not a good idea to sell tickets for a fundraiser at the intake table.


When in doubt, ask yourself:

  • Could this in any way lead to someone receiving more/better food in exchange for service?  
  • Would this require that clients give something or participate in anything in exchange for the food?  

If you are unsure whether or not your agency's practices are o.k. for MANNA food, just call your Zone Coordinator.  You can also call 828-299-3663 and ask to speak with Leigh Pettus or Katy German.

Backyard Bow-Prow Provides

Free-range, Locally Available Protein to Pantries

Backyard Bow-Pro is a local non-profit that connects hunters with local land owners and provides a much needed protein source to local emergency food pantries.  Last year Pro-Bow donated over 2,000 lbs of lean processed venison to local MANNA partner pantries.  For the cost of processing the meat (Bow-Pro negotiates an extremely discounted rate with certified meat processors), local pantries can receive fresh venison. 


If you know of local landowners who need deer culled, local hunters who would be interested in hunting for a good cause, or if you are interested in talking with us about accessing a free-range, locally available protein source for your clients, please contact Joe Lasher at, 828-645-5611, or take a minute to review our website at


Connect with Local Farmers 

The Campaign is a free nationwide registry that enables home gardeners and commercial growers near you to easily find your pantry when they have harvested more than they can use, preserve or give to friends.


Registering on the site is quick and easy, and will give your food pantries immediate visibility to your local community.


The pantry guidance page ( should answer any questions you may have.  


Registering at is free of charge, does not require refrigeration for the produce and does not require a food pantry to have an Internet connection. With the growing season underway, the sooner your pantries are registered on, the sooner area gardeners will be able to share their bounty with you!

Free Adult Dental Clinic

@ WCU in Collowee

July 12th and 13th

Dental Cleanings        Fillings      Extractions

Limited Partial and Denture Repairs

New Upper Front Teeth Only Partials



FRIDAY, July 12th, 2013

SATURDAY, July 13th, 2013




Western Carolina University

Ramsey Activity Center

92 Catamount Road, Cullowhee, NC






For more information, contact: 586-8994



This is a free service sponsored by:

NCDS Missions of Mercy, Local Dentists, Local Businesses and Churches & Jackson County Department of Public Health


Please come prepared to wait for a while due to long lines.  Bring water, snacks, chairs, umbrella, etc.

Upcoming Talking Councils

A MANNA FoodBank  Talking Council is a venue to provide partner agencies the opportunity to network with other agencies, to receive training and technical assistance from food bank and community leaders and to work collectively towards solving the hunger problems in local communities. MANNA partners are finding it very beneficial to have meetings regularly with one another and with community partners.  Listed below are some upcoming inter-agency events.  Please join us!


Buncombe County

Jul 25      Buncombe County Talking Council

    2pm-4pm    MANNA FoodBank, Laurel's Kitchen


Eastern Zone Meetings - RSVP to Terri Farless 

Mitchell, Yancy, and Madison partners, look for emails from Terri soon!   


Central Zone Meetings - RSVP to Emily Paris 

Jul 15     Henderson County Talking Council

    2-3:30 pm    Hendersonville SDA Community Services

                       2301 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville 28791



Mobile Schedule

Jul-Sep 2013

Note: an asterisk (*) means a change to the usual schedule due to a MANNA holiday closing.



2          T         Henderson, Polk

3          W        Madison

                       Cherokee-Clay *

4          Th        MANNA closed

5          F          Mitchell, Yancey

9          Tu        Macon, Jackson

10        W        Haywood, Swain, Graham

11        Th        McDowell, Avery

12        F          Transylvania

16        T          Henderson, Polk

17        W        Madison

18        Th        Cherokee, Clay

19        F          Mitchell, Yancey

23        T          Macon, Jackson

24        W        Haywood, Swain, Graham

25        Th        McDowell, Avery

26        F          Transylvania

 30        T         Henderson, Polk

31        W        Madison



1          Th        Cherokee, Clay

2          F          Mitchell, Yancey

6          T          Macon, Jackson

7          W        Haywood, Swain, Graham

8          Th        McDowell, Avery

9          F          Transylvania

13        T          Henderson, Polk

14        W        Madison

15        Th        Cherokee, Clay

16        F          Mitchell, Yancey

20        T          Macon, Jackson

21        W        Haywood, Swain, Graham

22        Th        McDowell, Avery

23        F          Transylvania

27        T          Henderson, Polk

28        W        Madison

29        Th        Cherokee, Clay

30        F          Mitchell, Yancey



2          M         MANNA closed

3          T          Macon, Jackson

4          W        Haywood, Swain, Graham

5          Th        McDowell, Avery

6          F          Transylvania

10        T          Henderson, Polk

11        W        Madison

12        Th        Cherokee, Clay

13        F          Mitchell, Yancey

17        T          Macon, Jackson

18        W        Haywood, Swain, Graham

19        Th        McDowell, Avery

20        F          Transylvania

24        T          Henderson, Polk

25        W        Madison

26        Th        Cherokee, Clay

27        F          Mitchell, Yancey

MANNA FoodBank • 627 Swannanoa River Road • Asheville, NC 28805
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