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August. Andean Knits.
Colors in the rocks
Source of inspiration:
The Andes in Chile extend thousands of miles through several climate variations, and the scenary in the mountains
in the north, the Atacama, is completely different than in Patagonia in the south.
In the north, the rocks look like lifeless brown desert hills,
ugly, yet beautiful.
Colors in the cities, on the other hand, are lively. They are everywhere: in graffiti,  architecture, women
clothes, etc.
Chilean sweater
My Chilean sweater paleta de colores is a combination of city colors on  the earthy background.
This project was colorfast :-) - just  knitting simple stocking stitch and changing various
shades of the yarn rainbow.
Fast and fun!
As you can see, I tried to come up with a kind of a pictorial motif - imitation of the traditional knitting technique.  My focus was geometric shapes - the main pattern in ethnic Andean knitting (which looked to me like ancient graffiti).
Knitting graffiti
 This is what you can
"knit between the rows":
"Zigzags may symbolize
rivers or roads, which provide transportation through the mountainous terrain. They may
also represent serpents, who bring wisdom
and knowledge of the ancient past to
the wearer, or earthworms, who
bringfertility to the fields.
Cross motifs are used to
remember a recently deceased friend or
loved one, as well as to provide
protection over the fields
during the growing
(click on the image to learn
more about ethnic knitting)
The project was "motiffast" :-) -
the motifs were not knitted but
embroidered on the
finished sweater.
Fast and fun!
Pre-winter knitting
I usually knit winter things in the winter and summer things in the summer- not knitters' logic at all. 
If you don't make some warm knits  in the summer, they won't be ready for you to wear when it's chilly.
But this year it works for me: I am in the middle of the Chilean winter, and the warm knit I have just finished is ready for the Canadian winter. Super lógica, no?
It was a "buttonfast" project :-) -
buttons were made out of yarn.
Fast and fun!
Colorful knitting
My last August knitting color palette was completely different -
aqua - like Chile on this map.
Click on image to go to Aqua August  2012 Newsletter.
Prep-for-chilly-season knitting can be fast,
and colorful knitting in Chile is fun.
By the way, one of the explanations about the origin of the name "Chile" is derived from the native Aymará word "chilli" meaning "the land where the earth ends."
And my Chilean adventures will end at some point as well, but ...
Sweater season
... there's always time for knitting, and ... they say it's always sweater season. I am gonna make another one!
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