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MANNA Message
A newsletter for MANNA FoodBank Partners
August 2013                              
July Data Collection Survey
Due 7/20/2013
Click on this link to go to the July 2013 client data survey: 
If you have questions about the monthly survey, please contact Katy German at
Please submit overdue reports and data to our office to prevent your shopping privileges from being suspended.
Home Page Improvements
Based on feedback from partners, clients, donors, and volunteers, we are making some changes to how things are organized on our web page.  This will be an ongoing process for a while, but we hope that the changes will make it easier for you to find what you need.  
For our partners, there is now a tab at the top of the page entitled "Agency Access."   Right now, you can click on those words to see the Agency Access and Information page that you are accustomed to seeing.  Over the next few months we will be adding more to the drop-down menu for our tab, and organizing things in a way that helps you find what you need faster. 
If you have any questions about finding something, contact Katy (see contact infor below). 
General Reminder of
Shopping Floor Rules
1.  No shopping in the freezer, cooler, or main (back) warehouse. Shopping is limited to the distribution floor and the produce/bread room.
2.  All shoppers must wear closed toe shoes, no sandals or flip flops.  NO exceptions.
3. No shoppers allowed on the floor under the age of 16.
4. Only 3 approved shoppers per agency allowed at a time and 1.5 hours to shop.
5. Please adhere to your scheduled shopping time.
6. Please respect the shopping floor
and clean up after yourself.  We have limited staff time to clean up after agency shoppers.  The less time we spend cleaning up after shoppers, the more time we can devote to bringing more product out to the floor!
7.  Please adhere to product limits, this is crucial to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of our products.
8. Do not “mix” product in a box.  We track product by inventory numbers and need to keep everything accurate.  If you are not sure about this, please ask floor staff.
Please note: These rules are not intended to make your life more difficult, but rather to make your shopping experience at MANNA efficient and most of all, SAFE.  Thanks from the Distribution Staff!

from the
From Jan Ianello at the Free Community Meal in Candler:
"Last week at our Free Community Market (bread and produce distribution), I was arranging produce while 2 young women discussed how they were going to prepare the food they were selecting.  I asked, 'How are you ladies doing today?  Hope your feeling well!' They smiled glanced at each other and one answered, 'We are feeling thankful!'  The other laughed and said, 'That is exactly right, thankful!' - That conversation has stayed with me all week."
Do you have stories or experiences that you'd like to share?  Send them to me  at:  We'd love to here what has inspired or touched you lately.  Please remember to keep all client identities anonymous. 

Hunger Study Update:
Client Surveying is 75% Complete!
MANNA Hunger Study volunteers have visited over 70 partner agencies and surveyed over 340 clients.  Only 23 sites left to go! Volunteers report that clients want to tell their stories, and many greatly appreciate the confidentiality that the tablets provide.  Other clients appreciate the friendliness of the volunteers.
"I can't wait to go tell my grandson I did this!" said one elderly client, upon completing the survey on a tablet.
MANNA would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our partners who not only welcomed the Hunger Study volunteers into their agency, but also helped communicate the importance of this study in getting food to WNC.
If your agency was picked, you will get a pre-visit call from a MANNA Lead volunteer. Call MANNA’s Hunger Study Coordinator, Marjorie Ulin, with questions or comments: 828-775-4670.
Connect with Local Farmers 
The Campaign is a free nationwide registry that enables home gardeners and commercial growers near you to easily find your pantry when they have harvested more than they can use, preserve or give to friends.
Registering on the site is quick and easy, and will give your food pantries immediate visibility to your local community.
The pantry guidance page ( should answer any questions you may have.  
Registering at is free of charge, does not require refrigeration for the produce and does not require a food pantry to have an Internet connection. With the growing season underway, the sooner your pantries are registered on, the sooner area gardeners will be able to share their bounty with you!

Looking to stregnthen your organization?  WNC Nonprofit Pathways is a great resource!  Check out their fall workshop offerings here:
Click on the link below to look at some grant oportunities for North Carolina:

Strengthen your agency with these FREE Online Webinars for Nonprofits!
Contact Us
MANNA FoodBank, Asheville
Phone       828-299-3663      
Agency Services Fax 
Business Office Fax
Leigh Pettus - Chief of Programs & Agency Relations - 828-299-3663 x230
Katy German - Data and Compliance Coordinator
828-299-3663 x234
Jason Turnbull - FNS Program Manager
828-299-3663 x254
Heather Hyatt - FNS Outreach Associate
Eastern Zone
Madison, Yancey Mitchell, Avery, McDowell
Terri Farless- Eastern Zone Outreach Coordinator - 828-299-3663 x239
Central Zone
Haywood, Transylvania, Henderson, Polk
Emily Paris - Central Zone Outreach Coordinator - 828-299-3663 x247 
Western Zone
Cherokee, Graham, Clay, Swain, Macon, Jackson
Jennifer Trippe - Western Zone Outreach Coordinator - 828-575-4933
Ella Kliger - Western Zone Outreach Associate - 828-545-6688
Other Key MANNA Staff
Cindy Threlkeld - Exec. Dir.
Glenda Gragg - Distribution Coordinator
Pat Williams - Product Planning Coordinator (Accounts Receivable, TEFAP)
Jill Hanson - Chief Operating Officer
Becky Upham - Communications Director
with Chef Mark Christopher
Starting Monday, August 26th 
from 9am-1pm
In Laurel’s Kitchen at MANNA FoodBank
Chef Mark Christopher has co-facilitated food safety trainings for MANNA partners and staff for four years. He is a graduate of Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati, has worked as a food demo chef, and volunteers for community tables across the region.  He will be demonstrating how to shop, prepare, and cook MANNA produce in a simple efficient way.  He will be preparing recipes and hosting recipe contests with our partners.
Upcoming Cooking Demo Dates:
Monday - August 26th
Tuesday - September 24th
Wednesday - October 30th
Thursday - November 7th
Chris is available to talk with you about bringing simple cooking and nutrition conversations into your programs.  Attendence is free to MANNA PartnerS.  Please rsvp to Leigh Pettus at:

Two New Food Safety Training
Sessions Scheduled
The following in-person Food Safety Training Sessions will be held at MANNA FoodBank, in Asheville:
Thursday,  August 15th  from   1 -4:30 pm 
Tuesday,   October 8th   from  9-12:30 pm
For information on how to complete a course online (online certification lasts 3 years!), go to:
Time for a
Here at MANNA, we talk a lot about food safety and safe food handling. But what about the safety of your facilities?  A recent event at one of our partner agencies brought to light the importance of making sure folks can approach, enter, and depart from your building in a safe way.  We're asking all our partners to do a facilities safety assessment this month.  All this requires is taking a few moments to walk the path through your building that your clients walk and check for the following things:
  1. Are all steps up or down clearly marked (with bright yellow or white paint/tape, or a sign, etc.)?
  2. Are there rails or places to hold onto at every step up or down?
  3. Is the walkway clear of chords or other objects that could trip clients?
  4. What is the path or procedure for folks who are dependent on walkers or wheelchairs?
  5. Are there any sharp or protruding things that could injure a client? 
  6. Are the facilities safe for children?  Any dangers low to the ground?
  7. Are facilities clearly lit?  Do bulbs need to be replaced?
  8. In the event of rain, do any areas get particularly slippery or dangerous?  Is there anything you can do to help prevent slipping?
  9. Is there a first aid kit available?  Do all your staff and volunteers know where it is?
  10. Is anyone with your organization trained in CPR or first aid? 
  11. Does your organization have a clear policy or protocol to follow when someone is in need of medical attention? 
Best Practice:  Designate a staff person or regular volunteer to be trained in First Aid and CPR.  Hold a meeting about safety protocols for all your staff and regular volunteers, and discuss/practice what they should do in the event of a medical emergency.
We know you all have a lot on your plate, but spending a little time to prevent injuries and mishaps can save you a LOT of time and heartache in the long run.  We encourage you to speak with your staff and volunteers about the location of your first aid kit and what they need to do if someone needs medical assistance.
Mixed Boxes of Canned Fruit, Veggies, Rice, Entrées Now Available Online
Please check out these new product codes in the online inventory.  These are assorted boxes of canned and shelf-stable items, previously only available on the salvage floor.  Through online ordering, all partners are now able to order these items by assorted box.  
9000  MEALS/ENTREES, an assortment of:
  • Soup
  • Canned Meat & Fish/Seafood
  • Pasta Meals (Boxed & canned like Spaghettios, mac-n-cheese, etc.)
  • Beans
  • Peanut butter (because it’s a shelf-stable protein)
9005  VEGETABLES, an assortment of:
  • Canned vegetables, including mixed
  • Tomato based pasta sauces
9010  FRUIT, an assortment of:
  • Canned fruits, including fruit cocktails
  • Applesauce
9015  RICE, an assortment of:
  • Rice side dishes (like Rice-A-Roni)
  • Brown and white rice
  • Zatarain’s
Pasta (0068) will continue to be available both on the salvage floor and in the online inventory.
If you have any questions about the new codes, please call MANNA (828-299-3663) and ask to speak with Katy German or Distribution.
Backyard Bow Pro Provides
Free-range, Locally Available Protein to Pantries
Backyard Bow Pro is a local non-profit that connects hunters with local land owners and provides a much needed protein source to local emergency food pantries.  Last year Bow Pro donated over 2,000 lbs of lean processed venison to local MANNA partner pantries.  For the cost of processing the meat (Bow Pro negotiates an extremely discounted rate with certified meat processors), local pantries can receive fresh venison. 
If you know of local landowners who need deer culled, local hunters who would be interested in hunting for a good cause, or if you are interested in talking with us about accessing a free-range, locally available protein source for your clients, please contact Joe Lasher at, 828-645-5611, or take a minute to review their website at
Upcoming Talking Councils
A MANNA FoodBank  Talking Council is a venue to provide partner agencies the opportunity to network with other agencies, to receive training and technical assistance from food bank and community leaders and to work collectively towards solving the hunger problems in local communities. MANNA partners are finding it very beneficial to have meetings regularly with one another and with community partners.  Listed below is an upcoming inter-agency event.  Please join us!
Western Zone Meetings - RSVP to Spencer Cranfill
Aug 22     Cherokee County Talking Council
    1-2:30 pm   Murphy Public Library
                      9 Blumenthal St. Murphy, NC 28906

Mobile Schedule
Aug-Oct 2013
Note: an asterisk (*) means a change to the usual schedule due to a MANNA holiday closing.
1          Th        Cherokee, Clay
2          F          Mitchell, Yancey
6          T          Macon, Jackson
7          W        Haywood, Swain, Graham
8          Th        McDowell, Avery
9          F          Transylvania
13        T          Henderson, Polk
14        W        Madison
15        Th        Cherokee, Clay
16        F          Mitchell, Yancey
20        T          Macon, Jackson
21        W        Haywood, Swain, Graham
22        Th        McDowell, Avery
23        F          Transylvania
27        T          Henderson, Polk
28        W        Madison
29        Th        Cherokee, Clay
30        F          Mitchell, Yancey
2          M         MANNA closed
3          T          Macon, Jackson
4          W        Haywood, Swain, Graham
5          Th        McDowell, Avery
6          F          Transylvania
10        T          Henderson, Polk
11        W        Madison
12        Th        Cherokee, Clay
13        F          Mitchell, Yancey
17        T          Macon, Jackson
18        W        Haywood, Swain, Graham
19        Th        McDowell, Avery
20        F          Transylvania
24        T          Henderson, Polk
25        W        Madison
26        Th        Cherokee, Clay
27        F          Mitchell, Yancey
1          T          Macon, Jackson
2          W        Haywood, Swain, Graham
3          Th        McDowell, Avery
4          F          Transylvania
8          T          Henderson, Polk
9          W        Madison
10        Th        Cherokee, Clay
11        F          Mitchell, Yancey
15        T          Macon, Jackson
16        W        Haywood, Swain, Graham
17        Th        McDowell, Avery
18        F          Transylvania
22        T          Henderson, Polk
23        W        Madison
24        Th        Cherokee, Clay
25        F          Mitchell, Yancey
29        T          Macon, Jackson
30        W        Haywood, Swain, Graham
31        Th        McDowell, Avery
MANNA FoodBank • 627 Swannanoa River Road • Asheville, NC 28805
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