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Nothing like having your wedding dress stolen the morning of your wedding, that would surely knock you off balance, or so it might seem.
Hi Everyone, it is Wonderful Wednesday and I heard a story on the news, that really brings a point home as we continue to explore the Balancing Act of Life.
I’ll bet you can look into your past and relate to being thrown off balance, not slightly but monumentally. There are all kinds of situations that would do it, from life threatening illness to this very inspiring story that just happened.
A bride was packing her car on her wedding day and had just laid her beautiful dress across the seat. Going inside for the rest of her things she returned to find the dress had been stolen. Can you imagine the ‘out of her mind’ space she found herself in? What Would You Do?? SHE CALLED 911!

911 operator offers bride her dress after
gown gets stolen on wedding day. 
A 911 dispatcher named Candice received a frantic emergency call from 23-year-old Amanda, who had her wedding gown stolen before her ceremony that was to start in a few hours. Candice, who had just gotten married 18 months prior, offered her dress and, coincidentally, the women were the same size, saving Amanda's wedding day.
This story really impacted me because what I heard was this: Something outrageous happened and I automatically turned to 911 and “called” for help.
The frequency waves that went out from my distress contained the exact data needed for my solution. Because I am “dialed in” (connected in every way to the source of my being), a cooperative component who had already been downloaded (no idea how that happens) with the DNA contained in my call, was waiting with my solution.
Balance is an act of TRUST
Joy is looking for you. Joy is opening doors, lining up solutions, bringing hope, showing you your best side. Awakening the Trust Factor within you will always prove to you that: Everything Always Works Out. “The next day, Candice received a text message from the bride thanking her and telling her the rest of the day had gone smoothly.”
We are programmed for success but have trained ourselves to the excitement of a little drama along the way. Problem is when we get caught in the drama, the analyzer takes over and we become convinced that we need to use our mind find a solution. Now we are out of sync with the solution that is already pulsing in our immediate vicinity. New Data!! You Create Your Own Reality from your emotional and your mental fields. To create the reality you prefer it must come from your emotional radiance. So to get out of the drama change the subject, just stand up and say, “I See No Problem Here” and do whatever it takes to disengage the analyzer.
So lets play with this story a little bit, and use it as a springboard for implementing a new blueprint of JOYOUS results, each and every time.
DIAL 911
This is an example of tuning you up to a more preferred vibrational frequency.
“ I love knowing I have an open line to help and assistance. I appreciate knowing that someone is always there “dialed into” my positive outcome. I am learning to trust that my intuition will always dial me in to the exact frequency of Joy. I am having fun with this balancing act called life, seems like riding a bike, once I get the hang of it I am as free as a bird. I trust the wind beneath my wings. I trust the spirit that calls forth the melody I sing.
I have faith in my balance every minute of every day. I deeply appreciate the path of Mastery I have chosen, because the process of valuing my life and trusting that all is well is worth everything. I feel good and goodness is my compass. I love knowing that choice is mine alone, the choice to dial 911 is my choice to allow the solution to whatever problem I perceive to be mine. I can have my world my way, after all, that is my birthright. I am blessed, my world and everyone in it is blessed.”

Look at the DNA (Divine Natural Alignment) being sent out into the universe as you speak those words. There is Divine Balance coming into play here. With the word is the way! Trust that your natural alignment is always seeking balance and will find it, if you don’t alter Its path by asking ‘why’, and starting the mind on its endless quest to answer that unanswerable question.
So here is a process that will help you in the creation of your new blueprint to Joy:
Learning the new language of Joy –
     ◊   I cease and desist analyzing anything – I can just go out of my mind and into                          my trusting heart.
                    •   I Trust My Spirit.
                    •   When I dial 911 I can relax, my source has already delivered my answer.
                    •   I value the joyous feeling of aligning with my intuitive knowing.
                    •  I Expect Happiness.
This will take practice to master, watching the balancing act fall and then right itself again and again. Appreciating the angels that are always there holding the line for you. And then one day you just know how to do it, and balancing is easy.
This is all there is to it. However, if you need some help getting your momentum going in the direction you want it to flow, I would love to help you. Below are some of the ways I am working these days to bring lasting Joy into our world.
Have A Great Wednesday!
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