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Transformational Coaching
We are all being pushed out of our comfort zone in one way or another.
Are you prepared for life changes?
Your Body
Alternative Medicine focuses on the overall health and wellness of the body while paying attention to symptoms that can easily be resolved before dis-ease sets in.
Karen will give you an in-depth assessment of what your body is telling you. She will recommend areas of focus that correlate to your emotional or physical needs. Throughout the discussion and assessment, Karen will focus on the energetic aspect of health.
Your Mind
Developing a conscious connection with your mind is a key to getting on track and living the life you always dreamed of living.
Through a system that focuses on your unique personality, Karen will help you let go your inner most fears and discover new parts of your personality that connect you with your deepest desires!
Your Spirit
Are you looking for a spiritual practice that resonates with you? There are many ways of connecting to the higher Self. We all have the ability to be led and guided by our unique inner wisdom. 
Karen will help you start a practice or learn how to deepen your practice based on your individual lifestyle. When you are connected spiritually, the world is a safe place to express yourself and it gives you the strength necessary to reach your highest potential!
Coaching and More...
The one-on-one coaching sessions are only part of this program. Karen will consult you via Skype or phone but you will have homework to prepare and submit before and after each session! E-mail contact will be an added resource of support in between sessions. If necessary, face-to-face sessions are available upon request.
Why Transformation Coaching?
This is an all natural, holistic method of experiencing personal growth. Your mind, body and spirit will manifest symptoms as a signal to pay attention to areas in your life that require healing or awareness. This is another form of an inner desire to reach your highest potential and enjoy the experience of being alive!
An example of symptoms are:
Anxiety or Depression, a sense of doom or darkness, loss of memory or focus, no sense of purpose, spiritual seeking and/or a relentless search for meaning. 
It is important to have professional guidance and support with this process. Equally important is to have a holistic perspective that allows one to work through fears and blocks rather than resisting any discomfort and masking the symptoms. Our body gives us clues towards the transformative process. When managed properly, this is precisely what leads us to the way through, to the lighter perspective, to a rebirth!
A quote from Joseph Campbell:
People say that what we are all seeking is a meaning for life. I think we are seeking an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane resonate with our innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive!
Need Help with Motivation?
The kids are back in school, are you ready to "Make it All Happen"? Did you let half the year go by and not work on your New Years Resolutions? Do you want to stop procrastinating and "Just Do It!"? Whether it is old patterns, a new healthy outlook, achieving your life dream or lighting a fire within to get you started, I can help you!  
Many people ask me, 'How do you do it all Karen?' My answer is always the same...I have a knack for making it happen! Please let me help you accomplish your goals and get you on track to make the changes you've always wanted to.  
Starting this Fall, for a limited time, you can buy 2 sessions and get 1 FREE. Or buy 1 session and get 30 minutes FREE. More details below...
To change and change for the better are two different things. ~Ancient Proverb
How Does it Work?

The full 9-session Transformational Coaching program offers a focus in three main segments. The body, the mind & the spirit. To reach one's highest potential, these three areas must be aligned and in balance. 
In 9 sessions, I will take you through each segment in depth to focus on the areas you want to target in order to reach your goals! For example, if you want to lose weight we will discuss more than your diet and exercise. We will go into detail to change your patterns and old belief systems. I will help you overcome fears and encourage you with positive affirmations. I will suggest a daily practice that helps you in the long-term to stay on track and believe in yourself!
All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge. ~Albert Einstein
What is the Cost?

The introductory program allows you to get started and take one of three segments. Maybe your goal or desire is to develop a meditation practice to relieve daily stress. Perhaps you have a goal or dream and you guidance to get on track and manifest it. Maybe you want to understand why you wind up in similar relationship patterns. Whatever it is, this introductory rate gives you the freedom to start now without signing up for a longer commitment.
Limited Offer: Buy 2 Coaching Sessions & get 1 FREE -$270*
*available with full 9-week commitment+set-up fee Exp. 9/30/13    
Email to set-up a Free 15 min. phone consultation and answer any questions you may have!  
Coach Karen
The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain. 
~Kahlil Gibran
Why Hire Me as Your Coach?
My personal approach to life is to live present and aware with the ability to stay awake and face my fears. I like to live passionately and be a positive role model for others. 
My Career and Background:
I have a strong background in the Healing Arts since 1997. My earlier years I worked in the corporate world as an Accountant and Tax Auditor. When I left the corporate environment my main goal was to live a life that was based on a win-win philosophy. If I am helping others feel fulfilled and live a happy, healthy lifestyle, it is a win for me. 
After my training in massage therapy in '97, I decided to get a Masters in Oriental Medicine. This four year medical degree prepared me to practice as a Lic. Acupuncturist in the State of FL and I am grateful to be in practice since 2004.
I trained in Holotropic Breathwork with Stanislav Grof in early 2000.  "Holotropic" means moving towards wholeness. I continue to host monthly workshops for this important and powerful practice to help people gain insight on their own inner healing wisdom. 
From there, I went back to school to get a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. Midway through I was called to write a book and  finished with a Master of Arts. My book is titled Unveiling the Modern Goddess. I finished that book in 2011 and in 2012 completed a second book titled The Sacred Union: Connecting the Masculine and Feminine Within.
Currently, I am a PhD candidate for Wisdom Studies. My essential point is whatever I set out to do, God-willing, I do it! Aside from my credentials, this makes me a solid support to guide you in accomplishing what you want to do. I will focus on your goals and dreams, nudging you towards your personal best. Plus, you will walk away with excellent tools that will help you for years to come!
For more information about me, visit my website
With warm blessings & a wide open heart,
Karen Castle • P.O.Box 8494 • Madeira Beach, FL 33738
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