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Hi Everyone, 
There is a movie called “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi”. Jiro is a Master Chef who has spent his life mastering the Art of Sushi. One focus, One goal, consistently massaging balance, elegance and beauty with exquisite taste. Jiro models mastery for us in three ways. Practice, Connection, and Elegance.
If you have ever eaten octopus you might have found it a bit rubbery. In the movie, because of Jiro’s focused desire for a delicious result for his sushi, and through his dreams and intuitive connection, the Octopus showed him how to make his offerings flavorful and tender through massage. Massage being a tactile experience that is pleasing all the way around! When you get a body massage you get the value of immediate relief from distress, which brings your focus into suppleness, flexibility, and creativity.
Watching Master Chef Jiro, we become keenly aware of the Power of Practice. Mastering anything is an art that must be valued and practiced, massaged if you will, until all of the harsh defenses let go and disappear. For Jiro and many of us, practice takes years. Practice strengthens connection that in turn uplifts the life you are focused within. Massaging The Octopus allows magnificence to shine through. The result is the elegance of a balanced plate, a balanced life beautiful, inviting and delicious.
This is the Inner Focus needed to activate your intuitive connection to mastery. Focus is an activator; desire and focus are connectors to the frequency of the goal you seek. Mastery is Practice.
To bring myself into feeling more balanced I’m always looking for an offbeat way to take my mind off of something that is stressing me out. Joy Is Always The Answer. Finding a phrase that conjures up a feeling that creates a visual smile, never fails to connect me to the very star that has been twinkling in my sky all along.
So when you feel uptight, and overwhelmed, and rubbery, Massage The Octopus. Take time to remember who you are.  Drop your mind, turn on some music and feel the frequency of joy that wants to bubble up within you. Dance because it feels good, sing because you can, understand that Joy is your nature and it connects you to the exquisite beauty of the life that is yours. You can have your world your way, I’m just sayin’… 
This is all there is to it. However, if you need some help learning how to Massage The Octopus and get your momentum going in the direction you want it to flow, I would love to help you. Below are some of the ways I am working these days to bring lasting Joy into our world.
Have A Great Wednesday!
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